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С 29.11.09

Not fact...


Anti-crisis managers, the clergy and the crisis of Golden youth.

Dear Friends! Wanted to write a little about Mr. Trampe. So to say the word, but nobody ... Apparently, it's not dozrela topic. It is understandable, the theme should have a complete rest. In the meantime, let's talk about the Affairs of our sorrowful. And to be quite exact, as Dmitry Medvedev, on our rate of negative growth. And in everything. Moreover, the negative growth is so obvious that fit issue particularly distinguished awards already. It is precisely the issue. Well, as a diploma, certificate, right ... After all, it must be the same, though as that demonstrate greatness.

And how not to be that growth, even if negative, if ... You are aware that zamirotochil bust of Nicholas II? No?! Here is! From life behind ... A what?! Already know! A what?! Already imbued with the seriousness of the moment? Stop! Once again you otstajote life! It turns out, the Commission of the five priests of the Simferopol and Crimean diocese, inspected the bronze bust of Nicholas II and ... Correct, who would doubt, concluded that it is not mirotochit. Here's how it happens! It's important.

With this negative growth, interesting things happen. It would seem, how many smart people around, I'm talking about managers and negative growth. No, that would be a modicum, though the smallness became positive. No, not in this life. Eh, how many companies, so to say, died ... Both small and not exactly small. So to say the invisible hand of the market to have placed everything in its place. Well, managers, just tried. So, very little. And not just managers, namely finance managers. It's important.

It's not just a Manager. This is a crisis Manager, a man who is able to bring the company out of the protracted crisis. Well, it is, in theory, it should be so. It's us business education is presented. Demand creates supply. And this very negative growth begat proposal. Now, so many grown these most anti-crisis managers that they stand in the queue. Well, there is so much we have dying businesses! Well, couldn't, so immediately here, ruin the entire former Soviet industry. There has been a colossal margin of safety and protection against fools. But nothing yet ...

After all, just a couple of years of study, graduates of these schools of business, learn the many secrets of crisis management. Here in fact that?! Correct!!! Cut about 10 per cent on staff. It's the basics! This is the alpha and Omega! But to begin with it is necessary to form the team. How pathetic they love her call-a team of professionals and associates. The advantage here are those who had no objection. It's not even being discussed.

Then, and this is also not being discussed. Zababahat' fantastic, unreal budget! Such that all shareholders shuddered and gave carte blanche! Tell everyone that there are no unsolvable problems! There is only the rigidity of our thinking! Mandatory to inform everyone that the world crisis, hard times and ... It means there will be no coffee, tea, Cola, Fanta and overtime payments. The formation of a new structure to temporarily stop accepting new recruits. Personnel service better than anyone knows how to properly control the strength. Need workers? Prove and give reasons for the need for kadrovikam! This is very important.

In order to prove that it took years of study at a business school, it is necessary to introduce a new system of reporting. It's very conducive to approaching the moment when the company ordered to live for a very long time. While shareholders still you and thank for the Herculean efforts to save the company. This is the aerobatics. The main thing to remember and not forget that you are smarter than the crowd that is not graduated from the high rate of crisis management.

If anyone has not yet realized that the battle for brains is almost ended. Many have distinguished themselves. Don't believe me?! See channel Russia and became a legendary program. That program?! Well, like in Soviet times, there was a program-Time, which showed and reported that the Soviet Union everything in perfect order. And now! Program Lead, not without patriotic pathos all of us reports that ... From complete the order! The Government, the ruling party and you know who are doing the right thing and everything else a little, we all win! Well, the type of the junta in Kiev, terrorists in Syria, internal enemies ... Yes, I forgot. Do not forget that Gazprom is our national treasure. And if you forget, then you definitely will remind. This is very important.

Yes there that Gazprom! Often feel some inner discomfort when you see how certified Crooks, these adherents of native poskonnosti, bullied over numerous idiots and just urban crazy. What it is I'm talking about?! You exchange, Alice, dashing the 1990s remember?! And Herman Sterligov remember?! So here's this gentleman vparivaet bread costs 1650 roubles for the baton. That's where the scale and daring molodetskaya!

No, I understand that experts on exacerbation of mental States and exacerbations in the spring, is where to roam, but ... The spectacle is simply mesmerizing! Bread costs 1650 EUR baton! And it's not a State, say Ivory Coast! In the course, prosperous country, such a seller would no doubt put would be assholes on the globe, sorry for my French ... All of this in Russia! Russia, where the number of brilliant people start several strain. It's important.

If you understand the water and flour. No, I understand that the native Russian. No, I understand that real ... Who argues! The truth is, I would like to know when is, the Russians have become no-yeast bread oven. Perhaps I missed something. I have always thought that before the yeast did not buy, and just grew themselves. Held, so-called ferment and all ... The ingenious scheme of building a business on the attraction to native-poskonnomu ... This is great!!!

By the way, if anyone interested, ... His new estate, our Hermann, built to replace the old one. Burned. Evil tongues say that local farmers have done, Sterligov workers. Its former innkeeper, as again they say evil tongues, they respectfully called, rare scum. Himself is not seen but like Mr Sterligov, managed to jump out of a burning house in smoldering shorts ... And then, on the money and built a new estate sponsors. Properly, started production of native Russian unleavened bread.

Here here recently, our sinless, Holy, almost refusing yourself literally everywhere, Patriarch Kirill said that ... It turns out the revolution at the beginning of the last century was a great crime. It turns out that who cheated people who entered confusing, who provoked him to conflicts ... Haunted is not the goals that they openly declared. Can you imagine! And we with you thought ... It turns out, was quite a different agenda, people really don't even think. This is very important.

Well then, in that case, let me say a few words about the gentlemen-companions, the so-called cerkovnikah. I them even with a fraction of light irony call clergy. That's just priesthood at that time showed how to adapt to circumstances. So now, it's the clergy loves to talk about the State of spiritual skrepah and compulsorily to Nikolai II, who shot monsters-the Bolsheviks. No, everything is possible and true, but ...

If anyone knows, or remembers, I slightly refresh memory. Many analysts and so-called historians, love lead counting with the events of October to the beginning of the previous century. It is their right, of course. But in my opinion, this must be counting with the February events. When collapsed the age-old foundations, based on the law of God. Like it or not like it, but ...

I believe it is important to recall that this same Nicholas II, was no less than the head of the Russian Orthodox Church. Yes, it was. And it was in the spring of 1917, was able to stop what then happened with the State. It is the Church, could stop the confusion in the minds of the masses and besiege provocateurs-politicians. But Church and vyzhidala, for fear of putting the wrong with the permission of say, a horse. Church, unofficial talks and voiced the conditions under which it in fact betray Nicholas II.

If memory serves, it was 4 March has been handed down from the courtroom of the Synod of the Imperial seat. Well, as a symbol of the captivity of the Church by the State. And made it the most armchair, became overnight anachronism, not ignorant sailors and soldiers, and ... You may not believe it, but it did could have educated citizens. Namely, the synodal Chief Prosecutor Vladimir Lvov and assisting him with primary member of the Synod, Metropolitan Vladimir (Bogoyavlensky). So say the difference between the educated and the Savages by the Bolsheviks. It's important.

A what?! That was then! So, a veritable bezdelica! The next day the clergy abolished the proclamation mnogoletija carstvujushhemu home. That is, many of the summer, as the Tsarist Chair has become an anachronism. Here's how! Continue?! Ok!!! After another day, namely March 6 a moleben was served on ... You may not believe it, but a moleben about, blagovernom, provisional Government. Oh and how do you such legitimization of the new authorities? Oh and the apotheosis of devotion to the Emperor, was a proclamation of support for the new Government, with which the clergy issued 9 March. While living his ...

For particularly slow-witted will try to explain what happened. The church wanted to get a piece of State property and a special role in politics, but ... It is the Synod under the case provided new authorities an unconditional loyalty and public support. Without this support, any new Government, speech read. And as usual among the most honest people. Yes you are right!!! The new Government took over and threw chestnejshee and most clergy than caused it genuine outrage.

But, as they say, and late poezd ushyol drink all known mineral water ... In fact, don't take the same blessings back and cancel service. The Holy Synod is essentially misdirected the population of the State, after which the scammers from the policy it just screwed up trying to steer the state machine. It's important.

Here above, I touched on the themes of anti-crisis managers ... No, it is clear that this is definitely not prohodimtsam honest to lead the country out of the coma, but ... Okay we rednecks as we all affectionately calls the Russian elite and aristokratiya pomojki. And what are they?! Rather not they and their offspring. Studying at elite institutions, it is certainly very good. Who argues! But not in the horse feed. After all, steal! Who is a good example! I will not cite references, finds if you want very much. This is even a topic for a separate psychiatric research. Having a lot of things, steal from each other e.g. pens, cell phones, money and ... Yes, you wouldn't believe it, steal rolls of toilet paper!

So what?! Dad takes and razrulit any situation! All this is of course true, but ... The Pope very soon, even rather than this most dads seem to go away. Who, who ... Well, let's not about sad. And dads, logically, come little children. And they even words such as morality does not know. They know what can and should be a steal. And if you can't steal, then just take away. And take away at any cost. A what?! To work?! But they know from childhood that work horses die. And they're not horses, they're the elite.

Elite which sees, wants, wishes, takes ... And if you do not give ... Takes by force. Fails, kills and destroys ... They do not know differently. This is an entirely different generation. The word is. And it brought up the aliens, but quite specific citizens, it is country-specific. And then quite already looks differently story with wristwatch Breguet classic model with white gold, is owned by Patriarch Kirill. Types of watches have, gift, but lie in the box and never worn. Not lying. Tooth give. It's important.

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg March 2017 year


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