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Our life


State and executives from big road. Managers in architecture or design systems ...

Dear Friends! Today we will talk about the architecture and architects, from remaining, on a positive note, by popular demand. Not in vain because we were told that architecture is frozen music. From this and will start.

No, Russian urbanizme, silent yet but ... In the meantime, I would like to share an interesting observation. When the Communists almost all were atheists. Now, with Democrats, almost all became believers. But this is by the way. So who, I ask you, who, when Communists engaged in building new neighborhoods?! Correct!!! Most, that is, the architects called urban planners. So, if you put one hand on the heart, and the second, on the code of the Builder of communism. First violin played in our case ...

Yes, you're right, played DomoStroitel'nyeKombinaty (DSC). Exactly they producing structural elements of model projects, model homes. And then ... And then the magic began. Both of these most sorry, pieces of concrete. The magic anticipated occupancy of residential boxes in the form of cells, serpentine lines, diagonals. Compulsory between them housed shops, schools, home life. Humbly so poorly, but would like to place. And there were protections of balconies in color and playgrounds with flowerbeds ...

And now ... Now everything is very good. Positive flavour must be present in our conversation. So here. Now build something an average between a cowshed and svinarnikom. Don't believe me?! Look at modern new buildings and everything will become clear. Adherents of the cult of healthy eating is very fond of saying that you are what you eat. They repeated like a mantra.

No, I understand all the philosophical depth of such approval, but ... Positive. And what, for example, indigenous peoples of the Russian North. Well, they have no in the tundra there different ravioli and hamonov, they have no parmezanov and olive oil. Them what to do?! But this is, by the way. And this is very important.

And architectural forms. With both small and large. Type, you're the one, where and how you live. Evil tongues say that ... Science, well one that all know, argues that people in their physiological data similar to pigs. A bold claim that over the years begin to comprehend. Many smart people said that barracks and hrushhjovki have generated among the inhabitants of the propensity for aggression, delinquency and vandalism. Well, they believe, at least. And ... That would give rise to the modern sad and ugly urban architectural masterpieces remains anyone's guess. Modern urbanism, without architecture, which remained in the distant past. It's important.

The buyer always right?! Forget these tales for adults. And the grandmother walking, realizing that the concentration of the electorate really contributes to higher density. Heard about effective investments? Here I am about the same! Our home buyer in any case buys what he is given, and with any quality architecture, or whatever else it is left, or no quality.

How many similar buildings in your city? And I say that very much. Model designing completely killed the individuality and identity of cities. Understanding of the fact that architecture is an art beyond reasonable ... The concept of a wonderful and unique city is a thing of the past.

Very many, or rather almost all have forgotten what the Stalinist style in architecture. He then realized that in addition to filmmakers, artists and musicians have and architects. Exactly they were supposed to show the whole world the advantage of socialism. This is where fizkul'turniki, to the sound of marches go through beautiful avenues and tear of emotion is rolling on the cheek. Everything is good, but ... Do not forget that behind the beautiful avenues and not less beautiful facades, bashfully hid communal flats and barracks. It's important.

Nikita Sergeyevich, well the fact that Nikita Khrushchev, who also disliked, it pidorov at least have an excuse. It was necessary to ensure that all Soviet people a separate apartment. On the way to communism, it was extremely important. Private apartment at any cost. Even the barracks or Barrack type. The term is hrushhjovki, it went from those times. Industrial construction at the behest of the party and the Government brought the architecture.

Only an idiot would deny that the most important thing for psevdojelity, this is the full enrichment. State which psevdojelita itself almost built brick by brick, has a clear purpose. Build market. Well, about the same as in any provincial town, but only at the national level. And as you know, even managers, aim at one market. Making a profit. Everything. The circle has closed. Everything that does not fit into the market must be destroyed, as weeds on capitalist bed ...

The architectural style of the pigpens and Cattles has already arisen and it is given. Whether we like or dislike that fact. The free market and his invisible hand, puts everything in its place. In modern realities, all or almost all of the State policy aimed at the liberation of large businesses from various kinds of regulation. The main thing after all that?! Correct!!! Maximum profit, not only in the construction ... The great landmark, the purpose for which you can sacrifice everything, literally. This is very important.

And continuing the theme, I would like to say a few words about ... Correctly on fertility. Otherwise, why build as much shelter if it no one will live. Kidding of course, but ... So, our Prime Minister, well one that Dmitri, who loves modern gadgets, suggested that ... It is necessary to increase fertility! Hooray! Good job!!!

Traditionally shhuril their edge, and very sternly watched at its close. The impression that they are nedorabatyvajut to improve the demographics. Well, they lack the time type in order to trample for the benefit of the country their second halves. They surely, with other girls relieve stress and fatigue, and it is necessary to think about the country. And not just thinking, and improve fertility. Each in its place.

All this is of course correct, but ... Would certainly hear that in return offers us all, our boy Dima. And then before you know it, and yours truly will reflect on this issue. Kidding, kidding again, when it comes to proposals of our large and adult child, which for some strange reason I was there, where he was ... I wonder, for example, no, really, why do we raise the birth rate. No, nobody's fool, but simply and clearly explain without recurrence of patriotism and follies of liberalism, bordering the usual laziness and permissiveness. Here is why?! This is very important.

If so, take a sober look at the situation, competition with China in this regard, we lost, not even starting the competition. With me harm, I would like to mention, and that is to put it mildly and roughly speaking, we would feed the population that we have at the moment. About the standard of living, I have no say. No, from the point of view of the State, just more or less clear. Well, there's people rasplodilsja and you took him and another war was sent. Type of foe to protect the frontier.

A what?! All around friends and no enemies? Oh, you have me here, your this out-and-out liberalism throw ... No enemies? And internal?! Means to collect surplus population that Baba had and ... Correctly, send them to the democratic construction. A what?! Everything built?! Well, that's you have. Then on the way back, let feed some pulled out. Type, turn the tide on the River under the new liberal democratic concept of nation-building. So say the deal uncle Joseph lives and thrives. It's important.

And here's how I see it, a somewhat different approach to this issue. Give birth to state categorically impossible. That's so right, categorically. Turns out, the State pays you money, calls these money mother's capital, and requires you to give birth to him. The interesting thing is obtained. Money you, as usual, give back the State itself, and in a very short period of time. Correctly, and child must be fed and clothed. Cynicism goes?! And how! Of course, rolls over. The State, not from yours truly ...

In my opinion, it is necessary to give birth in the cave for himself. It is in this case, at least there is a chance that kids grow up normal and happy people. You do not want to give birth, not Rozaje. Let the children will be less, but they will be welcome and loved. Although ... Understand that it's hard to resist when the State stands by and lures come mother's capital. Well done, what you say here. It's important.

By the way, about the architecture, a couple of words, so to say farewell. I am very glad that this most statesmen were involved in architecture. And in our particular case, State ladies. And if even more specifically, the ... Deputy Prime Minister, with the very sounding surname. Yes, that's it, Olga Golodets. It turns out we all earlier in childhood were in the wrong classes. Yes, that's exactly what she said. Glorious woman and peerless Vice Prime Minister.

Here, here on the World Wide Web, many began to resent. Type, well, that can offer the Vice Premier with such surname. And I'll tell you. You still thank you tell me what this beautiful woman does not deal with questions of food security of the country. Well, or that of the country. And then we would all eat bread from Herman Sterligov on too fantastic price. No, really, it's not a dream and pinching myself ... It's important.

But back to pious Olga, which unlike many smart goals, found a way to withdraw the Russian education in the mainstream the way of mankind. Moreover, I would like to emphasize the democratic road. It is because, as was previously the case. All offered expensive education reform. And our Olga, times, arranged for brainstorming and ...

Correct. Agreed that it is necessary to abandon the rectangular classes in schools and all will be good. Abandoned in favour of a round, trapezoidal, triangular ... A what?! And if there is no good?! Well, then another brainstorm and indefatigable Deputy Prime Minister, will give another creative ideato help every child develop his talent. This is very very important.

And in terms of importance, it is not only my opinion. It before the exam. Many remember the folk wisdom. Well, the first thing that came to mind. Let's say, the Director of the factory not ladjatsja case, and he ... Correctly, change the Secretary, or got used to the Secretary with every fiber of his soul, then change the furniture in his Office and at the reception desk. Changes and waiting for the moment when things become ladit'sja ... A what?! No change for the better? Means to change the flowers in the Office! Well, if that doesn't help, then ... Yes, you guessed it. Like it or not, but with a Secretary have to part ways. The fate of ...

A what?! Scary becomes?! What do you want?! It is so apparently they are in the Government and work! Cows music, preferably classical. Hrjushkam tales, preferably ours, poskonno-Aboriginal and ... Correct!!! Milk is delicious, and the meat will be tender. A what?! How did before managed without classical music and fairy tales? Well, as you say ... Before, and it was apparently a mistake, people listened to classical music and fairy tales told for children. Although adults telling tales. You won't believe, but appeared inflatable tanks and missiles. Yes, it is true. Although ... I am silent. This is already a State secret. It's important.

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg March 2017 year


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