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С 29.11.09

Our life


How young we were, or team with which we must live.

Dear Friends! As you know, the culture is either there or it's not. It's like with fish. It either fresh or not fresh. How about getting an erection, it is either there or it's not, with all the consequences. No, of course there are intervening State ... So say product of many managers, but ...

So, let's start. If this is the culture we have is the place to be, should be and its media. This is because even the most liberal upjortomu understandable. Well, that is if there is a nuclear warhead, there should be and delivery system. And let us with you zamahnjomsja on this is the delivery vehicle of culture to the end consumer. Well, as zamahnjomsja, so, easy imitation shock.

So, this is the culture that evil tongues, because of their ignorance and cave of grievance referred to crops-mul'turoj, continues to live, prosper and most importantly bad smell. Well as the smell. So, if crudely expressed, not even smell but simply exude such a stink that the smell of chemical weapons gained freedom-loving humanity constitutes a weak bunch of baby ...

When native cultures-mul'tury you realize that there's still got juice and that many carriers still ogogo and can successfully enough romp. But a more detailed analysis of the situation, there is a strong feeling that all of us, consumers, once again just Naya ... Lee, or sorry for my French, simply trace around the finger. And someone else's finger and is incredibly cunning. So to speak, vsuchili product is not the first freshness. See rejoice before you our youth team, which with the Russian scene brings to the masses a bright and kind. A lot of them, may cause fatigue in patient consumers. It's important.

Heads column cultural media, is if you look at age, almost an octogenarian Iosif Kobzon. The legend, I have it since the time of their childhood to remember. I mean, there are some fears that I can leave this world, and his uncle Joseph, many years it will continue to delight many fans with his talent. Behind him, the 75-year-old climbs so modestly Lev Leschenko. Lev Leshchenko, this glorious Ptah, Soviet, and now Russian pop stars, continues to bear the weight of good and light. He went in the days of Soviet power, so much pathos, it's with his words, had to perform. And so earnestly perform what could be envy.

Think it all?! That you, I beseech you, it's only Vanguard appeared ... How can we not mention Uncle Yuri Antonov. He very soon, in mid-February, will celebrate the seventy-two years, with what it can and congratulations. How many of the lyrics he brought in suffering from the dominance of Communist ideology of the soul of the Soviet citizens. And not stopping on reached, continues to delight his fans.

Chu, from the corner, modestly, as Uncle Lev Leschenko, appears almost-old aunt Sofia Mykhailivna Rotaru, this cute moldavanka, certainly very beautifully sang about flowers red ruta all this time. By the way, and continues to sing, zabodaj Komar her enemies and ill-wishers. From behind aunt Sophia, seeing no longer smiling after botched plastic surgery Uncle Valera leontiev. Maybe, tired easily, and may have already decided that its on the all-Union stage already otbegal. No wonder because in March will mark sixty-eight godkov. Although age isn't a hindrance to this talent.

And now frozen! The birds don't sing, the Sun does not hide behind the horizon, politicians to cancel their overseas visits, not just overseas. All stood up, prepared for stormy and prolonged applause, passing in nesmolkajushhuju ovation. Appears as the Sun from behind the clouds, Alla Borisovna Pugacheva! Despite her young age, yet it is certainly by the standards of the luminaries of the Soviet and then Russian pop stars, but in April of this year, will mark the sixty-eight years old, she has long been a diva and Queen of pop stars. Well, so decided. Don't ask who believe in the word.

Who's next?! Forever young esaul who loves to sing about the gentlemen officers. Find out?! Of course, this is it, the 60-year-old Oleg Gazmanov. As always in excellent physical shape and with a new song naturally patriotic direction. In order to dilute this democratic official liberal orientation appears aunt Ira allegrova, which in January this year, has already reached the age of sixty-five years. Despite this fact, forever young crazy Empress, continues to bear, together with their colleagues, eternal and good.

And where the masses there as usual home, family, work ... That's proved to be very popular aunt Larisa dolina, with its weather at home and umbrella which all can easily fix. In the autumn she is sixty-two years and it is still in formation, at the cultural Office. On the March, pardon the pun, the youngest age group. Alexander Minkov, Aleksandr Marshal, which in summer reaches exactly sixty years.

It was followed by fifty four year old uncle Grisha Leps, with a shot of vodka in hand, not on the table, and a year younger than Lolita Markovna, well that Milyavskaya. The same one who sings. For a couple of years younger, Valera Meladze, which kind of sings like and carries eternal weight and good, but under a very monotonous music. No, it is clear that music just seven, but ...

Oh, and closes, so to say media cultures-mul'tury procession to the masses, a younger nursery team. Those who have not yet attained the age of fifty years. Maljavki, what you say here. It is definitely on the right include Philip's gorgeous, he's the same Bedrosovich, King and Emperor of the Russian stage. He is also, ex-husband of the Queen of pop and prima donnas. Handsome and almost said-Duelist. Just kidding.

One line does not fit all. Maljavok, a lot of them. Aunt valeriya, wife of Mr Prigozhin. Well, that Alla Yurievna Perfilov Evgeniy, who loved to give birth from the unloved first husband. That was a maniac and tyrant. It is already almost forty-nine years will be in April. And take a couple Agutin and Varum. Even second-year and fifty kopecks'm. And all bore crops-mul'tur to the masses. Well done. What is there to say.

A favorite of all the Russian women Stas Mihaylov. In April he turns forty-eight years. Some more and he becomes a favorite of Russian grandmothers. In the long term, in the short ... And, so to say, a baby Russian pop stars. Kristina Orbakajte. It at the end of may, will mark the forty-six years. Daughter of prima donnas and Queens of pop stars Alla Pugacheva. She has everything ahead.

And this, with indulgence to say music organized criminal group parasitizing on the desire of the electorate in decades culturally formed. Yes, they are carriers of the same cultures-mul'tury. Here tell me, is it can be a lot of this crops-mul'tury?! It turns out, can! And new year's Eve broadcast, with all the seriousness of the moment is proved. You won't believe, but appeared the petition. People began to resent. And many journalists called a spade a spade. Poshljatina, pure water. Well ... Very much became Pugacheva, orbakaite, Galkina, Kirkorov and Baskova. So say key players carrying their art to the masses.

And what?! And nothing! Philip's gorgeous, well one that directly Bedrosovich called those who do not want to watch the new year's Eve broadcast and Pugachjovu-mrazjami. Stunned! Well, at least until such decades-delayed desire not imprisoned. Cultural officials advised citizens demanding just doesn't look Christmas broadcast, if they don't like it. Well done! May I presume that officials seem to be art Pugacheva, Kirkorov and orbakaite, is a point above which already cannot climb.

Strikingly, but ... For several decades, Pugacheva, Valley, allegrova, Rasputin is the female sex symbols. Yes, that's right! And pupils, you will not believe, is Uncle Valera Leontiev. And there are singers who major romance, lyricism, Patriots, comedians, impersonators ... But that's not all. In addition to singers, there are in fact more directors, artists ...

You may not believe it, but the situation is no better. Managers of theatres in terms of creative longevity can give odds to many. Almost all are over eighty years. Oleg tabakov and Tatyana Doronina, Yuriy Solomin and Galina Volchek, Mark Zakharov and Aleksandr Shirvindt, Aleksandr Kalyagin, and Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. Independently there is, well, the population was just a child, Konstantin raikin, who isn't and seventy years. Nursing home, sorry my cynicism. And these people, in the past, popular artists, led by theatrical collectives ...

By the way, and who know that in the past year, the actor Oleg Tabakov won Oleg Tabakov. And it happened in the ceremony, Oleg Tabakov Theater. Stunned! You can of course say that it is a coincidence, but ... Don't kid themselves. This strategy. Promotion, PR, rewarding, the appointment itself, buddies, friends ... This is the main driving force of all processes. Write, sing, play, paint, mould ... Lie, sold ...

And most importantly! You just imagine! If these permissions say masters, awarded themselves and their friends. Turns out that there are such talented just nobody to reward! And numerous awards, numerous landmark creations?! Well, what is there to say. It's simple! The usual shit, with numerous awards. No more. It's important. And why all this?! And what about queries that arise, whether we like it or not. Who are interested in these geniuses?! Forgotten the most important thing. You must leave on time! Here's an ingenious Muslim Magomaev for example. To him, it was he and not the viewer thought he became worse singing and ... He's gone. This is very important.

The question is not that, in the vast expanses of the Russian no talented and brilliant people. There are! But the question of the issues! Where they plug or if you like shoving?! All places have long employed, and for many years and decades ahead. By whom?! The right thing, you like kids! Busy-family, friends, friends, superiors. And Moreover, if you look, as it happens in the animal world. Yes, and these, with the permission of say talents roost in flocks. Belonging to a flock, it is most important for survival in the modern world.

If in fact, ... In order to get on the stage, you must speak with Pugacheva and her very talented company. Want to get into great literature? Talk with Pelevinym, Bykov and who stands behind them. Want to become a counter-example? Not a question! Talk with August and other Bulk Liberals who are a little harder. Don't forget about the media. Don't forget about guseva, Venediktova, ... Talk and then you appoint. Or may not appoint. That's how it will turn out. The main thing is to get into the flock. Get and keep their.

In the beginning was the word. And the word, it's if we talk about realities is certainly propaganda. (A) promotion, it's a different sort of analysts, experts and everything related. This is not culture-mul'tur, but only mul'tur. This is where the banal theft can and should be called enterprise. Opening of the mouth under the musical soundtrack can and should be called beautiful singing. Interpretation of gossip, rumor, invented horoscopes, cunning plans is definitely analysts, and those who engaged in it experts. Moreover, it is very important that these experts and analysts it is nominated as such.

Look at many such gatherings of professionals and ... Solovyov, Kurginyan and joined thereto Prokhanov. Prokhanov required as bun in the school canteen and Compote. Good chertjaka! Crazy eyes and unwashed hair! Unique gift bear delirium! Such once in a hundred years is born! Such place in a trendy boutique, which sells stylish shirts whose sleeves knotted at the back. Without it, none of the virtual battle of good against evil is complete.

Although ... If it's gone for another replacement batteries. Correctly, the holy place is never empty. Remember, in the last century many dreamed of becoming pilots. Then naturally the astronauts ... And we have patriotic was dreaming to be a motorcyclist. Well, the fact that all the time, somewhere goes. And not just riding for fun, namely rides on critical matters. And he loves to teach people life. And people should have to listen to him, sometimes stepping on throats their own song.

Human nature is such that the Stupider people, so it is more certain that he is not stupid. No, it's understandable if you're a fan of crossword puzzles and advertising materials, then certainly have every right to stand next to any Professor and discuss with him on the subject, in which he is an acknowledged expert. And rightly so. And professors are mistaken. Yes and you're done. Vaughn, a Professor can discuss ...

And what not to discuss, if there was a replacement in the media. Sergei Kapitsa replaced Gennady Petrovich Malakhov with his methods of treatment for all and sundry. Paradoxically, all of us, as a so-called, ob'jasnjal'shhikov, offer and paranoid madman along with amateur motorcycle ride. It may seem that all is not as serious as it seems. But believe me, it isn't. Far from it.

And yet, say so to understand what happened. Since childhood, know that when talking to adults, children and women should not interfere, but ... Follow the economic liberal urchins and each time am amazed firework idiocy. Recently passed already traditional, Gajdarovskij Forum,. Well, there they love the position as the economic elite. Type intellectuals of modern times think about the bright future of the Russian liberal economy.

And here in this most elite coterie, which contains the greatest professionals and experts from the economy, appeared ... Yes, just stunned, joshkin Kot johanyj babai in one bottle! Appeared Mr rider, well the one surgeon, and became them to talk about the economy, with its glitter in the eyes. Volksdeutsche Frank claptrap, but those with permission to say the best minds in the adult child listened to the fatherland. And ... Few people realized, and I say this very economic elite that ... Thus, you can just take and disband. If the rider can perform in front of them, then could make anyone who committed purchases in stores, and thereby proved that acts in the economy. It's important.

Particularly touches as before would say zapadopoklonstvo. No, I understand that in Russia the two most major holiday. Valentine's day and Halloween. It's not even being discussed. All appeared in one place, rush to buy wounded, congratulates the brotherly, boiling water ... Horseradish Lee, our holidays, native Russian. All this is true, but ... Recently, Russian expanses went-Groundhog Day! We talked about it all the media, and not once. Stunned! Russia and Groundhog Day!

No, well I can more Americans understand. They are the second of February, all very carefully watching his American marmot. Watch and try to understand what is the spring. Late or early. Necessarily present mayor. Well, they have all over, or almost over, order, they can afford to be interested in the change of seasons. Well, tell us something that will change at the mercy of the sacred knowledge passed ours, Russian a marmot. By the way, his name came up with the awesome. Frol! Why awesome?! Creative and patriotic! Better than Phil.

So, this all sums up, Frol adepts Groundhog Day under the very same big monastery. Judge for yourself. In particular the Russian city, the cultural capital of Russia, so to speak, namely, in St. Petersburg, everything was ... Yes, everything was ready to adequately, with a Russian sweep meet this truly Russian victory day spring force embodying the development, over the forces of winter, as cold and stagnation, but ...

For sure, the distinguished guest was ready and respected citizens, girls prepared powder spout, brought strong drinks ... A woodpecker, forgive the Groundhog, who never realized his high mission, picked up and. .. Yes, winter at the yard. He took and corny frozen. That is picked up, and Russian speaking to canine died, disrupting heram true patriots holiday. Sorry for my French. Just very angered such irresponsible behaviour of a Groundhog named Frol. Although, it can be said that in the hectic preparation for this grand cultural event, just forgot to ensure the safety of a Groundhog named Frol.

So, I believe that the tragic death of Groundhog on the conscience of Russia of our enemies and ... Yes, there is a need to investigate and find the culprits. necessarily Oh and sentence them to jeksterminatusu. Agree that this is an extreme measure, but they are our all Surkov izvedut. And not only the marmots. Vaughn look as scared of Mr Trump's arrival in the Kremlin to power ... And their jitters exquisitely cloaked borderless joy. And why ... Because it understands that, botanist, Obama is one thing, but here's a particular kid and old mafiosi, it's already quite another. This can remove not only sanctions, but everything else, including the entire Russian population of marmots. It's important.

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg February 2017 year


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