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С 29.11.09

Our life


Dollar, taxes, idiots and gentlemen ...

Dear Friends! Before you talk about dollars, taxes, dzhentl'menah and their partners-idiotah, I would like to ... Yes, traditionally make their few drops of positive.

Do not sin against the truth, but a native, I would say, verily, a popular Russian Government continues to delight. No, it is clear that much at first glance, pointless and counter-productive, but ... It is, if at first glance. Accounting system, this is dope. Without accounting systems, our homegrown Liberals think that everything will collapse. Charming idleness in quiet rooms, quite often disturbed many ideas ...

No sooner had the first passion to introduce labelling of fur coats. Yes, and now, a new brilliant proposal. It turns out that you need to create a federal public information system on accounting animals. no, with shubami it is clear. Someone very clever, is concerned with the number of illegal furs, which are expensive. Well, here it is, considered that at this stage of development of the Russian State, there is no more important task.

Of course, everything is counted and all count. Manager average hands, offering mark coats, he's bringing out stupid assumed ... Type, fur coats worn by wealthy citizens. So, let them pay the Treasury a modest tax on luxury. He thought as for addictive disorders has ... There is a law, and it must be performed. And not hold a modest Brook denezhek. And big head, looks at these money and asks. And where are they?! And he will tell you there is such Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov, he suggested. Oh, and as usual rewarding, new post, banquet ...

With animals ... No, recalculate and taxed. No, not animals. That you, as you can! In animals, no denezhek. And here are the owners of animals ordered to pay for his friend, quite feasible task. You'll be surprised, but agricultural and domestic animals, will receive a unique identification number (UIN) consists of 15 digits. Taken into consideration are all. Cows, dogs, cats ... You won't believe, but even the bees would be taken into account. Yes, it is. Rather not bees, but hives in which they live.

There are instructed to create roadmap. Even the responsible Ministry appointed ... The Ministry of finance and Ministry of economic development. But don't be afraid of innovation. It is not as bad as offending enemies. Farmers and pet owners face flour of choice. You can be your favorite broth microchipped. And you can be a tattoo to decorate. Well, or at worst make brand. The important thing is to present this very unique identification number. This is very important.

As the owner of aquarium fish feel slight anxiety. Well, as a concern. So, offense. It is clear that the cat microchipped Duxiu, have to anyway. It's not even being discussed. It is necessary, then it should be. And she, incidentally, has already been warned. I have no secrets from her. And that's why such a discriminatory approach to my Aquarian small fishes. They cannot say anything in his acquittal. And if we microchipped and aquarium fish, then why not say it with purely liberal democratic bluntness and honesty. I, as owner should know that face and go along with their pets.

Generally, native Government, is at full strength. This is a gathering of like-minded people who understand nothing. Here learned recently that the head of Government is very sad. It turns out that the vast majority of the Russian electorate does not want to go into a small, and even more so, in medium-sized businesses. And because of this crime have irresponsibly contributed, does not contribute to improving the taxable range. Liberals in the Government. Eh, taxes, dust Yes ...

Well, how can we pass by such topics as taxes and everything connected with them. This is because liberals do not feed bread to the Lords, but only give the ability to collect taxes. And that, that's right, doing nothing simply collect loot, or rather their fellow citizens. And still the question whether their fellow citizens loot ... You'll perhaps surprised, but ... Very creative Manager, with honest eyes, well one that is the new Minister of economic development and trade. Very intelligent, as it turned out, Maxim Oreshkin suggested and very successfully even suggested a very non-standard way to deprive people of their money ... To attend a meeting with President Vladimir Putin against local officials require 150 thousand rubles. This is important.

The most interesting thing is that modern gentlemen Liberals sought to seize power. Many patients on the entire head citizens thought that the question is for all seizure of power. Idiots. As it turned out, it was about the many goodies for yourself favorite. With the right gag, all who disagree with them. They are always right and who strongly disagree with this, that the enemy with cave thinking ... You see how they lead the discussion. Ready to kill your opponent. This song is a feast and feast in one bottle. Simulation of turbulent activity is a sport in which modern Liberals have no equal. Here in fact, that it is important. Not necessarily have a mind and have imagination.

It is this circumstance resulted in what we have at the moment. And we have a very nice picture. The tax burden, many idiots, has reached such magnitude that fit are already talking about the introduction of the post of financial Commissioners, anywhere where you can and especially where it is impossible. Even a little bit, and it will be necessary to work completely free of charge. All funds will go to his native state and at least native oligarchs. This is very important.

Given that roughly half the salary of the electorate do not actually pay ... It turns out that the salary issued gave perhaps even hold, and then withdraw the mandatory payments. Beautifully! And that's not all. Practically, we are talking about strengthening fiscal press and further improvement of the tax system. Well, there's a plan to improve and deepen ... And this, when full economic illiteracy. Moreover, not only economic ...

Because in fact, the entire tax sphere. According to the version of the Liberals in power, this power system state. So say food. And it's certainly a classic of the genre. Although common sense suggests that it is a tax sphere is a system of regulation. But it is apparently very difficult to understand. Especially for the Liberals. It is because, as it seems ... That wealth itself, by virtue of its SACRALITY, wonder where and how is unclear. And Liberals intended to withdraw all this in its favour and share. That is, the speech that the demolished chicken eggs to grow chickens, albeit partially, not talking at all. Importantly, cut quite a reproductive hens and sincerely wonder why their becoming disastrously. A stroke of genius.

Very many, and with the Medvedev, said cover electorate, the urgent need to make your company and finally start making a lot of money. It's better than sitting on the neck at the native state, that most of the money, are sorely lacking. But there is one momentik that all explains. Apparently, wicked and irresponsible electorate with tenacity worthy of the best application does not want to grow rich.

Moreover, the electorate does not want to open firms that thanks to the policy of the State to become prosperous. Savages that they take. Well, don't understand his happiness. That is, there is a social conflict. State, smiling in all its fiscal authorities luring electorate business scam with the changing rules of the game. Yes, and the electorate, smiling in all its still remaining teeth, runs away from his happiness in misery and devastation. This is important.

By the way, about the officials who apparently in his sleep, as d. Mendeleev, seen as a scheme to fleece cover electorate. The electorate, in distant province, and it is a question of the Rostov region, reported that ... Deputy Head of administration of one of the provincial regions reported that all we have violated the law on subsoil. Well, that is the grandmother or grandfather lived, enjoyed a well or well. Well, there's water to drink, food to Cook, eating water ... Wrong lived, breaking the law. Lived without water production license. Yes, ofanarel himself from the arrogance of officials, sentient behind the support of the State through the National Guard.

It is necessary to come up with! Moreover, the letter of federal laws, which we quoted, everything correctly. Well, that is, the State has not made any effort in building wells and water wells. This is understandable, it is not for the State to do so. People want to drink, let them take themselves. Nevertheless, the State considered for yourself possible climb for the money in his pocket to people living in the private sector. A stroke of genius. The truth is that there is clarification about the volume of water extracted grandparents day, but basically they don't change. Do you want to drink, you may purchase a license to mine water from the depths.

By the way, about the rich, Kohl talked about looting the poor, native state. Me is absolutely not interested in the question, how much tax take from the rich. A lot or a little, this is a question not so important. But it is important to understand that ... How can we explain such a situation allowing the richest, have their super profits in fact in a poor country. If a person is not an idiot, he understood that such super profits cannot earn themselves and it is clear that ... All of this gave them native power in which they are embedded. This is important.

Delivers a certain pleasure, watching the scene when the State essentially begging for their money from those with permission to say effective oligarchs. And what have they done?! Yes, I admit, buying expensive sports clubs and leisure, in the company of girls, on which you can rely in the literal sense of the word, this is certainly an achievement. Here you will not argue.

By the way, do you think these statesmen greatest managers of all time, something different from home-grown oligarchs? AHA, now! Believe me, there are worse. No, look at the head of the highest rank and Diva dajosh'sja. Really, they are such a naive and stupid! Do they not understand ordinary things! Did they hope that this Cup, such smart and noble passes ...

Look, if simplified and exaggerated. There is his Majesty the dollar, this Green Paper that printed the most clever and certainly substantial people of all smart, honest and noble people of our beautiful planet. And they buy for these green papers, all sorts of goodies across the globe. And the answer to the question why all sell all sorts of goodies for those green pieces of paper, easy to ugliness. And try not to sell! Immediately get the humanitarian aid in the form of democratic missiles and humanitarian visit bombers with the nearest aircraft carrier. This is important.

So, are sold and will sell. But that's not all. The most important thing comes at a time when some be local, naturally the democratically elected carjok President, or decides to skommunizzhenye their own people and have accumulated green pieces of paper, so to speak, used, ... Well, that is, decide to go to gentlemen before, or after, the end of his political career and take a bag of these denezhek. Here comes a very interesting point. No, well as moment, momentik ... How, without breaking the democratic laws to seize Moscow these accumulated unsustainable Imperial hard dollars. Elementary!

To deprive of power of the King, and then apply the seizure and confiscation of the numerous accounts. Would require that the King has proved that these revenues are not acquired by Tsar of crime. Yes, exactly, let the Court proves this bloody tyrant, even today the former quite civilized King or President. What?! Impossible to prove?! Here's what ... Here, after all, what else is important. Not scare! Don't scare the rest Tsarkov and Presidents! Explain to them that the victim was a very bad man, unlike them. That such a fate, the exception rather than the rule. This is important.

The desire to live in surrounded by lovers of heirs in the territory respected partners, this is certainly a good desire, but ... Cheated after all! Take away because acquired unsustainable labour! Car accident after all, arrange a can! Yes, and in fact, is there a way out?! No, of course not! In any case, the kaznokradov robbed a matter of time, nothing more. But as they say hope Tsarkov and Presidents feeds! If anyone remembers, in the very recent past Russia's Sberbank wanted to turn the deal to buy Opel,,,. And ... Under the pretext of quite the deal, did not take place. Well, tell me who is sane would give automotive concern, and in return receive green pieces of paper. No one! That's not sold.

What?! Am I wrong?! Ok!!! Name that bought Russian State, Russian oligarchs for dollars?! Yachts and football clubs do not call ... It turns out that when we are unhappy with the shopping home-grown oligarchs. And they actually have nothing to buy on navorovannye money honestly. Anything serious, they buy do not give, and invest in the domestic market they don't want. And rightly so, don't they steal on the internal market, in order to then them and invest here. This is important.

Sad and sad that oligarchs and bureaucrats have forgotten the simple truth. The State cannot be strong and rich people poor and weak. But even if the State is strong and rich in this case requires a powerful military Armada capable of all this wealth. But the most interesting is the Foundation of military power can be loyal and it ... It is not given.

That's all that I wanted to say. To say so would stoop to such a life. If previously hoped for the best, now we hope that there will not be any worse. In vain hope.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg January 2017 year


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