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С 29.11.09

Our life


Where to get money and replenish the country

The Government has long been aware that it was easier to just take the money from the poor. Of course, their poor little, but poor to horseradish.

The Governor's dilemma: where to get the asphalt for roads to ride on Porsche, which overlaid and there's asphalt?

Dear Friends! Many people are surprised, but nevertheless, the fact remains that. For all the genius of domestic leaders, and not lesser genius of many economists, it turned out. Yes, it is, as said before could ... , not just polymers.

As it turned out, the money in the budget is almost gone. And here estimates differ. Some say that they are, but all is not enough. Others say that is enough for everyone, but not for long. Believe the word all these professionals? It is not necessary. You just need to include common sense and logic. Elementary things. If money, somewhere in there, so they have appeared elsewhere. Elementary.

The conscience of a nation, its pride and glory, and we are talking about many oligarchs and not less numerous officials, they ... No, really, they knew where to hide money. They sense told. They hoped for the best, and ... Correctly, do not listen to the advice of the guarantor of the Russian Constitution. But in vain do not listen. He warned that the need to dust swallow and tormented. This is important.

If you all of a sudden, I emphasise, suddenly bought on the occasion of the pigs on the market. You will not immediately cut?! You create them, feed them will. Even the vet ask for health monitor. Podozhdjote until the piglets will eventually fleshed pigs and ... Correctly, start their score. So to speak, not selfishness sake, but only for the purpose of obtaining organic meat. This is elementary stuff, of which many, including many of the oligarchs and the equally numerous officials have forgotten. Our shows the harsh truth of life, for nothing is forgotten.

As they thought. England, well this is as an example, she is old and kind. There, everything is honestly and transparently. AHA, now. And suffered their honestly and smartly navorovannye money to this very old and good country. And I'll tell you that the British were not against. They're very clever. Not asking stupid questions about the origin of these most denezhek, they took. And who wouldn't have took?

Further more. Reputation has become such that all, or nearly all, deft and honest people, began to hide their honestly earned money on the shores of Albion. Rumors started circulating that frankly stole, better storage space for capital just hard to come up with. Don't ask stupid questions, all in a civilized manner. Gentlemen, what is there to say. All this is right of course, but ...

Recently, in October, the English gentlemen, well that parliamentarians, have a bill that is very typical for our case title. About criminal finances! And immediately became so noisy. All at once so disturbed. And all Affairs! Simply, these are gentlemen, offer to allow English public entities interested in the origin of the financial resources of a resident of the UK market. And not just interested in, but also elucidate on the acquisition of British assets. Brilliant! No, ingeniously twice! And how beautiful!

If no details ... If the brilliant Russian oligarch or a brilliant Russian official suddenly turns out to be the owner of any asset, well there such as real estate, stocks worth more than 100 million pounds sterling. Then it will be asked to explain. Politely so civilized. Type tell mil people, but how can you have such money. And will be asked to show documents, explaining that his work in distant Russia was so successful that he was able to amass such a serious amount.

And if the evidence does not satisfy the gentlemen, then to process connects the most equitable in the World Court. And he certainly sort out. Honest you oligarch, or thief and swindler. Oh, and if the Court would not be satisfied with the evidence. Correctly! Then ot'jom total accumulated unsustainable ... All mousetrap slammed shut.

By the way, chain letters have already started to receive numerous Russian citizens, who have something to lose in the UK. And such citizens in the UK according to various estimates there are between 150 to 300 thousand. And in fairness, it is worth noting that among them there is no plumber or plumbing is valid. This is important. As important, the gentlemen did not require evidence of the origin of the money when the oligarchs and bureaucrats were carrying them to him. Apparently so as not to injure the soul these honest and respectable citizens. Gentlemen, they are such gentlemen.

And our offshore aristocracy, or if you call a spade a spade, aristokratiya pomojki, once again came to the rake. But this is by the way. But only at the total, it was necessary to use a three litre cans. Just kidding!!! Sincerely kidding! Sincerely happy for Russian suckers. No, good, let's say I no, but some feel moral satisfaction. Thief thief the existence of back-breaking labour is stealing. Masterly and very beautiful. By the way, I haven't been talking about the British Virgin Islands. The situation with honestly navorovannymi money even better. This is important.

And here ... When some rogues and crooks hid honestly navorovannye money abroad country and other rassovyvali on the related pockets inside the country, native Government. It is very worried about the content of the budget. Another would be the extent of theft, even surprising that in bins, still something left. Or rather, not everything stolen. Statesmen have recognized that there are certain difficulties with the content of the budget. Even the incorrigible optimists on the economy realized that the so-called contingency fund could dry out in 2017, and the country's budget is destined to become chronically scarce. This is important.

Here then, in full growth, a question. Where, or rather who take money for filling the budget, zabodaj his mosquito with all their relatives. And what is there to think about?! An elementary task! Of course people! Imagine a native Government as think as population denezhek available, so simply could not sleep and loses appetite. Instead of vyspavshijsja, and the more hungry bureaucrat, this is already a threat to the national security of the country. And we all have to?! No, of course not!

Native state, plans to get, or rather seize population order trillion rubles. No, it certainly has stated that this is not a withdrawal, that is it takes money at interest. Naturally, all returns, even if no one doubts. That it would be a federal loan. Be released beautiful paper federal loan bonds. Of course, with the degrees of protection and other zone. You can hold a contest among developers design. Well, a little bit of money on this chain. The main creative approach to this case. That is, Rob people, but that it has every creature may thank for it. Beautifully! Narukovodit' so that would be practically no money.

The population already has extensive experience in financial games with the State, and the experience is not entirely pleasant. This tradition is. As soon as a State obdelaetsja on the tomatoes, then begins to be its citizens. Note the opposite occurs very rarely. Well, in 1917 year of the last century, it was something like that. When uncle Joseph, if memory serves me right, a certain portion of the wages paid in bonds. Naturally, but voluntarily and involuntarily, of course.

When Uncle Nikita and uncle Löhne bonds became voluntary, but ... Those who chose to play with his native state in financial games subsequently very even regretted it. Here because, as it happens. You start to play, and the State is changing the rules during the game. Beauty! Remember, there were bonds 1982 year?! They were placed under three percent per annum.

And now remember supergiperinfljaciju in dashing the nineties ... That's the real value of these bonds was destroyed. No, the State as an honest partner, proposed to redeem the bonds among the population and costs. You won't believe the paper denominations of 100 roubles to redeem for 160 roubles. Ohrenet!

But lest no one could blame the State, that it is simply part of the population simply fooled on money, then ... Again, if memory serves, the year 1995 has started a law that ordered the Government to compensate all the savings of citizens, including Soviet securities. Natural indexing for inflation. Everything honestly. Who would doubt. That's just like always, for almost two decades, implementation of this normative act is postponed for an indefinite period. But that is not the fault of the State, it is negligent officials sabotage. Feel the difference?!

Somewhat troubling, according to the country's main financier, Mr Siluanova, borrowing domestically will inevitably grow. Translated into plain language, this means that there is no reason for joy. This will not be a one-time event. Well, the type filed native state money, and let them fall behind. No, not possible. It took the people, and will take ...

State, it feels like. The population there is money that can and should serve the State. Since it's already on the people, and for the prospective investor. What?! Certainly, certainly, voluntarily-forced investor. Because, enemy at the gates, the times of heavy and not the time right now, at this stage, the search for the perpetrators. It is clear that there is a risk. Well, type default, reducing the market value and such. This is important.

How important is that very difficult to believe the State when that happens. When the main money and nothing but money. When the order in the Loo , and none is not surprising. Read the link, very informative info already not able to amaze anyone. When children of oligarchs and bureaucrats could, with impunity, to arrange police Supercars racing and insult the custody order. It is clear, of course, that if you are the son of the Vice President, Lukoil, then you can do everything, but nevertheless ... It is surprising that these most siblings don't beat these guardians of order. It would be beautiful!

A thoughtful reader may ask. Surely will be chosen only one way to replenish budget?! No, of course not! Will put a tax on parasites. Admittedly, Dmitry Medvedev, well that, who runs the Government, asked so this tax is not called. Out of modesty. It will turn out not to work, then there is an urgent need to pay off the State a sum not less than twenty thousand rubles. Type, using infrastructure, pay money. Beautifully! But if you cheat, and here everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Correctional centres! Nothing reminds?!

Prepared an indicative timetable in correctional centres. The climb-at six in the morning. Fifteen minutes exercising. Then morning toilet and breakfast. Seven forty five time attendance. In eighteen zero zero stoppage of work. Then a few hours of private time, evening check and in twenty-two zero zero rebound.

Hypothetical, most agreed that it would be better for all. You're up against the majority? So you're against the homeland! To tell the truth was dangerous. It's like in childhood. Parents teach children to speak the truth and only the truth, but ... Then you realize that is valid in the school to say one thing, but the House we can talk more. Dialectic, zabodaj its mosquito.

In this situation, nobody, I repeat nobody, is not ashamed of his lack of professionalism. All, at different levels, refer to the numerous reasons that led the State to cugundera. And no one, I repeat once again nobody said that this result is exactly unprofessionalism of numerous executives. Moreover, all these brilliant leaders and brilliant managers commit a logical error. Foolishly or consciously, I don't know. What is the error?! Elementary! There can be no effective economy. This is nonsense. Can be an effective control. Both the State and the economy. Let inefficient Manager discretion and he ... Well, I hope you understand.

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg October 2016 year


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