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С 29.11.09

Not fact...


Turkey. The coup. Recep Erdogan. Protection of democracy or the overthrow of the tyrant ...

Dear Friends! Today we'll talk about ... Recent events in Turkey, have left me a choice in terms of what to write and think. Of course, I understand that a lot has become overnight experts who all lay on the shelves and explain everything very clearly. But ... We will go my way. Just think and try to understand what really happened.

So, let's start. So to speak, the chronology of events. What we know, or it is better to say that we all found it necessary to inform. And reported the following. On the evening of July 15, 2016 onwards, part of the Turkish military has attempted to make a breakthrough in the country, taking control of strategic sites in Istanbul, Ankara, Marmaris and Malatya. At the beginning of the war speeches, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was resting with his family at Marmaris, which is called one of his residences. By a happy coincidence, Mr Erdogan left the hotel just before the assault.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan was born February 26, 1954 Goda v Kasimpasa Istanbul quarter Beyoglu District in the family of an employee of the coast guard on the Black Sea coast. His family toddler Recep moved from Istanbul to IL Rize and reverted back, when Erdogan was 13 years old. As a teenager, he sold lemonade and buns on the unsafe streets. In 1965 year Erdogan Pijale elementary school and graduated from Pasha, and in 1973 year religious imams hatybov Lyceum in Istanbul. Diploma received, having passed exams at the Lycée Eyup.

Night and morning in the Turkish capital of fighters attacked the Presidential Palace and the Parliament building. Was the information that during the same time period there were deputies. In the morning, after the air strikes, tanks went on to assault. Were taken under the control of the airports in Istanbul and Ankara, the bridges, the building of the ruling party, television companies and offices of various State agencies. Took the news that a fire broke out in the building of the national intelligence organization.

In a televised speech, it was stated that the General staff of the armed forces took power in the country and the Turkish leadership has been removed from power. It was announced the imposition of martial law and a curfew. Then Mr Erdogan, was lucky enough to make a statement about the illegality of the coup and urging his supporters to take to the streets to protect the legally elected authorities.

Naturally was closed the border with Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran and Georgia. What's next? And then, after a pause, when it became clear that the coup attempt failed, this attempt was widely condemned around the world. Once in Istanbul unrest subsided, it flew r. Erdogan. Part of the army and the police remained loyal to the Government. Add to that support for the people and the clergy. As a result, the putschists failed to hold the captured objects and power.

Some rebels were destroyed on the ground, some escaped by helicopter to Greece. Followed cleaning instructions. Detained more than nine thousand suspected of involvement in the putsch. About three hundred people were killed and more than 1,500 were wounded.

When the situation is cleared up definitively, Recep Erdogan made it clear in his statement to the Fethullaha Gulen as the Chief organizer of the coup d ' état. Clear and United States urged President Barack Obama to his issue.

Fethullah Gülen (tour. Fethullah Gülen, born. April 27, 1941 Goda)-Turkish writer and former Imam and preacher, and an Islamic statesman, Honorary President of writers and journalists. He is the initiator and founder of the public movement "Hizmet.

He now lives in self-imposed exile in Sèjlorsburge, Pennsylvania, United States. Europe prefers to stay in the Principality of Monaco and Monte Carlo. Supporters of Fethullaha Gulen ideas respectfully call him Hodja-Afandi (Mr. teacher). Gülen in 2008 year was selected as the most influential intellectual of the planet in a survey on the project site magazines Prospect and Foreign Policy. With the 2009 year is among the 500 most influential Muslims (following year 2013 11 place). In 2013, he was listed among the "100 most influential people in the world" by Time magazine, and in the list of 500 most influential people in the world "Foreign Policy Magazine.

At the end of the day, made by the official spokesman for the Turkish national intelligence organization and stated that the attempt of military coup is completely prevented. The leaders of the coup d ' état and numerous conspirators arrested. That's kind of all. As the saying goes, the concert is over, please disperse to their homes, but ...

The so-called concert, but rather the prelude may and finished, but as they say, everything remained. Is not part of my plans to respond to numerous questions arising from the detailed analysis of the military coup. Too little information, but rather its almost complete absence. What we all have reported of course not in the score. In my opinion it would be correct to consider this entire concert with a different angle.

So, first of all, it should be mentioned that there is a sustainable view that Erdogan, himself, that's picked up and have orchestrated himself the putsch. Yes, have orchestrated himself, and myself all then defeated. No, but what quite a version which has a right to exist. Like the version that is all done by its American allies, thereby agreeing to show willful Turku who's boss. Perhaps?! Of course, maybe. Some certainly brilliant and shining intelligence specialists, have launched a version that it is so, Putin tried to get revenge on r. Erdogan for, knife in the back of Russia. Perhaps?! Certainly possible. Putin, he is, it's happening.

A particularly clever, went even further. Type, Turkish intelligence learned everything, but did not interfere, so that enemies of the Turkish nation showed itself in all its glory. Well, then, all tie at the crime scene. And then some. So to speak, in order to make it to the other. Perhaps?! And then, in life and did not happen.

This version, by the way, responding to numerous harmful issues. The world community is very worried about. Well, as you can so quickly draw up lists on which the Turkish State began to operate the machine. Here's your answer. Turkish secret services knew and naturally prepared for such a momentous event that Lord Erdogan described as a gift from the Almighty.

But the thoughtful reader quite rightly raises the question. If Turkish intelligence knew everything in advance. Who is an enemy, who warned, who decided to thwart the plans of the conspirators. And here will be quite appropriate to vocalize some versions. Well, the way most delusional version, but nevertheless has a chance to be the most correct. Erdogan warned, and this with the words happy survivor of the murder of the guarantor of the Constitution of Turkey's own son-in-law. Yes, son-in-law and warned.

And I'll tell you what this son-in-law, directs the Department of energy and is a very talented person. Why talented?! Good question. Well, how else, with no talents in their thirty-eight years, headed by one of the key ministries in the country. What?! Erdogan helped his son-in-law in his career? What you say! It is only in Russia is practiced. And abroad, all their work and by law.

By the way, about Russia. Well, except the great power could remain aloof from such a momentous event. No, of course not. What you say! We are in fact on every wedding groom, and at every funeral, deceased. Of course, could not remain on the sidelines and not left. Particularly pleased with the reaction of regular Russian propagandists who, for an unknown reason I love to be called political scientists, experts and specialists. At night, when there was no known virtually nothing there has been enchanting in its idiocy delight adults in pop have even enjoying playing difficult childhood.

I assure you, this is a must see and hear! Alcohol and sex vacations. Intellectual orgasm was guaranteed. This figure should be the same. It turns out that the Turkish people are so strongly desired friendship with Russia that are already nearly overthrew the murderous dictator. Dictator who all ways pursued Islamization of the country. But ... Already in the morning when all the progressive world community, and even the končennomu debilu it became clear that the putsch failed, ...

Igor Korotchenko, appeared and told that ... It turns out that evening and night, the putschists tried to overthrow a democratically elected President.

Here's the same bastards. Any dictator and tyrant? Nothing of the sort! They tried to overthrow it is the democratically elected President. Yes, and this is the only way! But ... You may not believe it, but it is Turkish people defended democracy in their country. And you say that Mr. Korotchenko lie all the time, and misleading the general public. Nee-COH-Yes! Always the truth and only the truth. True, evil tongues accuse him of all mortal sins, but it is apparently out of jealousy.

Moreover, if we dwell on the personalities of the contemporary Russian propagandists. They are very inquisitive. No, they realize that around some enemies, but want that fact to make sure personally.

And sometimes, their enemy territory enters the well that is in the American Embassy, where they try to find out different there enemy secrets. Well, in order to lull Americans eat the enemy food and nice with talking with enemies. Some priŝur, some self-control.

But I slightly distracted, so to speak, Sandro has suffered. And if you continue to look for Mr Erdogan's well-wishers. The Russian public, not without pride reported that it is Russia and saved the life of a dear friend and partner. True to start the News reported numerous foreign subscribers on the Russian news. And the case was so!

In both! And you say that Americans here has nothing to do with. Very even and. And Erdogan will soon revenge their fashion American President Obama. But the people he wishes to know the details. He wants to later, at lunchtime, those same details with colleagues to discuss. He wants to analyze. We have every second, a graduate of putčam and coups. And people still have provided this kind of naturally extremely sensitive information. So say the details for further analysis and for legitimate pride for our, Russian authorities.

See that creates elementary civility! Here's what it means in time to apologize. Brought an apology and already elite special forces Regiment GRO MO RF rises to your protection. Beautifully!

Many, particularly clever, well those are very fond of various kinds konspirologičeskie version, began to hold direct analogy with events that occurred in Russia in 1991 year too. Remember after all the GKCHP?! Mikhail Gorbachev on vacation, while Russian putsch decided to take power into their own hands, but ...

Intrepid Mr Rutskoy saved the life of Mikhail Sergeevich. If anyone interested, here's here a brief chronology of the events that are not otherwise as a play called hard. Blunt, script and direction were simply gorgeous. Yes and no, every good performers played its role to the limit of its capabilities.

If you compare these two putsch, unwittingly creeps into the idea that the conspirators learned his craft the uneasy one textbook, or if anyone, one metodičke ... If the aim was to cause laughter from adequate people, then the putsch and then and now with its task to five solid coped. This is important.

In both cases, the head of the State rests on the sea. In both cases, made loud and promising application. In both cases, have brought to the streets with armored vehicles. And ... And nothing! From the word, nothing at all. Well, then certainly the arrests. Yes, it was. Further differences. Our native putsch apparently effect mentality was, shall we say almost peaceful, without significant casualties. And here is the Turkish ...

East is a delicate matter, but ... Mr. Erdoğan, naturally took the opportunity. Arrests and repression touched many, even uninvolved to the coup. There are reports that are created by people's squads to combat enemies. This is important. So say people want to show loyalty to the leader and the country. Will, of course, at the request of the workers, the death penalty. It is safe to say that the path to personal dictatorship r. Erdogan clean as highway when it passes the presidential motorcade.

Would like to mention the Turkish military. This must be the same as many otučitsâ in academies and competently plan and carry out a coup and could not. And now I understand the Turkish guarantor of the Constitution, which decided to kick them all out of the army and put in jail. Such military Turkish army needs a gift. And how many errors have caused. Fit to publish the manual where explain how not to do those same military coups.

That's why do they not eliminated Mr Erdogan? What?! Not yet?! A helicopter in Turkish skies, with Erdogan on board, weakly knock down?! After all, remove the conspirators of the bloody tyrant, and all began amicably swear allegiance to the new leadership of the country. This tradition there are in the world.

Why bomb the Parliament and other important objects. Even Lenin had spoken and strongly advised that they must seize. Okay, got away, but Erdogan ... Have you heard about the capture or capture any of the leaders of the Turkish State, which can organize rebuffed the putschists?! And time?! What time was chosen? People walk in the evenings, relax ... Shawarma eat. Beautifully!

Oh and why, kindly tell me spoil the rest of the citizens. Here's citizens and offended. That's the putsch failed. And when it was necessary to speak out?! In the morning!!! Only in the morning, when citizens are sleeping serenely and some military too sleep. And by the way, Erdogan at this time would have slept. Take it tëplen′kogo and all business. By the way, in the distant year 1980 putsch made at five in the morning, and luck they smiled. This is important.

And so it happened, that it happened. A particularly clever, except Russian coup analogy, saw another one. Reichstag fire in 1933 year. No, and that any possible. Then, in Germany were greatly restricted the civil rights of the population. One thing is done accurately. There was the defeat of the Turkish military, and beneficial, Mr Erdogan, who has appeared on, happy, chance, remained alive. Beautifully!

Sometimes, Diva daëš′sâ. Well, nothing can be done, organize, schedule ... And why?! Personnel policy leaves much to be desired, not only in Turkey. As it happens? Any manager chooses himself the Deputy that he was stupider than himself. Well, in order to shine on his background. Then everything is already on the thumb. Head and his Deputy takes his place, who also picks itself Zama known principle. And as a result of this, with indulgence to say, selective work in managerial positions are mostly brilliant idiots.

Don't believe me?! In vain do not believe. I did cheat once?! Look, another brilliant brilliant initiative leaders.

This would complete the conversation. Yes, we are no closer to the truth, but I hope that the doubts in the analysis you have ... And that means, wrote not in vain.

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg August 2016 year


Site Card Alexander (Sandro) Djordjadze


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