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С 29.11.09

Not fact...


The Turkish gambit and the modal implementation.

Dear Friends! Today we'll talk about ... And what is there to say, probably will tell anyone of the readers. Well, sent a letter Mr Erdogan is a friend of another master-friend Putin. How many such letters were in the history of the world ... The way it is, but let me draw your attention to one point.

By the way, about the letter. You have no idea what a storm in a glass of the incident. Opponents of the guarantor of the Russian Constitution, in one voice started to argue that the Russian Government gives a wishful thinking. That this most Erdogan, well never offered an apology. And invited the authorities to follow the words, rather the accuracy of the translation. This is important.

Others, well, those for which any initiative of Putin, is part of another cunning plan, put forward its version. Well, type, Erdogan come crawling on their knees to our leader and still have begged forgiveness. Naturally, we are not beasts, our brilliant head, generously forgave him. What about it, we are friends and partners.

Touches in this situation one nuance. Well as nuance, so faktik. Neither are not familiar with the text of the letter. Brilliant! Like the good old Soviet times. I have not read the book, but condemn. And here. Why then have decided that they are great connoisseurs of Turkish language and have the right to express their will, of course, who would doubt the objective opinion.

I would like to tell about how power inoculates people habit of hating certain peoples. Until recently, to be more precise, in September last year, Putin and Erdogan were more r. friends. Even the Cathedral mosque in Moscow solemnly opened.

Beautiful words pronounced. Hold hands, smiled. Who would have doubted the sincerity of smiles and handshakes. Turkey, and when we're talking about Turkey, it should be say Erdogan, contributed to the opening of the mosque took place.

And almost nothing seemed to dance with a knife, but ... Very little time had elapsed and Mr Erdogan is a friend paid a stab in the back of Russia. Rather Putin that, according to many of the Patriots one and the same. And some bump. Sneaky, sneaky, back ... Downed the plane, killing the pilot. And away we go. Overnight, the best friend and partner turned into ...

No, I understand that the Russian media, as well as the world, they are obscenely impartial and very independent. Yes, the truth and only the truth. And overnight, it's the media space became dudes, together with the General line of the party. Well, as the party. So, party cells, and is at best ... Allies of the guarantor of the Russian Constitution to contract. So to say, to make all possible contributions to the cause of exposing treacherous Erdogan. Later, through his uncle Serezha Lavrov that Bashar Assad does not ally and not a partner, and not even a friend never ... But it will be later. This is important.

And away we go. Rather rushed political thinking on bumps and potholes. All become unmask the Turkish leader, who as it turned out, very much tried to hide his true identity. A paradoxical situation has arisen. Is this the most meanly Erdogan, who stuck a knife in the back, well, you-know-who, and there are the usual Turkish citizens, but ... There are strained relations between Russia and Turkey. Of course, the call of the heart, numerous managers, however, so not their favorite Russians are engaged in competition. What?! Good question. Who is stronger will punish Turkish citizens. Many in this case succeeded, though ...

Yes, as in such cases was made by Putin and so categorically, all warned that we, ordinary Turks will not recoup.

And when we listened to clever ideas their leaders? All heard only what they wanted to hear, or rather what people wanted to hear. Remember after all the famous phrase that too now, Turks tomatoes are not exactly otdelaûtsâ. This is heard. This was the call. This was the designation of an enemy.

Turkish citizens have overnight become problems. And the problem that until recently no one disturbing. Problems with studies, business visas. About 40 Turkish citizens expelled without explanation from the agricultural exhibition in Krasnodar. Stop everything that can and cannot be. And acted so mindlessly that ...

Had to Vice Governor of St. Petersburg contact customs with very humble request unblock import from enemy Turkey, components for automobile industry enterprises of St. Petersburg. As it turned out, every fourth car in Russia going precisely in the northern capital. Home, and not only home to new enemies of aggression, this I'll tell you a little of this comrade Faust Goethe.

Many people have helped to remember that Russia and Turkey have always been enemies, and nothing else from former partners and is not to be expected. So to say, partners have shown their true face. And so, the citizens of a free country, spotted the signal power at the behest of heart sent its aggression in the desired direction. For this patriotic behaviour, certainly nobody will punish. Or maybe even notice, and perhaps will be awarded. Order, and maybe a medal. This is important.

A rhetorical question. Who's next?! Where is rotated the people's anger? Someone will point a finger?! Although, finger ... Embarrassingly so. Here are political scientists, those, Yes, they can. But money paying them for it. True, not all. They say the money is decent. Can anything yourself not to refuse. Europe is there a different ride. So say see all ulcers of the free world with his own eyes. Well, in order to then competently educate Russians. Type, believe me. I was there and saw everything. Hard time there. A very hard time. Even a little, and all chart ranks the copper basin. And we have all good, thanks ... Well, you realize I hope anyone should thank. This is important. It is always necessary to remember ...

And that's when the Russian people have already realized that the Turkish beaches closed for him forever. When citizens said goodbye to Turkish tomatoes. When all, or almost all, purely patriotic reasons decided to rest only in the Crimea. Phenomenal! One letter, a simple letter dramatically changed everything, or almost everything.

The Turks now have again become our brothers and expensive. It is already a tradition. Cute squabble, just world. So to speak, very suddenly, as if to call a spade a spade, it suddenly erupted into a friendship with the Turkish State. And again, by tradition, media space zaburlilo. Well, as zaburlilo. Fermentation went still. But with smell unpleasant, but ... There that smell, the smell faded, but geopolitics, it is, Yes, it's a very mentally ...

Imagine, it turned out that the Erdogan, quite and not fascist, but quite decent guy. And can and want to do business. No, I understand that tradition. Remember Uncle Petya from Kiev, well there is a kind of pastry it too called fascist, and his power of fascist. And then, as it turned out, he became a partner and friend.

Apparently the Russian authorities can work with people seemingly forever lost for the world community. Was fascist. Conducted some work, and that's really a former fascist, became a good uncle, and even partner. In both! As you say, there are no miracles. There are also miracles, I assure you, it is only necessary to see them that unfortunately not everyone is given. This is important.

After people were told that the US no longer enemies, as if by magic. ... And actually that was stopped. Well, no longer in the media talk about Turks, both of enemies and recalling them to historical grievances. What?! Pure conformism?! About what you say.

Compared with the adventurism of the authorities, this is just kid pranks and ... Moreover, when sanctioned by Turkey, it is so beautifully explained it ežesekundnoj security and combating terrorism. Now, lifted the sanctions and by tradition attributed the fact that peoples must live together and cooperate. Obviously the same. This is important.

The people he is. The most important thing to him indicate in which direction to look to the culprit of all their troubles. He looks, and certainly will see the culprit. And in parallel, and the culprit for the future. So say reserve for the future. This is important. People happy with power rubs hands gleefully. Here's the only incident to happen. And if anyone from enemies, tells people to their native power, which is the main culprit for all troubles. Then what?! People, he got used already believe. Believe and hope for the future. Of course a bright future! And who does not believe the enemy, with all the consequences.

By the way, last year wrote a little thing about how would give Crimea. How will the Crimea. Anglo-saxons and political discourse, or than the heart rest. Well, as a thing. So little monitoring of the surrounding reality, which is in clear contradiction with reason. This cannot be because there may not be never. Sha, dear Lord-comrades! Has not even yet prokukarekal ... Of course yours truly was surprised that written was synonymous with position and the desires of the author, but ... It is after all, the father of the nation claims it is difficult, but the author of the text, it's always please. Read the text, everything is very accessible. While reading, I think you are already very different otnesëtes′ to the latest news.

Governor of Sevastopol Serhiy Minyailo does not exclude holding a referendum on joining Russia. This mayor said during the talks with foreign journalistsand.

The main thing after all, throw in the topic. The main voice. Never cease to amaze me how brilliant man was Joseph Overton. Ordinary citizen, say such words, it could be safely steer under an article about the integrity of Russia. But the ordinary citizen and the sovereign's person. Apparently knows that says ... This is important.

By the way, you won't believe it, but it turned out that ...

And so live beneath their feet is scenting the country. The country, which has never left.

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg July 2016 year.


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