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С 29.11.09

Not fact...


How to differentiate true patriots from the enemies of the fatherland.

Dear Friends! Today we'll talk about our Patriots and touch on in the light of our conversation the topic of patriotism.

So, to begin, I suggest look at all knowing Wikipedia, it certainly knows the answers to all the questions and even more ...

Patriot -patriotic person is someone who loves his Motherland, betrayed his people, is ready to make sacrifices and feats for the sake of the interests of their homeland.

See as clearly laid out everything on the shelves. It is not podkopaeš′sâ to anything. Now let's ask Wikipedia for patriotism. She knows everything that's let us and tell. Here is a paragraph of text, as in the case with the Patriots, and plenty of beautiful and correct words. Take the time to read, I assure you many things you never even suspected.

Patriotism (Greek πατριώτης-compatriot, πατρίς-Fatherland) is a moral and political principle, social sense, the content of which is the love for the motherland and willingness to sacrifice their private interests for the sake of the interests of the fatherland. Patriotism involves pride and culture of their homeland, the desire to preserve its character and cultural characteristics and identification themselves (particularly emotional experience belong to the country and his nationality, language, traditions) with the other members of the people , the desire to protect the interests of the motherland and its people. Love for his homeland, a country people, attachment to the place of his birth, to the place of residence.

Read?! Fine, remember, this is useful to you in life, especially if your paths met the Patriots. And they will surely meet. This is important. Why I am sure that the Patriots will certainly arise on your life path? Elementary! Just lately the Patriots became very much. Moreover, they became catastrophically lot. This is important.

Not only among the people. What it is I'm talking about?! No, for example, there are Patriots and among technology. The word car, UAZ Patriot,. True, those who experienced this Patriot is not very happy. Type of appetite he has dirt, fuel eats so that only manage to fill the tank. And Yes hurt likes very much. The заболит radiator, steering gear, pump, clutch ... So, it brings into your life a tremendous amount of positive emotions.

Many scholars and politically savvy citizens love to show off their knowledge. They know that patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels. Other, even more erudite and more savvy, they fundamentally disagree. They say that these words are all about. That it is about the ability of patriotism to the re-education of citizens. If you're the villain, then becoming a patriot, you have the chance to become a normal citizen of their country. This is important.

It is clear that any good person should not, simply must be a patriot. And it's not even being discussed. But some argue that not every Patriot is a good man. Dialectic, zabodaj its mosquito ... Everyone knows exactly how you want to love their homeland. Everyone in this case, a great expert. Therefore, recently emerged very many problems with terminology. Although, true patriot this fact should not scare. This is important.

So who is a true patriot taking into account current realities? Elementary. You must really love power. Everything?! No, not all. Should wherever possible and most importantly, where it is impossible to demonstrate loyalty to the Government. Everything?! Well, you're not sure. More is needed, and this trust is very important to maintain what power has not made and is only going to do. Well, it's this aerobatics, go often entire conscious life. As the saying goes, every Patriot given ...

And now, we'll go smoothly, if I may say so, the Patriots. I have to say, these people classify Crystal integrity very difficult. But we will try. You cannot retreat before difficulties. This is important.

Sovereign's people You cannot be wavered and would not be a true patriot. It is impossible in principle only a patriot, a true patriot and really, how can there be no patriot, let's say, for example, Minister or Governor. Correctly, can not only proven cases and time people. Moreover, the Affairs of patriotic. This is important and even fidelity. No, not married to the Emperor and build Loyalty. .. Although these qualities are the main ... This is important.

What?! And how to be with competence and professionalism? Well, ask a counter-question. If the responsible public post will be professional but not a patriot, but enemy?! Can you imagine how much damage it can cause to our State? Submitted? So no need to ask the harmful matters. Try to generally less asking questions. This is very important.

Of the gosudarevyh people at the moment can be called the true patriots?! Lightning fast response on my part. All! Yes, that's all, but ... There are of course the Patriots-legends. Read the entire list? Not going for a very simple reason. It will be huge. I'll mention only a few. Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Putin, Medvedev, Yakunin, Sechin, Kasyanov, Khodorkovsky, Nemtsov. Fu, already tired of scrolling. Yes, forgot to mention Nabibulinu. This is extremely important.

All these people have one thing in common. Boundless love for the fatherland. And of course, great intelligence and erudition. What?! How many cases have they done to me?! No, it of course, but as they say, great is seen from a distance. And more. I say to those who accuse the true patriots that they all have families living abroad. You know, you're probably not familiar with the works of Makarenko. And if there were familiar, did not ask stupid questions. Understand what you are doing?! Everything can be cognized in comparison. Away from the fatherland, after seeing all the sores of modern capitalist society, they will be even more love this is the fatherland ...

Faithful Patriots. I have to say, they can automatically classify gosudarevyh Patriots. Evil tongues say that now it is fashionable. Don't listen to evil languages. in the past, they Simply could not talk openly about their faith. such gloomy times were in our fatherland. Wco and accounted for true patriots to conceal their religious affiliation.

This type has a direct link with the Patriots. Well, I'm talking about the fact, whose name cannot be mentioned anymore in vain. They know all that we can do and what we cannot, with a religious slant. Without them the legislative process would have lost its appeal and creativity. All my rough activity they devoted to the struggle for the revival of Russian culture. It is they don't give forget the population that our fatherland is the last stronghold of the true faith, led by the uncle of Cyril. This is important.

Exactly they consider enemies of those who ease emotional sometimes recalls that in general our State is secular. But does this stop them. What, you! The hallmark of these brothers is the presence of beards, which in their view, only helps to strengthen spiritual clamps.

There are sisters, their truth is less apparently affects dark Soviet past. They naturally don't have beards, but they love to wear scarves on your head. That just reinforce those most spiritual hive fasteners. Together with the Patriots-simply legitimize love standing with candles in the Church. Sometimes all there is not enough space, but as stated in the cramped but not offended.

Together with the Patriots-simply legitimize, they believe that are familiar with the Bible. And that which is written in the Church Slavonic language. Well, with that font, which is based on the old Cyrillic. The Patriots are atheists, with this statement radically disagree about what love to argue, not without pride. Population brought great joy, frequent disputes first to second, on topical issues in the field of religion.

If these disputes themselves with Orthodox theologians, the carcasses of light and slivaj water. And if they still threaten to bring the anathema of heretics, and on both sides, then full Achtung and cugunder in one bottle. It is clear that RIP glûteus in dispute is not corn protect the collective fields. Moreover, each party will appeal to ... Well, you realize whom they are appealing. This is important.

The Patriots from the people. You guessed it, that this is talking about the very elect people. Well, these Crystal honesty people and speak particularly nothing. And the purity of their patriotic thoughts, generally a cause for genuine envy. Here in fact that. Right thing of you Patriot learned public. And after all, as it happens, and good people, and a true patriot, and thoughts are clean, but here people don't say this allows natural modesty.

But here is, this is the moment. Fearful, they're a little bit. Well, in the sense that very going through in order to assess their bosses ingenious patriotic initiatives. Who said idiotic initiatives? Here is the evil you, I tell you! But it is known that one should not judge and you are not judged. By the way, there is another saying, when it is not recommended to zarekat′sâ from prison and from Sumy. Find them very easily. Go to the Cabinet, if you have on the wall a portrait of Putin, then before you this type of Patriot. This is important.

Patriots willy-nilly. This is a very big class in overall classification. Such very much. So say patriotism on duty and self-interest for the sake of his opinion. these permissions say Patriots-sneakers, hide so far that then find it is not possible here because that?! Parent Guide to best of us knows what's good and what's bad, what's patriotic, and that is not patriotic.

Distinguish them very easily. They really don't like journalists, photographers and other representatives of the oldest profession. Easily take patriotic adjusted decision naturally pre-approved superiors. Very fond of stability, even in a single apartment or a single Office. This is very important.

Patriots in reserve. This is a special caste. So tell if a pair of words, from rags to riches. Armed and very dangerous. Armed special slightly shocking and dangerous besprincipnost′û magic unpredictability in deeds and thoughts. The bulk of the form the female, thus affirming that the tale of lies, but the hint of. well, the type of tale, both from the frog turn into a beautiful Princess. consider that, over time, become a decent replacement for Patriots-statesmen.

Distinguish quite easily. They are clearly aware of what are the elite of society. Know nothing, they understand nothing, but ... Have pathological certainty that brighter future may come tomorrow, come on in a pinch the day after tomorrow. Love to wear different coloured ribbons on themselves, and with the Hollywood smile give them passers-by. While shrewdly looking thus passers-by in the eye ...

Patriots from art. It is a so-called patriotic layer, which only emphasises the sophistication of all patriotic cake. Adore pathos and songs of great Russia. Love to sing old songs of nightingales, that glorious paradise, and about Alaska, which captured mean America. one can distinguish the tears of patriotism during the execution of the next masterpiece. Clothes are unpretentious. That wearing, and fashionably. And wearing it is, that is, either the that created another brilliant Designer, naturally also a patriot.

The Patriots are heretics. This special patriots who so hate Uncle Cyril, well that the main church in the fatherland, they have completely lost your appetite. Combines them with many an irresistible desire to save Holy RUS. Passionately hate anyone who isn't them. Believe that have good charisma and hate shampoos, soaps and toothpaste, along with a toothbrush. To the World Wide Web are treated like evil but extremely convenient in their sacred struggle.

Possess a delicate emotional Constitution and at the same time, it is easy besnovatost′. Reject all violence State to yourself and your loved ones, consider themselves a combat squad history. Can't keep a theological debate that emphasizes complete ignorance of traditional doctrines. Metaphysics still consider bourgeois teachings with which to fight. Absolutely not influenced by Existentialism, though love appeal to philosophical generalizations. To Scholasticism they are indifferent, although experiencing some spiritual AWE. The Bible practically are not familiar. This is important.

The Patriots on the job. So say, if you must, then we zavsegda ... Go, run, go, will, help, say, a silent support, zaklejmim ... Inspire all your views, what exactly they are the keepers of spiritual hive fasteners and the same people referred to everyone else. For the most part, people only in the present or in the past.

Trying to attract lost souls. Sometimes successful. Adore organdy Ribbon. Always have a printed hard copy icons of Saints that should emphasize their Orthodox image, with a slight touch of patriotism.

It seems like everything. Like all classified, though ... Is it possible to run in step with the times. Noticed that the worse things are going in the State, the greater becomes the Patriots. Especially among those who brought the State to a deplorable state. Retrieved, so say a long history of patriotism.

That's all what I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg March 2016 year.

(P) . S.

Another circus. Pleases most the time,Committee January 26,. Handsome! Here's a recent one was arrested. Well, as was arrested. Not arrested but simply tried to increase credibility in the eyes of gullible idiots. Martyr type regime that its very afraid. Evil am I?! AHA, now! Not evil, but just very harmful. What?! As soon arrested and released boldly denounced the regime? Well, Yes! Boldly?! No, with the support of the authorities can certainly be brave, whoever doubted. And you try to voice a small part that he boldly erupted from the crater of the volcano's creative ... No time to say goodbye to your family, as you will be picked up and most likely permanently.

Well, Oh well. For digressing. So here. The great Russian writer, Member of the Committee, Eduard Limonov, who's uncle, decided to leave the Committee. I saw that thing moves to cugunderu and realized it's time to do your feet ... Feeling that here say. Its not prop′ëš′ it or is there or not ...

Strelkovu I.i.

from Limonov E.v.

Dear Igor Ivanovich!

Having read the document titled "provisional regulation on the 25 January", I, as Chairman of the Executive Committee of the party, "Another Russia" hasten to express you in complete disagreement with the text of this document.

First, it goes against all agreements that have been reached between us since the earliest days of "the Committee of 25 January. We agreed on a coalition and you come from to build political organization.

So say love and wilted tomatoes. But as it started nice and touching! As United! What plans do you have built! Eh, how children small ...

But the great Russian commander, well that Igor Ivanovich, also not born shit. He does not want such trusted personnel scattered ... That's tempting to go back ...

I think that the members of the Committee still will delight us with their circus rooms. This is just the beginning, so say the pre-election warm-up.

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