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С 29.11.09

Our life


Money for a good cause or hipster producers pipis′kami and want to take power.

Dear Friends! There is a place in our life. And it's good, people without traditions, it's like wedding night without a bride. Well, about the traditions!

If anyone remembers, almost all citizens of our most democratic countries went to the best kindergartens in the world. Walked in these kindergartens and nurseries, contrary to American military and global capitalism, with primknuvšemu thereto imperialism. And these young citizens of the free world there was a tradition. And the male part to which I belong. Pro female part I cannot say anything to this account do not have.

So, little citizens loved measured pipis′kami. No, really. Ask any it will confirm. Not lying, honestly. This is important. You'll be surprised, but the citizens of a free country small become big, grown up and ... Imagine children's tradition measured pis′kami will not go. Not departed, has not disappeared, sunk into oblivion. Remained as the bright memory of happy childhood.

But there was another tradition. Moreover, many favorite so far. As a kid, was a category of happy children, who loved to request trifle, penny. Well, it was not a fixed amount. This is important. And here's the most adult children with tenacity worthy of the best application, continue the glorious traditions. Wide world public opinion, yes it is so now the question, with the extraordinary interest the emergence of Russia,January 25 Committee ,,.

I'll tell you, it's not a Committee, this clumping in the political field, the new democratic Russian State. Why new?! Well, it just happened. This is another tradition. Periodically to inform people that it is now everything will be fine. Type all the errors understood, conclusions are made, plans have been drawn up. Yes, there were certain blunders in the past, but this is the legacy of the criminal Communist past which we mercilessly vykorčëvyvaem ...

This very Committee, and more specifically, his most are members of, or to be completely accurate, the best sons of his patronymic, started collecting money. No, not for yourself! What you might think is! You look into the faces of the best sons of the nation. That no person, then sample the availability of intelligence of such force that the big three Faustov, which told the world companion Goethe.

Fully admit that there might be a question. How can this be. If they are the best sons of the fatherland, then why do they have different political views. Oh, my dear, this is elementary. People they are good, conscientious, honest ... And here's something that adhere to different political views, made around ... You guessed it! Heavy criminal legacy of the Soviet past. What?! I talked about the criminal Communist past, and now say the Soviet past. In fact, you either tell a liberal finished special differences not. Late aunt said Lera, Valeria Novodvorskaya, blame around kommunyaki.

So, these are the committeemen, and ask not to be confused with other komitetčikami, whose budget the money thrown at people cry. Type money, come on. This has happened in the past. Type of handiwork of drowning, or swim. The benefit of the people thing of course good, but like any good business requires cash infusions. Again, for the umpteenth time, there is another legitimate question. And why should they, gentlemen good money? A very good question! Ask?! And they will respond.

Imagine what key plans! Well done, what you say here. Ostap Bender with his eloquence, nervously smokes on the sidelines, though ... In times of great contriner certainly haven't heard about such important concepts as certainly SMM,SEO,PR and GR. Although, in all fairness, I would say that nowadays the majority of the population does not know what kind of animal the most PR for example.

By the way, dear to my heart committeemen. So to speak, in order to save your budget, give hint. Over recent years, and it recognizes the Corporation itself Google , such as PR no longer relevant. So don't go the unscrupulous professionals. Let this hint, will my feasible contribution to our great cause.

But if there is a question of money, then I think it is very important to tell people where to send their hard earned funds and who will be primarily responsible for these funds hold the answer. And committeemen answer people. Type, don't worry, everything is under control.

It is encouraging that was opened, with the Bolshevik bluntness and liberal pluralism said that the Committee generally no one except Russian people. It pleases. Sad certainly more that circumvented the issue with the support of the Committee by other nationalities of our multi-ethnic motherland. And how to be with the Kalmyks, Tatars, Evenks, Chechens, Homs ... Finally, how to be with Mordvins?! I understand that even the leader of the world proletariat has not been able to solve the national question, but ...

Why them, representatives of other nationalities who refused to support the Committee?! I think this is a diversion. Appoint the internal investigation and finding out who proposed such an interpretation. Find out and about in order to punish another resounding. It is encouraging that the best sons of the fatherland's appeal was heard and found early feedback.

Several embarrasses the amounts in question. Well what is 100 rubles! Why aside should remain merchants and clergy? And there it can go on even very good amounts. And again a diversion. Why is it necessary to apply for cash assistance only to the Russian people. Explicit omission, and as already noted above, sabotage in its purest form. Eh, how children small, all the time have to suggest. Although, what I am, after all, a great thing to start. A few puzzled a moment. Money will receive Razumovsky Andrey Viktorovich. Who is he?! What he did for our cause, that he received such a high trust?! And I'm not alone in his doubts.

Here is the truth, Mr Limonovu, personally, I wouldn't trust the party cashier. But if it is to assist, as party Commissioner put people's favorite Maxim Kalashnikov, you can sleep soundly. The impeccable reputation of both the members of the Committee, allow me to say so.

With regard to Mr Razumovsky. He's very good at reading poetry. No, really, here's a look and listen. But, unfortunately, in our time, very little was left of the people about whom it can be said that he and the Narrator, and harvester and the tempter dudde (English). Here and let Andrey Viktorovich poetry continues to read.

It really is so pathetically reads, what you want immediately, that's right, throw all the cases and go to inscribe their names on the militia. And not just one go, and along with other participants of these insightful poems.

It is with regard to the current time. In collecting the money, everything is clear for me. But here are many irresponsible citizens can and sometimes questions arise. I have to say, the issues of harmful and very late. Well, type if these committeemen are so good, why do they not want to make great things, so to speak, on self-financing. Well, let's say, the great Commander of all times and peoples Igor Ivanovich Shooters will sell your property if great Russian writer Limonov will give all their fees.

Know good grain in such reasoning, surely there are. And really, why people should pay their money, even the best sons of the fatherland, to those made his life better and prettier. One, and I'm talking about MPs, the people elect money too pay, but before the promised improvements still oh so far. True, but think ...

Deputies we have chosen, and this was our mistake. How can we with his cave thinking choose worthy people. And these committeemen, came to us, we did not elect them. Hence the mistake. They come and speak. Give us money, and we'll help you ...

Well, like a plumber comes, repairs, crane and we pay him money. No, the example of a plumber is not quite good. Vaughn, in German films, particularly favorite people at one time. The plumber came and instead faucet repair, such things with the landlady of the apartment took up the hair stood up on end, and not just the hair.

Konspirologii lovers, flip two amazing version. And assuming that the collection of money from a grateful population, this is a smokescreen. Well, the type of money received from sponsors, but they must be legalized. Ask, and where did you get the good Lord money come from. And they fold, and say that all the money they sent our Russian people. And everything, not podkopaeš′sâ. After all, beautiful!

And the second version, it is something that I personally like. Knowing the melkoburžuaznuû nature of thinking our pseudo patriots and pseudo Liberals, take the liberty to assume that ... The country is marching crisis. Everybody is trying to capitalize on the profits and socialize losses. Why waste money on the financing of the Committee itself. Let, in the new context, moving towards self-financing. Sponsors also know how to count money. This is important.

Now, let me say a few words about pipis′kah. How many remember this favorite tradition is accentuated during the so-called opposition, various processions, rallies, demonstrations ... Why is it so called? Elementary. All opposition borcuny, natives of the same power, which they want to overthrow. Moreover, the impression is that they have remained offence. Well, kind of pushed them in their time of feeders. This is important.

New fighters bravely go to the barricades. Why courage?! Because they go to protest, knowing full well that they will be nothing for it. There may of course for a couple of hours at the police station to bring, not more. Well, may be specially violent couple of years award ...

By and large, they are not willing to die for an idea and their views. This oil painting is obtained. After all, these are the Lord-comrades do not understand basic things. Those who are in power, never and under no circumstances, this power will not. Arguments?! Iron they have arguments, I'll tell you. The police, both explicit and covert, military ... Little?! I don't think so. This is important.

And that protesters have, in addition to beautiful and meaningless slogans. We want that it was all good! Well, you want someone who gets in the way. It turns out power. Wow! These most citizens don't realize that whether they even ten millions, they do nothing. Why?! Classics of Marxism and Leninism read had at one time. Yet simple. We must be prepared to kill and die in the name of bright ideas. Protesters on it ready?! What you say!

And what in fact they do?! You may not believe it, but they felt each other. No, really. Them, for no apparent reason as to why I think that if they come ten million, Putin will get scared and fly to Mongolia. Why Mongolia?! And who knows, maybe not in Mongolia. Just good country, and recently we've given them a big debt cancelled. This is important.

No, I understand that leaving the BULLPEN, this young hipsters will of course in the authority! Yes, sidelec! The wrestler with the bloody regime! Suffered for their opinions! A huge number of subscribers in social networks is guaranteed. This is important. Popularity! That's the main goal. Ladies languid roll their eyes and go into prostration when they see another hero. Well, beautiful! Mel′čaem. Vaughn, Lenin, and that the link was. And these, posidât and a couple of hours in there, give them power.

Yes, and with ideas from new wrestlers full Achtung. The same Lenin promised peasants to give up land, and working to give plants. Well, than not the idea! Beautifully! Another thing, then that's all forgotten about it. And these offer dethrone Putin! Well done! This is important. But then what is?! Alex Comes Bulk! Well, who is against, but ... And what he has done in your life?! Built a House?! Raised son?! Planted a tree?! Created my own little business and successfully developed? Does he have the experience?! He, whence this Ara ... He did, why the Kremlin walkedif there sit rogues and thieves. What?! So we had, there was a banquet? Go forest Lord-comrades. This is important.

Here recently was the anniversary of the assassination of Boris Nemtsov. No, I'm talking about the deceased do not want to say anything. At one time said, I think that will suffice. But about those who stayed behind, so to speak to Boris Efimovich. Who is left? A lot of them, but in all fairness, I would say that none of them near not stood with such rocks as Lord Struve, Stolypin, Speransky. Among those though charisma was and their views on the structure of the State, and these ... Yes, you are right, only pipis′kami is measured. How many came to the rally, a March, a procession? Ohrenet! This is important.

Photographers do not have time to shoot a media person. Yup, Kasyanov came! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

Stunned, a Kasyanov came! Block! Yup, Lyosha Bulk together with Leonid Volkov came! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Two lumps! Apparently the stylists or curators, or maybe vice versa, curators and stylists advised Lëše to grow a beard, so to say, to create the image of a brutal leader.

Look at these courageous individuals! And these people are going to break Ridge bloody regime?! Readily believe, but for starters it would be, as advised by košečkah film one practice. Well, that is not on the košečkah, and the hooligans in the alleyway. No, I understand that it is the destiny of fists waving cattle, how tenderly they call people, but ... This most people, so why not consider. This is important.

Remember as recently Misha Kasyanov bravely fought with unknown Chechen confectioners. Here is the battle was! That's where evident fearlessness Uncle Misha! What?! you are not aware of this battle between good and evil?! Nightmare! Early last month, to be absolutely precise, 9 February, Misha Kasyanov, dined in a Moscow restaurant La Bottega Siciliana.

Well, a tradition he is to dine at a nice restaurant. Well, in fact, not in a factory canteen the same him go?! Yes, and in that time, mostly all factory canteens have been closed. Yes and risking the health of the famous wrestler with a bloody regime. Suddenly, poison or even worse diarrhea attack. How to deal with the hated regime? This is important.

So, this very Misha, who is also leader of the defunct party, Parnassus, sitting in a restaurant and eat. Why the non-existent party?! Here again the questions I you about the epic battle talk, and you here with your questions. Because of this the party itself, in principle, no. No, she has a registration, but the party itself. This happens on the Russian political scene. This is important.

Sitting means eats, and at the same time. During the same time period unknown Chechen confectioners were at a restaurant, paid if the media do not lie as much as 2040 rubles per cake. Decided to treat my uncle Misha, so much so that the cake was not what ABY, and very tasty yoghurt. And here, something is not fused. Whether Misha didn't want to eat cake, or did not want to eat cake, brought by strangers, but the gift he is not adopted.

Naturally, there is no need to go to my grandmother, Chechen confectioners very offended. Offense was so strong that they decided in any case give cake Uncle Misha, but ... The leader of the party, Parnassus, would cede take cake, thank and then give the cake to children for example, to the nearest kindergarten ... Although what there kindergarten in such later time.

Donors had no choice but to use yoghurt cake on the head of Uncle Misha. One should think that the victim has been lucky. After all, whether instead of yoghourt, Esterhazy cake, it could happen serious injury. Abused in their best feelings confectioners Mikhail Kasyanov expressed all that they think about it and exited the Hall. The victim, wrote a statement to the police about the attack on him by two unidentified Caucasians speaking to čečenski.

It already then, so-called Liberals ushered in hysterics. It already then, began to say that the ex-Prime Minister attacked the entire twenty Chechen confectioners. It then began to say that our hero bravely resisted them. No, to melee had not gone, but ... Our fighter against the regime in the remains of the attackers tossed bravely cake. This is important.

But that's me for digressing. The interesting thing is that the anniversary of the assassination of Boris Nemtsov, is a wonderful opportunity for all contestants with the bloody regime to take to the streets and shout that they have power here. So much so that the shortage of journalists and television cameras there. The columns were observed in addition to the above mentioned fighters-Henry Reznik, who counsel, Ilyusha Yashin that revolutionary, Gudkov-dad, which is kind of like a former chekist, Gudkov-son who kind of has a dad who is a former chekist.

Here are all kind of like do not like party, Apple, and among other things only from it was seen at the grave of Boris Efimovich wreath. By the way, about this party, or rather its former leader, the eternal candidate in Presidents, Sir Âvlinskom say a couple of words. Uncle Grisha, in good health offered a fantastic idea.

, Apple, and presidential candidate Grigory Yavlinsky offered to convene an International Conference on the status of Crimea and to hold another referendum, which would be arranged for all interested parties.

Imagine a presidential candidate, calls for change in the country's territorial integrity, which he wants to become President. Stupidity?! What you! This is the so-called Window Overtona, in his brutal grandeur. When I wrote in his time- How will the Crimea. Anglo-saxons and political discourse, or than the heart calm down. ... many welcomed the text as the exuberant imagination of the author. As such I might come into his head. My dear, it's not me it's, it's my favorite authority will carry out a similar scenario.

So here's the rest of the revolutionaries chose to hang out in the center of the Russian capital. Well done! But Che, convenient, and go nowhere ...

Interesting, although somewhat melancholy moment. At the grave of the deceased's relatives were, and not a single comrade by revolutionary struggle. Where an abundance of flowers and wreaths from someone who yells at each corner of his great tribulation ... Certainly not left aside, United States Ambassador in Russia Mr. John Tefft. He laid a wreath in the morning to the place of death of Boris Efimovich and naturally observed a minute of silence. Etiquette, zabodaj his mosquito. This is important.

Here's a look at all these individuals, both with one or the other side of the barricades and ... Starts slightly nauseated, it's not to say more.

Take a look at these faces. Look for a grandfather Mouse. Alive and kicking!!! And sings with Andrûšej, where all hurt. Get the person in the background?! And in the foreground people learn?! And I would like to say that it's great that all of you gathered here today.

Here for example, I'm talking about, let's say, I realized the need to go and fight for a brighter future. But with whom to go?! With these?! But I have not yet fallen into idiocy. At all with that same queasy, I feel when I look at the faces of those who exercise power. This is important.

Wherever you place the wedge ... What do I do?! Good question. Probably live and try to remain human. Though, it's my purely personal opinion ...

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg March 2016 year

(P) . S.

No, I understand that we have a lot of young people with active life position, but ... Not to the same degree! They would have to start approached, sports lottery, and then, if measures were not taken, then of course you can already and at the UN. And so, almost immediately ... Ah, youth.

P. s. 2

The general public with great interest the news that Mr. Lech Walesa collaborated during his time with specialized bodies. And even sort of subscription has been preserved. No, what's wrong with that! You might think that it is an exception from the rules and everyone else, with these same authorities did not cooperate. Type, proudly and courageously rejected such proposals, and rode to places not so remote, or marched to the scaffold. Also, we have news on the post-Soviet political space with this was complete the order ...

P. s. 3

So say for common development and understanding of the situation in all areas of life. Beautiful song, which I am sure many like. In his time, to anyone wouldn't create such a creative video, but ... New time, new culture, new vector. No, I don't blame them professionals certainly knows better. Just watched the clip and realized that I already do not understand anything ...


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