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С 29.11.09

Not fact...


Syria. For whose account a banquet, or why it is dangerous to be general.

Dear Friends! Today we'll talk about ... You see, on this subject, do not talk and prefer it in principle correct. When the whole country and broad patriotic public preoccupied with Spiritual rebirth, talk about things material considered movetonom ...

Although spiritual, it is certainly good, but without, as they say, it's not the material base of viable. So, we have a military operation in Syria, conducted by the Ministry of Defense, of course, on the instructions of the guarantor of the Russian Constitution. Well, that is the guarantor decided that it should. Power, in the person of its branches that the tree both belong to the same root, confirmed their consent and ... What are eligible. This is important. So to say, destroy terrorism in his lair. And all would be nothing, but ...

It is clear that the law violated the law not fools, this ancient well understood. What?! Rude?! Agree, there is. Ok. Change language wrapper, without changing the meaning. It is clear that there are mentally inferior properties antitezisnye entities that manifest themselves in the context of their implementation of government regulations. So go?! Well, go ahead.

Always cautious attitude to the initiatives of the State do anything good, or fundamentally improve the lives of ordinary citizens. No, if it is done on a non-reimbursable basis, of course, it is always glad to welcome reasonable initiatives, but ... Traditionally, grant disappeared from the lexicon, although it is not reported to the public. This is important.

Here's the electorate, very happy and feels the legitimate pride about the fight against terrorists in Syria bearded. Successful sothat these same terrorists according to my subjective calculations must be destroyed three times, no less ... Well, okay, it's all trivia. I answer to one interesting, very harmful, in my opinion the question. My dear men and for whose account the banquet? No, I understand that the guarantor decided it would be better that way. No, I presume that he is even able to advise. I'm not against. You are welcome.

I just wonder and very suspicious. Guys, you have decided you advised ... Oh and finance all this splendor, from their own resources so to speak. Why destroy bearded terrorists must pay for every citizen of the country, and pay, in the form of a veiled various requisitions native state, coming from numerous agencies. You can certainly say that there is no need to waste time on trifles that we are talking about small amounts, which are not worth it at all, but about White House vegetable garden.

About small claims, there is a very great doubts. Even more so when looked at how the theme of the cost of the operation in Syria kept silent. No, there are some calculations sources. Well, let's just say, not quite credible, but lack and cancer fish. So, about all the sources, I suspect that with the filing of the native state, voiced by roughly the same amount. Type, approximately at least, tentatively, that's about $ 2.5 million daily. That is, what is, what is $ 2.5 million, compared with the Holy struggle.

A particularly clever soothe. Type guys, everything is under control. These costs are still stacked in the defence budget of the country for the year 2015. I believe. Here's how I believe myself, but ... Given that the defence budget was imposed in advance when the guarantor does not even know that you have to perform the operation in Syria. Or already knew?! No, well then hats off and admire the farsightedness and wisdom ... And if you didn't know?! Then it turns out that those who are tailoring the annual defense budget, here and from the ceiling decided that it was necessary to postpone the funds just in case ... And what about the additional cost? As we continue to successfully destroy the terrorists. Or no longer continue?! This is important.

And if we continue, it is appropriate to say a few words about these charges. Because of what they have. This is certainly the payment of so-called, martial, civilian and military personnel. Naturally does not exclude from our list of regular earned fee and other payments. Once there are movable and immovable property at a military base, there are costs for maintenance and support. (A) maintenance and repair of military equipment. And communication, and training, and medicine, and food and clothing, and transport. Nothing is missed? Missed out on the course, even and do not doubt it. And missiles and smart bombs, and delivery of all this splendour to your destination ...

If you believe the official representative of the Ministry of Defense to Mr. Konašenkovu. At the initial stage of operation, the successful destruction of the terrorists, the Russian group consisted of more than 50 planes and helicopters. This modernized Su-25 cm, it is the front-line bombers, Su-34, Su-30 fighter jets, multipurpose helicopters MI-8MTV helicopters, MI-24 and much more ...

With the words of the same official representative to implement round-the-clock monitoring environment used unmanned aerial vehicles. Produced imagery of terrain from satellites. Syria used the newest aircraft IL-20. Add to that the pilots and attendants. This is important. Think everything?! That you, as you can. And communication, and protection of objects.

According to official statistics, within one month from the date of the start of the operation done about a thousand combat missions. Now of course the figure is much bigger, but ... This is because the costs of fuel, electricity, maintenance in an appropriate State of the runway. You may not believe it, but the relationship with Russia is supported in two ways. By air and sea. Yes, that's right everything and delivered to the place of combat operations.

Vpečatlilis′ scale small victorious war?! So it's not all I voiced. Can you imagine what this grand costs?! It is for this reason, and a very even harmful matter. For whose account the banquet? The answer is obvious. At our expense, my dear Patriots and fans throw caps into the air. And how this can go on?! You see, the answer can be approached purely philosophical. Not yet a social explosion occurs in the country, or the gentlemen will not beating the weakened Russian State in order to prevent ...

But it is not as bad as they say evil tongues. Russian bankers, here's the link, pulling that can pull the entire chain. Don't believe me?! In vain do not believe. We have that no banker, Patriot and a great expert in the banking industry. Here's a fresh example. And it's not newsprint duck. The son of Secretary of the Security Council, Nikolai Patrushev, and concurrently as Chairman of the Board of Rosselkhozbank, Dmitri Patrushev became a banker of the year. Brilliant! Good job!!! And who decided so?! Well, not the same. So decided, the Association of Russian banks. Questions is there?! No questions. This is important.

If anyone thinks that churchmen remained in the case of the fight against terrorism, then I want to disappoint. Not left. This is not possible, because it is impossible in principle. Don't believe me?! But in vain do not believe. Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, recently headed the synodal Department on interaction of Church and society of the Moscow Patriarchate, stated the following.

"The fight against terrorism, for a just peace, the dignity of people experiencing the challenge of terror is a very moral, is if you want Holy fight and today our country is probably the most active in the world force that opposes terror "

Do not remain aloof Syrian Christians. One of the leaders of the Syrian Christian Church joined with the archpriest in correspondence discussion. No, to profanity case had not gone, but ... Bishop Elias Tuma instantly answered Vsevolod Chaplin.

"There can be no salvation in Christianity holy war! Regardless of someone with this or not. "

There is a reasonable question. What thinks himself, the head of the Church. Patriarch Kirill has not me and numerous believers, for which he thanks a lot. Yes, very expensive meat mincer Syrian, but ... Have to enlighten the masses in terms of exchange rate. Enchantingly made, showing the folly and cynicism at a time. Watch the video clip. A few pleasant minutes you just guaranteed. Patriarch Kirill: the change of the exchange rate can affect the well-being of the majority of citizens. Well, there is a type of welfare, which is no shake, even changing the exchange rate.

You know, boring. No, really. As they say, after the death of Mahatma Gandhi, in addition to you dear readers, and talk with ... And not just me. Rumor has it that and the guarantor of the Russian Constitution has the same opinion. What am I?! You see ... If you treat scoliosis non-standard method, namely by, and traditional, administration of funeral services ... What?! No, I'm not being abusive. That you, as you can. Just trying very intellectual language remind us all the old adage. What?! Can the leopard change his spots.

So, the Russian Government daily promises for decades, improve, modernize, create, develop, minimize, optimize, normalize, balance, strengthen, win, schedule ... But the interesting thing is that the power of both stole, steal and continues to follow the tradition.

Encouraging, albeit sad, but saying, following the age-old wisdom at least allows correction of humpbacked, though and let the highly controversial way. You know, with regard to the Russian State, but rather the power and the elite, I have a vague suspicion that in our case, this method of treatment does not bring positive results.

What?! And where about generals? Here's one General here. Moreover, slew the outlined ... As for the rest of the generals. But really, look how dangerous is this profession. Swan and the generals Troshev moved away to another world, through the crash. Generals Rokhlin, Dubrovnik, Debiašvili, Gusev, Barannikov, Čevrizov, Ivanov, Rahačoŭ, Shebarshin, Shushukin and Sergun are gone at this very, very strange and very suspicious circumstances. And Liberals for a long time I remember shouting that bloody tyrant's uncle Josef exterminated the Red Army commanders.

What is it I am alluding?! No hinting, and say that it is very clean and not dirty. The impression that came dashing times nineties. The truth then came shooting bandits bandits, well there not without the help of the native state. Now happens, shooting, generals and generals may again not without the help of the native state.

As the leader of the world proletariat, the idea should acquire masses. So, when the idea that the guarantor of the Russian Constitution, figuratively speaking, not completely dressed, or rather not at all dressed ... Here the main thing critical number of prozrevših citizens. And then ... And then comes complete madness, and does not seem little to all of us. In the meantime, continues to feast during the plague. To me that's exciting. First affair, and then an epiphany. Or Epiphany, then madness. What you say here. Traditional.

That's all that I wanted to say. Take care of yourself.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg February 2016 year

(P) . S.

Got information, and your humble servant «spirit. Surely the officials decided to deal with the present case. Well, there's no cabinets sit and say real deal to help the country, which is now difficult ... What is it?! It turns out in the glorious city of Pyatigorsk, decided to create a student brigades to combat extremism. Brilliant! Who is the author of this initiative? The head of city Pyatigorsk Lev Travnev and his Deputy Viktor Fisenko. Glory To Heroes! This is important!

In my mind saw an idyllic picture. Students begin en masse, at the behest of the heart to attend gyms, still remaining and not closed. The most active, take work home so to speak. In addition to classes at the gym they train and House. Invite professionals in hand-to-hand combat. A couple of weeks of work on himself, and the most recent, Botany, become a thunderstorm of criminals and extremists. The enemy is shamefully hiding in the cellars. The victory! Full and unconditional! This is important. But as always happens, the stark reality was included in apparent contradiction with the projects.

It turns out the city of Pyatigorsk create special groups of bloggers activists. hand-to-hand combat professionals please no worries local officials simply decided that it is time to intensify its work in the field of combating terrorism and extremism . On the basis of major universities, will create a special group of students and they, together with the Regional Centre for combating extremism, will identify ... distributing unauthorised information resources with a view to their subsequent blocking. Turns out, according to local officials, the Internet is a very efficient tool that can counteract the radical movements ...

I will not give link, but ... Believe in the word, a true patriot of his homeland, Pavel Astakhov, who is concurrently accredited to the President of the Russian Federation on the rights of the child went even further. Just imagine, he insolently proposed the creation of patrols of the most active retirees to look after children. Well, the type of municipalities must be zakopërŝikami this very important undertaking.

What you say here. Well, again, as the saying went this booze. Can't stand aside and suggest of course as a personal initiative, very interesting idea. Kindergartens! Nursery! On the basis of these institutions create a capturing group and rapid response. Brilliant idea! It is I who himself praised. And what not ... mailing me unsolicited advertisement himself, so nobody cares. This is important. Live has really become more interesting and more fun.

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