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С 29.11.09

Not fact...


Propagandists and lie. The wreck of the Airbus A321 or how it crashed.

Dear Friends. Today we'll talk about some of the things that many people prefer not to notice. No notice for various reasons. But talking about these moments of need. At least that would be remembered and forgotten nothing.

To start, I suggest to make a small detour in recent history. Seemingly, some events at first glance there are apart from each other, but believe me, it is only at first glance.

December 2000 year, the Moscow City Court sentenced the United States citizen Edmond Pope, to twenty years ' imprisonment for spying against Russia. Punishment, a former naval officer, United States NAVY intelligence officer, was to serve in the colony. Moreover, I would like to say that twenty years, it is the maximum penalty for such a crime. There is a reasonable question. And in what appeared the most spying? Elementary!

The quiet American, was collecting information about the newest Russian design, high-speed torpedo, the barrage. And excelled in this case so that the design had discussed šustroj torpedoes with anyone other than its inventor Anatoly Babkinym. So to speak from first-hand information, certainly more important than Let's say second hand. TA has history!

These gentlemen, of course, wore special services, who would have doubted. The verdict. Landing. And ... You won't believe, but solely on humanitarian grounds, this quiet American was pardoned by Decree of Vladimir Putin. Well, ill Mr. Edmond Pope. Well, it happens. As someone in jail, so he immediately fell ill. Perhaps the atmosphere of a prison cell. This is important.

For the sake of justice I would like to mention one point. The whole propaganda machine first talked about the inevitability of punishment for such crimes. Well, the type to another resounding. That everything was done properly and behave in such cases. But once the political vector undertook a traditional vault and the Pacific released American ... The same propaganda machine, with the same zeal began to speak, that the decision has been made properly and very timely. That type, we Americans are not enemies, but friends, and the only way you should act towards them ...

And where about Airbus A321? Moreover, this very American and high-speed torpedo? A moment of patience, take all your time. Now, without much hurry, let's go to another event, or if things are called by their proper names, to the tragedy. A Russian icebreaker, Kursk in August 2000 of the year went to sea for ... Here opinions differ. Some say that the planned hike in the Mediterranean Sea, and this was the last practical training before going out. Others say that the case implicated mentioned above, high-speed torpedo, the shkval.

118 people were on board. The crew was 111 people, five representatives of the headquarters of the northern fleet and two representatives of the enterprises, Dagdizel,. The submarine was performing a conditional missile strike on an alleged enemy and ... On the relationship of nuclear marine propulsion is no longer coming out. Of course, searches were organized, and in two days later, the submarine was discovered lying on the 108 meter depth. For a couple of weeks have managed to raise to the surface of the body of the 12 divers. And when raised to the surface casing, removed another 103 body ...

What you say here. The Government Commission naturally has worked for more than two years, and announced its findings. As we all reported deaths, nuclear submariners, Kursk, became an explosion of torpedoes in the prow. Numerous specialists and experts who appear like mushrooms after the next tragedy will not remain aloof. They said that when the submarine discovered the salvage crew at that time was already impossible. In fairness it must be said that the relatives of the sailors had a completely different opinion.

Believe me, at the time very carefully followed the information regarding this tragedy. A huge amount of the information is simply zaškalivalo. Numerous sources as credible and absolutely not deserving the confidence ... Bit by bit, connecting common sense and logic. Unfortunately, big politics is often dirty and cynical. The topic was closed. Agreed by Putin and Bill Clinton, which was at that time the head of the United States.

Agreed immediately, but after numerous sensitive phone conversations. After his arrival in the Russian capital with secret CIA Director George Tenet. At that time, and it's naturally haphazard, who doubted the u.s. side even refused the deployment of a missile defense system. Naturally and the coincidence that the Americans had broken up twenty billion debt to Russia. Compartment of the submarine, where we were told there was an explosion was cut off from the hull and left on the seabed, buried with the remains of the mysteries ...

After analyzing the information and drop out unnecessary facts, too many have come to a certain conclusion. Maneuvers were organized with quite pragmatical purpose. It was necessary to demonstrate to the Chinese partners, and they attended the exercises, awesome features, Squall, torpedo, which experts say could accelerate in the water with the fantastic speed of about 500 kilometres per hour. As usual, even among the partners, with the teachings of the closely watched two American submarines Memphis and Toledo.

After the tragedy, a few days later, naturally by chance an American submarine Memphis was photographed on the Norwegian maintenance base. And other submarine Toledo the same accident, returned to the United States with significant injuries, the former Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy Vladimir Kuroyedov has expressly stated that he was confident version of clash, Kursk, with the submarine.

This same version stuck and former Northern Fleet commander Vyacheslav Popov. None other than the Chief of staff of the northern fleet Mikhail Motsak, in an interview with the newspaper, Izvestia, gave evidence of the American submarine in death of Russian nuclear ship. Many preferred the version that it is an American submarine, torpedoed twice by Russian submarine.

Population, and on the official level, reported another propaganda concoction.

According to the preliminary data on the ship problems occurred as a result of which the submarine was forced to lie on the ground in the area of training of the northern fleet in the Barents Sea, the press service of the Navy. It is reported that the location of the boat is set accurately. The ships arrived in the area and rescue ships. Necessary measures have been taken to assist the submarine. Operation rescue guide conducts northern fleet commander Admiral Vyacheslav Popov. With the submarine link, a contact with personnel.

Everything that happened afterwards, you know. Lifting subs, furnished according to all the rules of information. Many important and not so important government officials, giving numerous interviews and telling about the details of the lifting. Lifting himself and ... All the investigation finished forget. Warming of Russian-American relations are not allowed to reveal the truth. Political expediency is once again proved to be stronger than logic, common sense, decency and honesty. Obliterated and forgotten that impunity is the best encouragement to crime.

... Nowadays. On the morning of October 31, 2015 years 6:00 in 21 minutes (Moscow time), from the Egyptian city of Sharm el-Sheikh flew Airbus-321.9268 Flight headed for St. Petersburg, the aircraft disappeared from radar screens over 23 minutes since takeoff. And after a couple of hours, the Egyptian authorities reported the loss of the aircraft. Aboard the airline, Kogalymavia, was 217 passengers and 7 crew members among the 25 passengers were children.

And away we go. From the abundance of versions, you needed to disable the logic and common sense. Dymovaya zavesa began to do his job. All version of justified and submitted as a sensation. To start trying to justify a version that served as a disaster is purely a technical factor. Well, old type recently repaired aircraft, due to problems with the tail.

Then spoke, that may have played a role with the engine problems. Next went-went out. Perhaps, a bearded bomber that carried the bomb to the Salon. Though why it bring if with words very well-informed, sources, it could pass with anyone, given the low level of security at the airport. Then timidly version that was performed that the liner shot down from a laptop. And here there were specialists who claimed that the liner couldn't be brought down so, for very high altitude.

Here is what he writes in his column Viktor Baranets. No, I don't mind to listen to experts ' opinions, but ... Read carefully. Please note that the material has been published on the evening of October 31. In a day when tragedy struck with the plane.

I once again decided to test the viability of a "missile" version (if it has a portable surface-to-air missile system-AAMS). Called the Engineer-designer Ivan Vedeneevu, who more than 40 years creating and experiencing a MANPADS. And asked him a question: could this be? He replied:

-Well, what here if ground MANPADS could the Egyptians have a record of the last conversation with our Board in distress? The crew managed to request an emergency landing and report about the problems on board. This would have been impossible when hit by missiles. Absolutely!

How, then, to understand that the fuselage turned out to be torn in half? Does not indicate whether it is undermining the liner rocket MANPADS?

-I've seen these images, there is every indication that the plane was ripped by the explosion of fuel, he said.

-Due to a fire involving motor, flame where witnesses saw off the ground?

-It is possible.

As for the "cell" IGIL, which brags that it carried out the attack, then this cheap information reception too has long been known. When the terrorists beat real, they are usually "shot" lie.

Considering that the Egyptian authorities reported the tragedy about 1:00 pm, it turns out that the engineer Ivan Vedenev inexplicably in the middle of the day already knew all the details of the incident. Knew that the crew requested an emergency landing and reported problems on board. And why then flew to Cairo President Vladimir Puchkov, head of the federal air transport agency Alexander Neradko, the Transport Minister, representatives of the Ministry of transport Maxim Sokolov, the investigative Committee, the international aviation Committee.

You won't believe, but with Ivan Vedeneevym, fundamentally disagree, General Egyptian AIR FORCE. He did not agree and all Russian specialist argues that the crew requested an emergency landing and reported a problem on board. and the Egyptian General claims that the crew even signal SOS No sooner had. And this I present a little bit of information from the media, or rather the media misinformation.

Egyptian AIR FORCE Gen. Salah Areff closely followed all the news about the investigation into the crash of the Russian airliner. Says that even he is a pilot with 30 years of experience, cannot understand exactly what happened aboard the Airbus A321, if the crew had not even managed to send an SOS signal to Earth.

Okay there's the Egyptian General, but with Ivan Vedeneevym ready to argue and agency INTERFAX . RU which have a completely different opinion based, you won't believe the message, source, in Cairo.

Moscow. 3 November. INTERFAX.RU-flight crew crashed in the Sinai A321 crash until Russia had no information about the problems on board, Interfax reported, an informed source in Cairo.

, Recording of flight crew to be managers, that the situation on board for 4 minutes before the plane's disappearance from radar remained normal, the crew conducted the usual negotiations with controllers, nothing to indicate a problem on board, the crew about them also not reported, the source said.

As usual in such cases, were pulled against witnesses. These always knows everything. These breads do not feed them, and give to demonstrate their familiarity. These always end up next to any accident, even if it occurs on the North Pole. Well, the type we accidentally walked and were in the thick of things.

Witnesses the fall of Russian liner in the mountains it is said that aircraft engine was burning before it fell. This was reported by RIA Novosti with a reference to the news portal Al-Masri Al-Yawm ". "Saw the burning airliner, allegedly burned the motor," the locals say. According to them, the territory faced scattered wreckage and dead bodies, "occupies a large space in mountainous terrain.

The media also say that the crew of the crashed aircraft several times during the week complaining of problems with the engine. This Board before the tragedy several times during the week in technical service in connection with refusal when the engine is running.

No, I'm not against what would be RIA, news, references to sources of information would be, but ... Where RIA, News, and where news portal, Al-Masri Al-Yawm,. Well not solidly refer to ordinary Egyptian newspaper, even calling her for solidity news portal. Moreover, all information is supplied as eyewitness accounts, which of course tell the truth and only the truth and nothing but the truth ... Then it is better to interview at the entrance of the grandmothers, the way they seldom are wrong in their predictions.

It turns out farther into the forest, the thicker the guerrillas, or if in our context, the terrorists. In the meantime, many airlines have announced the suspension of flights of its aircraft over the Sinai Peninsula, where fighting is going on. Liners fly to crawl. Did not remain aloof and presidential spokesman Dmitry peskov, as there remain aloof to what you say.

Russia's anti-terrorist operation in Syria and crash the plane A321 in Egypt are different questions, no linked-said Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry peskov said.

Who argues, it is of course clear that the questions are different, but ... Good, all very excited the official version. Waited.

A. Bortnikov: Vladimir Vladimirovich, studies of personal belongings, baggage and parts of the plane that crashed in Egypt on October 31. As a result of examinations in all subjects, to which I have referred, identified traces of explosive in the foreign proceeding.

Our assessment specialists, on board an aircraft in flight exploded improvised explosive device power up to 1 kg of TNT, with the result that happened «razvalivanie» aircraft in the air, which explains the variation of parts of the fuselage of the plane at a great distance.

It can be said that this is a terrorist act.

I would like to point out that said about the improvised explosive device. Well, that is kustar′, or group of bearded terrorists did this very device. No, I understand that one kilogram of explosive could well destroy the airliner. This fact is not to argue, but ...

There is one point. A matter of time. Destroy can be for a different time. In this particular case, everything happened so quickly that ... For a split second all sensors have ceased to operate and all the on-board recorders, and stopped power supply to them, that is duplicated. This fact raises doubts.

The same doubt, total disregard for the destruction of the aircraft version of the missile. No, there are timid and it considered, but as the sluggish and unconvincing. What if really was exactly such a situation? Then ... Then a very profitable and politically balanced version of guilty terrorists of the IGIL have very opportunely. Why? Elementary.

If it is the work of terrorists, of course they should be punished, regardless of location and time. By the way, this has already been announced and the indication given by the special services. I assure you, this will not be the case. At the appropriate time we will report that as a result of a special operation, all involved in the destruction of the Russian airliner destroyed. Rewarding the electorate happy with, but ... No one will be wondering who in fact destroy. Nominated guilty means this fate.

But if the Russian aircraft was struck by a missile? Then there is a very complicated situation and a very awkward questions. Who? In fact, believe that the bearded terrorists carried out the start of the missiles, but only if really not friends with common sense. Not the level. This is another level of the perpetrators. This is already a State level. Oh, well. Identified and found the involvement of certain States to collapse.

What's next? Declare war on the State? Logically, you must do so, but ... Whether the Russian State to declare war? No, not the terrorists, namely the foreign State. Clearly, no. Then why isn't it? Correctly, it is not needed. Alternatively, you can get in an extremely awkward position. Rather the Russian State is already in this very uncomfortable situation, but why advertise this fact. And it turns out that the catastrophe with the aircraft is new, or just another veiled catastrophe standing in one row with the tragedy of the submarine, Kursk.

On this basis, and was adopted by all satisfying option with a homemade bomb on board the aircraft. Guilty appointed, IGIL. What in return? And nothing substantive, as in history, Kursk,. It, if not to take into account that the meeting (G) 20 in Antalya, the Russian leader was accorded a warm welcome, so to speak. Russia allowed to join the anti-terrorist coalition and what is the question of questions, what is the purpose of. Though the goal known. Draw deeper into Syrian trap.

Although there is one harmful matter. If for domestic consumption, the electorate say that Americans are the creators, IGIL, then there is a reasonable question. What kind of coalition can then talk. It is unclear, though when the policy is understandable and predictable.

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg November 2015 year

(P) . S.

Friday, 20 November, representatives of the Council of Federation and the State Duma held a general meeting and discussed ways to counter terrorism.

Senators and deputies, and representatives of the regional zaksobranij, traditional denominations, NGOs talked about measures that will effectively combat terrorism. The overall threat to the entire world requires immediate response. What proposals there were horrible in the outcome?

Joint meeting of the houses of Parliament, it was decided to appoint, after a series of terrorist attacks that took on the terrorists of the banned "Islamic State": undermining the Russian passenger plane over the Sinai and a series of attacks in Paris. It was decided to hold a meeting in the Hall, that is walking distance to and from the upper and lower chambers of Parliament.

During the last days of the parliamentarians many proposals that would help in the fight against terrorism. Immediately, it was agreed that the outcome of the meeting, on which, as was the case during the reading of the messages of the President of the Federal Assembly were invited, and representatives of all major faiths in Russia, and the country's political elite, will be a joint statement.

What is there to say. A little more and there would be a need for ground operations. Naturally with good goal of combating terrorism. Shiny air operation, it is certainly very good. Enemies are almost all destroyed, but left a little, just a little more ...

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