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С 29.11.09

Our life


Why Syria?! Everything elementary, Lord ...

Dear Friends! When you read a very profound analytical articles, when you look at a different kind of political show on television. The only question arises. What grass they all smoke?! Not only are smokers themselves, but already for quite a long time fed this same grass entrusted them to the electorate. And the Tin is opened very simply. You won't believe this, but it is not true, as we all talk. Everything is very simple in its genius.

At one point, and most recently, as it happens, the guarantor of the Russian Constitution is very concerned with the State of affairs in the country. Well, is concerned with the means and decided to personally check out how things are going in a new, or nearly new, democratic country which dropped the Communist shackles and decided, or almost agreed to join the civilized world.

Say easy, but how to do this, awesome country, all not ob″edeš′. Even if you sit behind the wheel of a new domestic car that doesn't advertise is that lazy ... Before, it was possible to organize a Congress, Palacio has retained, but ... Now it has become very fashionable to organize all sorts of video-conference. Type sit big and small heads in front of computer screens, and report to the father of the nation on the status of, or do not report, this is how it will turn out. As schoolchildren, who are waiting for porugaût, and someone will put an example. Well, the type of innocent and uninvolved will be punished.

King, first of all, and this is the main, concerned with the number of subjects. How many us Russians living in the country. In vain or not wasted State funds, paid in the form of maternity capital? Bad Russians, they bred so badly that they had to even money motivate. So there, with demographics? Responsible for demographics did not hesitate, and with trembling in his voice, and with some pride for these most Russians reported that in terms of fertility, it's okay. Population growth takes place, under the wise leadership of the ... well you know who. Well, like earlier reported that milk production milk grow and there is a positive dynamic ...

Father mother nodded with satisfaction, knowing that someone will call in army ranks and put in the machine at the factory. Demographics, it's not corn on collective fields to protect ... But then in my head flashed harmful idea. This is the same and feed them need the same and costs to the Treasury, is the same and new jobs are needed. Looked severely at the monitor and asked the next question. And some people have mood and all that there?! Oh and a complex question! Even thousands of miles away could hear his breathing increased.

And that answer?! Truth?! And if ... Ivan kuchin car-batyushka, people you wholeheartedly supports. Here's everything that you do, that's all and supports. And even here, that you're going to do, and that it supports in advance. Here are the only ... To eat ... Products ... Prices are rising. Still a bit and start to grumble ... No, people realize that your guilt is not that it's capitalists and imperialists around blame, but ...

Smile, Ivan kuchin car-batyushka. It's good that people understand who the enemy is, and who really muddies the water. What we have with the ideology, what with raising the masses?! Responsible for the upbringing of these masses, zaërzali in chairs. Well ... Chief Financial Officer otkašlâlsâ and reported. Well, he spoke daily type and calms the population crisis if us and affect, slightly, and only on a tangent, but there is no reason for alarm. The people we have teachable, he nods approvingly, agrees, but just in case, it buys kerosene and matches. Yes, candles and more purchases. This is important. Thrifty we have people, what you say here.

Track reported, Chief Product Officer. Clearly, in essence reported that it nearly every day soothes the population that we are not afraid of sanctions. That import substitution, victorious step climbs and does its job. Talk of an impending famine, can only outspoken enemies to the world struggle. Here, and in this case, the population is understanding. Nods, but just in case, in addition to kerosene matches and buying more powerful hardware and buckwheat Obama plugs. Yes, and even salts the lard. This is important.

Further, several Governors and made responsible for agriculture. Well, type this year ripened such an unprecedented harvest of grain that the Government does not even know that such crops do. Type, we still think like him to do. Type, overdone. This is important. Understanding population, however, was to procure supplies of flour, although certainly not believe the words solid state no reason husbands. But, just in case.

What we do with the defenses? Father mother squinted and looked at the master for this defense. That without batting an eyelid, crisp, steady every phrase reported. Conduct training exercises that will once again show the world that our army is better not to mess with. And yet we have so many new, secret weapon appears that proves a huge scientific potential of our defense industry. Just think, a smart bomb thought itself reads and flies exactly on target. Well, almost exactly on target. Well, there is variation in the two or three meters. But we will repair, improve and soon, bombs will hit the target with accuracy up to a meter. The process goes, there's still that improve ...

Now that's good, that's it right! Guarantor of a bright future, both nodded to the Chief oboronŝiku, and sums up a subtotal. The main thing is that improved and reformed. This is important. There are, so to say the goal and means to its attainment. And this is just the beginning! With this people can move mountains! With such people, nothing scary! Tremble capitalists and imperialists!

And now ... The voice of the King-priest began to acquire metallic shades. The truth and only the truth. Without fraud and priukrašatel′stva. Who wish to speak? Feeling the main message and the desired vector, satellite zatoropilis′ discussion with new reports. It turns out that not everything is as good as reported. Turns out it's not just bad, but very badly. It turns out that the electorate, not the capitalists with the imperialists, the main enemy of the existing regime. Turns out, he is not just the electorate doesn't like the existing power, and very even hates it. And what wonder! From love to hate one step or one rally. Well, this is how lucky ...

The leader of the nation closely monitor vsmotrelsâ and asked, perhaps the most important question. And what do we do, gentlemen?! As we come out of this situation? And for really dull, raised rib. What to do with the people going?! So if the thing goes and the situation will evolve, and the rebellion completely. But everything is possible, you know that even in a bad dream does not dream.

Regional leaders are emboldened, began to offer are vying to tighten the nuts until the very end though and had no idea what it is actually. No, they have heard that in the last century it was already like this. But the Executive say the initiator and INSPIRER, Chet was not present. And if that doesn't work, and if you only make things worse. And that then, goodbye stability and all sorts of goodies. And anyway, what is this fear strain relations with the hegemon. He is what he is suffering, but can and for cobble tackle. He can and ogloblû take and go to wave it left and right, ignoring the political platform. No, it must be ingenious solution. Here a different approach is needed. And all with hope, waited on the main proposals from the defense industry.

And that if we continue our mnogohodovuû and very clever combination?! After all klûnuli same! After all moved! After all, proud and rejoiced when returned to the Crimea to the native Harbor and can cases in southern Ukraine! In fact, forget about corruption, theft, lawlessness, irresponsibility and other joys of modern life. And how many potential rebels was utilized? Yes, agree with gentlemen spoiled relations. Not realized that what you gentlemen, others cannot.

Ivan kuchin car-batyushka looked reproachfully at the sight of the Chief of the defense industry, but smiled. No, the idea was good, who argues, but ... To protect the Russian-speaking population, it sounds something like! Yes, distracted people from pressing issues. But who knew that gentlemen do not like ... And now where to go, whom to fight, where glorious victory obtain in order to become famous through the centuries. The victory, albeit small, she's now as the air needed.

The main question is where this win to get, here is where ambush awaits. Options there are, of course, but the main thing is not to repeat the mistakes and not upset gentlemen. Chief of Defense, suggested a contrario. Suppose, for example, and he singled out this word intonation is valid, we will not go on ... America, Germany, France and the Caribbean has been expelled from the candidates at once. Then, the same method exceptions shoals Mongolia, China and Viet Nam. Naturally the Benelux countries, not even considered. Finely and nerds.

The Chief of the defense industry so all competently explained that it became very sad. This is what we have, not to get us even a little, but a glorious victory?! Who says that there are Israel?! You for words watch out, say yes zavirajtes′ not ... What?! England?! This political short-sightedness is called. What England, what you say at all ... Know that there our very much, and still have to offer. We assume that no thought.

AHA, now! Ukraine give them, once was not enough. What?! Forget about Georgia at all, there's already another head has, if anyone not in the know. Georgia French, we know that can tear off. Turkey?! You cannot fight with Turkey, it is the descendants of the yanycharov. Who are the Janissary?! Well, survived. The janissaries, that's roughly how the Guardsmen in the Soviet army, but only very bloodthirsty and fearless.

But it is not so bad, and then Chief of the defense industry made a theatrical pause. Our general headquarters not in vain his bread with red caviar eats. And maybe not with red caviar and caviar black, saying it is more beneficial to the organism. So here's our general staff found the same country where you can get even a little, but a glorious victory. Silence prevailed, such that if a fly flew, then many would seem to be that fifth-generation heavy bomber flies. Mind refused to understand! Did North Korea! Is it really going to win these followers of Juche idea! Do go on little Kingdom which laid the unforgettable Kim Il Sung?

As if reading the thoughts and feeling the mood of participants in a video conference, Ivan kuchin car-batyushka reassured that it is not about North Korea. All oblegčënno breathed. And that's good. That's slavnen′ko. Well I didn't want to fight there, where every second big master of Taekwondo and all there enlightenment spirit. So much so that they have a weapon and no available. And if more and begin to shoot ... At that time, it will turn out that the mission is not feasible.

That you, as you can! What North Korea! Middle East! The air smells of the storm, on the mood of the participants felt that the fight with Muslim world nobody wanted, nor looking at availability of the best army. Calmed everyone and by tradition, the guarantor of the Constitution. The situation is under control! Believe it or not, but the fight will be in ... Syria! Yes, Syria! This is the place where we gain, albeit small, but such a needed victory.

What?! Absolutely safe and gentlemen will not. It as theirs, the Syrian leader, he is like a bone in the throat of these gentlemen. It is, so to speak, albeit a corpse and political. A little otbombimsâ smart bombs, little napugaem bearded terrorists. Well, type save mankind from the threat of terrorism. So to speak, along with all civilized countries in a single service.

And that isn't all we forgot that great State. Shout about our militancy. Yell that we snapped off Crimea. Here we show that our train, so to speak, not in vain was standing on the siding. That we are not for the sake of gain, and just for the sake of the salvation of mankind smart bombs are. Who said that so you can and the State lose?! Well, as you can, again, this manifestation of political short-sightedness!

We are not going to lose anything. Everything is lost to us, by the way, not without our participation. Give Syrian ophthalmologist on Court folk, stabilizing the socio-political environment will help the brotherly Syrian people to embark on the path of peaceful life. We carry slightly, just pick up the win and under military March nicely back home to celebrate the victory. Naturally then be rewarding blamestorming. The title will give different artistic films to shoot, write novels. By the way, with whom there artists at this tipping point in history? With us?! Well, keep it up! Master of culture and became calmer record tasks, so that nothing is missed.

Serious conversation ended. All pidbadorylysya. Objectives, the objectives outlined. Thing left for small, quickly destroy, or almost destroy the enemies of mankind, to hand over a Syrian doctor and come to terms with gentlemen. All parts, yes our the possibilities! The case is familiar, although everything is not so simple. East is a delicate matter, and you can run into big trouble. But, as the saying goes, behind the electorate, which will soon begin to ask questions, well ahead of the injurious bearded thugs ... No, better and with the song say so towards new achievements and victories.

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg November 2015 year

(P) . S.

Recently took place in the Russian capital next, already the fifth World Congress of Russian compatriots abroad. Once again it was said very many words. Words obscure and said as part of the regular PR campaign. With great surprise to myself learned that there's a whole Commission under the Russian Government, which is engaged in the Affairs of compatriots abroad. And chairs the Commission. Uncle Serezha. And when he manages to ...

And at about this same time in Vienna, the uncle Serezha Lavrov voiced a request to the United Nations, in order to begin the process of settling the situation in Syria. It turns out that now you must plant one negotiating table, a Syrian doctor and his enemies and establish a transitional Government. So say the Ukrainian scenario, Yes and not only Ukrainian, in action.

And yet, at the same time, we all get used to television pictures of airstrikes on bearded terrorists, weapons which we developed in Soviet times. Well, the type series show or a concert by the popular singer or a singer.

And again, at the same time, a great many extremely offended by the regular cartoons, regular French cartoonists. Well, the type not seen, not read, but condemn and oskorblâûs′. But in vain. In order to oskorbit′sâ had to learn of the existence of the offensive cartoons, then look for them on the World Wide Web, understand the French signature, and then of course oskorbit′sâ ... And when so much body to make ...

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