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Our life


Economy. Product. Money. IVF. Trick

Dear Friends! Today we'll talk about, in my opinion, a very interesting topic. Many people notice amazing things next to each other, but not give them proper values. Although, if you stop and just look at what is happening, it becomes obvious that our crazy world has long replaced the many priorities, but we suspect not.

Provide capital 10% profit, and capital agreed on every application, while 20% it becomes vibrant, with 50% positively ready to break my head, when 100% of it defies all human laws, with 300% no offence to which he did not dare to go, at least under the fear of the gallows. If the noise and scolding bring profits, capital will contribute to both. Proof: smuggling and trafficking in slaves.

Thomas Joseph Dunning

During the time of the student, there were moments when one beloved and dear Professor uttered a couple of phrases, and they retained for life. The smartest man, with a great sense of humor. He argued that any, even the most complex thing or problem, you can always explain literally on the fingers. And explain it so that the other person will understand everything the first time around. But this requires very good understanding of the subject. Many times convinced in the rightness of the professor. And if a person can't do this, then he himself is not very well versed and understood the crux of the matter.

But, as far as one more wise sayings, I will try to stay on it more. He argued that if a person a lifetime built and designed the toilets from those materials that he had ... If you give him any material that his soul will wish and ask to design and build a large and beautiful Palace, the ... It will build in any case very big and beautiful. toilet. Paradoxically, as would anyone with that wasn't trying to argue.

Now let's try to make the transition to an economy. When it comes to it, then remembers about the free market, which has not been seen since. Then from the pass to the capitalists who are all entirely look al′truistami and benefactors in nature. In this spirit, and had, as a result of epigraph quote, which for some unknown reason I attributed to why the grandfather Marx, although in fact it said Mr Thomas Joseph Dunning.

Capitalists, they're what?! They main thing?! What do they have in the first place?! Correctly! Profit! It is and is not a fugitive, in fact. The most important thing for these humble toilers of the capitalist labour profit. No, it's clear that talking about the rule of money in their ideology is bad, but ... These skromnâgi certainly paint themselves as good magicians, that each of us will surely give the so-called fishing rod, so that we can live with it. And it seems to be correct, but only at first sight.

The truth is, one small, but,. The fact of the matter is that rods are different, Yes, and equipping them can be very different, however. But it is, by the way. And yet, these very fluffy and good capitalists, love to talk about investments. This is of course not rod for the poor, but believe me, it is worth saying about this tool a couple of words before you go to the main. For me unknown reason, many smart people and brilliant strategists love with particular respect to talk about investments.

Well, type without investing anywhere, without them there can be no economic development and prosperity of the State. This is such a necessary thing that all countries are literally stand in a queue for investment. Thing is so fantastically required that all kinds of investors fit to put a monument during his lifetime. Or if not a monument, a bust in the homeland of hero-investor. This is important. Progressive humanity should know their heroes. No, I'm certainly not against investment and investors, but ... While the value of investments, in addition to the pros, you need to remember about cons.

So, what is the investment and investors? Elementary! Economists, of course, has its own definition, but we will go its own way. For a simple man in the street knows what it is and what it is eating. If simplistically, let's take a simple example from life, which in all its glory will show the essence of investment and investors. Imagine that we sit at the dinner table of the household. Full Cup, suggests that there is also a cellar that holds the stock. Sit, talk and eat. In General, rejoice in life. Not all good, but not quite so bad.

And here's the door knocked. Neighbor came. Well, what you say here. We eat, sit down and you're with us, good neighbor wisely took a spoon and fork. So far, nothing bad. What are we, animals which, in order not to treat the stalled human guests! No, of course not! And if he will come tomorrow again?! And if he himself is not hungry at all, and provided enough?! And if you start making different proposals regarding the development of the whole of what is on your garden and yard?! And if he and cellar your eye put?! And if he promises prosperity to your Homestead?

All piquancy that to us, sitting at the dinner table, came a man with a fork and spoon. Not with a cake, a bottle of champagne and a jar of black caviar, namely with a spoon and fork. If we were sitting at an empty table, and he would come with all the above, then it is clear as well. And so, it turns out that not all good, though brilliant economists of different views on this issue. No, I understand that at first, everything will be beautiful, but then all this beauty will evaporate. And over time you'll notice that everything was your hands fashioned him this very good Uncle investor ... 'M overreacting? Of course!!! Simplified?! Of course!

And now we can go to our capitalists who are very kind and good. Let's remember how this most capitalist earns his livelihood. Oh and their children and grandchildren on milk and bread with butter. If again briefly, then he sells and buys the product. Sells and buys goods for money. What is meant by the word?! Good question!

Capitalists, they are as small children. They love to measure each other pis′kami, no, sorry, your honest hard-earned money. Well, the type who has the most money any more, he is the most respected capitalist society. They are bought, sold, then bought, then sold again. It is possible that and found the money that bad, perhaps lay stole ... Then, get confused themselves to such an extent that they forget where it all started. Then begin to tell the tale, about poverty and poverty in childhood, from which they were able to escape thanks to a happy occasion, perseverance, diligence.

What they sold and bought?! Well, before food. Then, as now, would say, energy and all sorts of jewelry. Moreover, those who bought and then sold, say, coal, of course was considered very cool guy, compared to those who suppose sold and bought food. Progress cannot be stopped, and capitalists at each technological modes occurred a change of priorities. Appeared products that very well can improve your well-being. Drugs, electricity ...

Came the age of high technology and again there was a change of priorities. Information is very expensive. This has been grasped. Heard because, whoever owns the information, owns the world. It is true of course, but only partly. Man, he is inherently selective. Well, there's no suppose red caviar on the table, and you can kabačkovuû eat caviar. By the way, very healthy product. Well not have brought to your House pipeline, no problem, you can continue to stoke the wood stove. This whole crazy of course, you can buy and sell, but no giantism and profit is not much.

Arms trafficking, prostitution, drugs ... One time it's brought certainly good profits, but appetite comes with eating. And when you consider that with the development of new technologies, the basket of goods for sale and purchase is filled, then the new times naturally came in our crazy world. Before simply technology did not allow. But now ...

Appeared in several MEDIA reported that American billionaire David Rockefeller for the sixth time held a successful heart transplant operation, is untrue. David Rockefeller was born in 1915 in New York City. June 12, 2015 onwards he will be 100 years old. In November 2006 the newspaper The New York Times praised the overall size of its donations in the amount of more than 900 million dollars.

Even if this information is not true, then the vector of development, I hope that is clear. Heard because the expression doesn't buy health?! Of course, hear! Okay David Rockefeller, let him everything will be OK, but ... This earlier science fiction writers described in his novels the situation with organ transplants in humans, and it looked pretty safe at the time. Gradually began to invent medicines extending life. Then repot bodies to replace dilapidated. Then progress stepped so far as scary to think about. No, it is clear that transplants is not for everyone, but ... Would be money. And where there's money, there naturally has a profit.

Is it possible to do without drugs?! In most cases, of course, you can. Is it possible to do without the services of prostitutes? And here the answer is obvious. Can I do without weapons?! And there is no subject for discussion. And that's with your health?! And human life?! Live want everything, while fluffy and good capitalists want more of everyone else. That's a new priority in the process of making a profit. Human life. It turns out that human desire, especially the rich man, be healthy and live, you can make really big money.

When human life and health becomes a commodity, it can be said the Crown had arrived. Profit rules which are not comparable, as compared to traditional goods. The seller lives, like it or not, becomes the ruler of the world, not only in the economic world. Is this good?! The question of the level of rhetorical. No, I understand that good, but the stupid man in the street would say that it is very good. Provide examples of when organ transplants saved lives. All this is true, but ... Where to take out as many bodies, if the number of people willing to live long will increase?! Correctly, take the stupid sheep-wimps nowhere anymore. Can certainly be wrong, but rather comes already trod nightmare. And this is just the beginning ...

Why does this happen?! Elementary! The thing is that unfortunately, money became everything. But this is not the whole truth. Human life has become nothing, here is where true sermâžnaâ opens. If you can sell and buy everything you can, what good and fluffy capitalist refuses to do it. So they buy and sell. I am not going to put a huge amount of information accumulated over the years, but I assure you this information from different sources allows you to make a disappointing conclusion. Organ transplant industry have already gained the necessary margin, and continues to recruit.

This is not only good doctors who don't want to face the truth. It is clear that they are doing their job and save lives, but ... The transplant itself, is just one of the gears. But the case put on stream. Search for potential donors, not always only after accidents. The accident is a fairy tale for silly. If you need bodies, then they quarried, transported. And military conflicts, this field a total green, for such activities. Klondike, only not for gold, but for merchants bodies. And if anyone thinks that this applies only to adults, then he is mistaken. There are cases where children need and an organ transplant. And what?! Yes nothing. Find, seize and transplanted. But what everyone already accustomed to such things, and this fact is no longer shocking.

Here are posted by all this and pondered. Why, who cares ... Know if anyone thought, then no wonder wrote and spent time. It is impossible to change the situation. Means just live with it.

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg September 2015 year.

(P) . S.

While talking about the economy, then let a couple of thoughts about the cashless calculation. Cool, right?! Do not carry cash, and pay with a credit card. Of course, this is great! But ... Two points. If I keep money in kubyške, or if anyone, the three liter jar, that know me and the wife. If I have money in an account in the Bank, you know it all who needs it to do. This is the first time. As regards the second point, the ... If the State wants to, but it may want the pair of technical actions and I will not be able to use your bank card. Then they of course explain this fact technical failure or natural disasters.

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