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С 29.11.09

Not fact...


Russia. What will happen to Uncle Volodya, or falling into the abyss with the loss of the State ...

Dear Friends. Start a conversation on this topic difficult. A person generally tend to hope for the best, but ... There are situations when absolutely worse most serious crimes. Although there are situations where people don't want to face the truth. So convenient and comfortable.

By tradition, we make a small digression. If you ask the man in the street, or if anyone then people that such a State, I assure you many not be able to answer this seemingly simple question. No, version, of course will be nominated, but they will be very far from the correct answer. Each his representation, and this is the view is based on his vision of reality.

However, if you ask about Government, here already will be easier. Particularly advanced immediately will recall that there are democratic States and dictatorships. But if not cunning, all things that happen in life, very very simple. First of all, the State is an apparatus of coercion. This is important. Try to get a couple of dozen people live together and coexist hourly and daily. TA has the task. Voluntarily, nobody will put the public interest above their own interests. No, there are such people, but hoped that all the others will follow suit, at least naive.

Will make a seditious thought, but ... Maybe you will laugh, but the State must value and respect. This is because the TA structure that organizes people's lives. And the State needs to cherish. Cherish at least because it is extremely difficult to establish even an inferior State, to establish and start his work. No, I understand that you can write entire volumes, which reflect numerous claims to the State itself. But ...

Otherwise, no State structure is not given. No, I understand that there are anarchism. I understand that there are many followers of this teaching. But there is a caveat, or if you want psychological conflict. Denying the State, these same gentlemen anarchists, with very great pleasure, continue to enjoy the many opportunities that this is the worst State grants. Here or craftiness or folly, though, most likely rather first.

It is difficult to understand, and ask yourself a very simple question. That replaces the very bad state?! Many may be surprised, but replaced the bad state comes destruction, war, anarchy and endlessly prolonged impoverishment. Perhaps, one should always be aware of this, but who thinks about it. The main thing today cracked bad state, and what will happen tomorrow, few people worried. The question is certainly debatable, but nevertheless ... People hoped that tomorrow comes quiet and smooth surface, but experience shows that people are fallible. New, which arose on the ruins of the old state education, if lucky, only through many decades, returns to the previous level. And there again, same kaznokrady, but only with other names.

And now, if I may, I will try very briefly jump to main. Any polity, in explicit or veiled form, there is a very simple scheme, from which you want to start. There is power and the elite, who never and under no circumstances operate. Not Tsarist. There are people or cattle, as it is among her, calls this the most power and the elite. Rednecks, always works. If you do not want to work, and the power elite have always has a large apparatus of coercion in the face of punitive organs. These same authorities, by tradition, just don't work. They have the main task. Ensure that would not overshadow worked and bully each other.

Taking care of people?! No, the power and the elite require stability so as not to peresyhal stream of wealth generated by this most cattle. There is the army, but the task is very simple. Follow to the elite and power of neighbouring States are not trying to capture this very wealth streamlet. Oh and the sometimes help his power and elite capture alien streamlet, these same benefits. And that's all.

Imagine how will smile numerous certainly literate and intelligent people from those where read everything above. Although, no. They would not smile for one reason. These gentlemen-comrades do not read your humble servant. They read the same professionals like themselves, not just read, but also trying to analyze multi-page nonsense, issued for a brilliant analysis.

But let us return to our idiots who for decades managed to ... replacing a State legacy they inherited, rather than as a result of their busy work. My purpose is not to assess the USSR. Well, why, how, said e. Primakov, it's counterproductive. Good or bad, but it was the State. As a result of exposure to so many factors, it is the State, and, as we said, the first State in the world of workers and peasants ordered to live for a long time. But it left a large inheritance, which prefer bashfully mentioned numerous experts and great professionals. Remained resource base, industry, human potential and everything else ...

It would seem. Well, poorly managed Lord Communists State. Flag of you gentlemen, so-called Democrats and Communists perekrasivšiesâ actually in hands and forward to the victory of capitalism. And why?! Margin of almost all components of the State was so large that allowed a couple of decades, almost nothing to do and be proud of their genius in terms of governance. Initially, all such guidance pertaining to the blunders of the heavy legacy of the Communist past. Then, when even the most stupid people began to understand that not everything can be explained by the Communist past, it was necessary to come up with something special in order to reset the responsibility on their shoulders.

All ingenious is simple to ugliness. The external enemy. Yes, the external enemy, and even better external enemies who only sleep and see how would still hurt the Russian State. This external enemy and forced the Russian power elite to conduct numerous experiments over the State and the Russian electorate. It is an external enemy, forced the Russian power elite to steal and twist yourself cozy nests abroad so not his beloved country. No, if they had gotten a good people, then surely all they turned out in terms of nation-building. And so, well, not lucky Russian authorities and elites with the people ...

In order to understand the logic, this is the case when it is the place to be, Government decision-making, you must understand the difference between official and the head of the Manager. This is important. But the task is even more simplified, if we take one small admission. If you think that any power and the elite, it's organized crime, then everything will fall into place. No, it's not Gopnik with gold fiksami, who you can meet in a dark alley. All glamorous and civilized, but the essence of the crime itself does not change. Under these conditions, being weak, for the State of death.

What we have in our Russian realities? Basic thing. It is clear that Uncle Volodya from Peter, could not, and cannot, so directly manipulate his subjects. Well, no such possibilities, even to him. For such purposes, not invented anything better, how to transfer their will through bureaucratic apparatus. This is important. But it, this most bureaucracies, a guy from Peter has no control over personally. And here we come to the most interesting point. Bureaucracies are controlled by the ruling class, i.e. Associates, which define the vector of development, take account of their interests, and naturally everything is doing on behalf of Uncle Volodya.

And here is the most important and waits for ambush, sorry for my slang. Importantly, it is the legitimacy of the authorities, without which inevitably comes the collapse of the regime. All the idiocy that is authoritarian prikryvaemoe a smokescreen of democracy. If organized crime is changing the leader, then naturally begins to perekraivat′sâ all economic Glade. Come the new Lord-bandits, and sit at the table with different goodies and poleznostâmi. It is already a tradition of such situation is.

For many years there was little consensus. Power and the elite and the people listen to steal beautiful tales about for almost any happiness and eats. Keywords in this design-people eating. For the time being all satisfied. But the situation has changed radically. Changed due to idiotic in their greatness of policies, both external and internal. And to be honest, you have to say that in the absence of both external and internal policies. And then came, as they like to say smart people a moment of truth.

What do I do?! Do not steal?! This is not possible, why be in power and not to steal. Smart people at the time thought that if they will remove from the country all that could steal, thereby itself secure. Naive people. But also very stupid. Tragic situation that guarantees their living peacefully abroad or at home, did not and could not. Taken away or either of these. It is not given. This is important.

As it happens, but all try to emulate his uncle Volodya. And some do it sincerely, and others on the basis of the instinct of self-preservation. And a no brainer that Uncle Volodya anything, and never to blame. But fear to admit that not everything is okay in the Danish Kingdom above all. Always, at all times to blame all mortal sins, Europe and America. So convenient for sure, but this position is only for domestic consumption.

Years passed, and the policy of constructing power vertical, for the sake of power vertical bore fruit. Vertical can no longer keep to yourself. She is already out of control and started to do their favorite thing. What?! Elementary. Sabotage and arbitrariness. Lost fear and more importantly, lost discipline. Total urban legends, and the destruction of the remnants of State and statehood. Moreover, very weakened the leash, which kept many of the leaders of Russian regions. Before would say that weakened the hand of the master, but ... Was there a master?!

Appetite comes while eating, and in our case during the theft. Greed, it pushed the Kremlin fold to Russian regions the duty to pay themselves what can and cannot be. As a result of the deepest systemic crisis and unemployment. And money for creative work that is not. For myself there, but for the nation-building Treasury is empty.

That's become entertaining Governor's Corps at all serious. Who continues to steal, who has washed down the bitter, who authorities have openly criticized. And this I do not talk about loss of control over the security forces. It seems that one part of the elites and the authorities began to fight among themselves for a place at the trough. It is now widely used principle to socialize losses and capitalize earnings.

What to do in such circumstances? But it is already too late to do anything. No, of course there is a hypothetical possibility that Uncle Volodya from Peter try to using violence to put into place vertical of power that went to peddle. But in this situation it is very fraught. By tightening the screws, power vertical can and certainly will answer a number of well-known funds. Starting from sabotage, circular bail and ending direct conspiracy and treason. And this despite the seemingly high rating from Uncle Volodya. Agree it is impossible in principle.

Very interesting emerges political svâzočka. Petersburg guy willingly or unwillingly become hostage to its vertical of power. Well, it just happened. Otherwise it could not happen in this Government, but rather the complete lack thereof. And the vertical of power has become a hostage of the West. And became a long time ago, only guessing about it due to the narrowness of thinking. Now the vertical of power is worth choosing. Either get rid of the guarantor of the Constitution, or lose all the stolen heavy labour. And there is no doubt what option is chosen in the end.

As it will be subject to a technical issue, not more. Or as the result of the organized folk performances, either as a result of honorary wires to retire for health reasons, or ... Yes, and the option of physical elimination cannot be excluded in this situation. And then, in a voice trembling all errors will be navešany on a bloody tyrant who blame it on. Elite repented, though her this step and does not save. In any case, it is here and to Grandma for advice to walk ...

What will happen to the State? Nothing new from predefined progress in world history. Initially, the SOVIET UNION fell and crashed on an irregularly shaped fragments. Now the same fate awaits, and Russia, which also translates into an irregularly shaped fragments. The only difference is that many of the shards will go to other States. Nothing new under the moon. Hyenas always devour the weak, no matter how it looked sad.

Sad? Of course, it's sad. The main thing in this situation does not lie. And then suddenly I will say that your readers dear Sandro, lie and are afraid to face the truth. And I will be very embarrassing for you.

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg September 2015 year

(P) . S.

Recently caught my next video. Eh, how many such idiotic video was and still will be. Regular meeting Uncle Volodya. This time in the role of the population spoke baby.

Bad quality entertainment spectacle on the theme of the unity of the people and the King. I can tell you, very poor results. The type of people freaking out and wants to know a father native calms the people that everything is good, but you have to wait, just in case. The truth is not told how much you must endure.

(P) . S 2.

See and hear about the destruction of products, I will tell you is not easy. Apparently many are very hard to understand what products must not be disposed of and destroyed. Sin is great. Products for them to eat, but it is very difficult to understand.

In the meantime, continue to come to negotiate with fields. Where once was the battle of harvest, now ... The harvest is, moreover, a good harvest, but in light of the vector of development, foreign equipment for the harvesting of the crop purchase impossible. And its almost gone. So preparing in September to increase the prices of bakery products by an average of 10-15%. The reason?! And there is here the grain in the country. No, in the fields it is, but there isn't. This case turns out.

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