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С 29.11.09

Our life


Economy. Industry. Simulators with big ...

Dear Friends! Today we'll talk ... How would rightly say, let's talk about the simulation. And imitation in everything and everywhere. People, they're such savvy. What did not come up with. And they love to argue. Find out an interesting topic, and begin to argue.

If anyone remembers, even at the dawn of humanity, now would say zero technological way, inquisitive minds preoccupied by one very interesting question. What came first, the chicken or the egg?! Although the applied solution to this issue did not have, but the fact remains that people are arguing hoarse and sometimes even fought with their opponents.

Think, from that time that either changed?! Are wrong. With the arrival of the next technological way, disputes continued, though only the topic changed. On the agenda of the most important issue arose. Who is more important for society, physics or the lyrics?! The spores were such that the Pope did not cry. Before the war the truth as far as I know is not reached, but nevertheless the degree of verbal battles zaškalival.

As time went on, mankind was moving by leaps and bounds to his death. But love bet did not, causing envy among citizens who simply liked to live and stop asking questions. Another way technology, introduced the agenda of the regular burning question. More importantly for the State, politics or economics? Or rather what comes first and what is secondary. And here the opponents have not agreed.

After all, if there is a strong economy, it thought the first policy and will generate ingenious individuals. But how do you create a strong economy without political will and brilliant politicians? Even the question. In fact, all of these disputes are nothing other than show his erudition and the lack of intelligence and the erudition, the opponent.

And now, after a small lyrical entry, let me now turn to the main issue. The Russian economy. The condition, rather than alive dead or vice versa. And here is what awaits the first ambush on the thorny path of cognition. Earlier, when heard of regular success in strengthening the economic power of the State, sad smile. Multiply the knowledge of grief. Great knowledge, as it is known, respectively, attempted a big sorrow. Now, hearing about new successes, sad smile no longer want. Well, this tradition is folded. I want to laugh with a tinge of sadness.

No, I understand that some ingenious idiots make up reports with nice digits. Well, they work the same for the good reports of money paid. As for the bad reports can and kick. But here's what other band no less ingenious idiots start to plan the development of the country based on these beautiful figures, the mind refuses to understand. Imagine if you sverstal beautiful report diagnosis about your health condition and gave it to the doctor. And that's without even glancing at you, on the basis of these data, starts you treat or not treat. Here how it will turn out. This is important.

That's roughly the same thing is happening with the Russian economy. Many people do not pay attention to her raw orientation and dependence. But if the facts do not fit into a beautiful form, then so much the worse for the facts. And because we have, as you know key plans. And how many decrees issued! And how many meetings held! And how many development programmes written! And how many responsible appointed! But as they say who and now there.

When you start to look at what is happening, realize that you understand what is going on is almost impossible, although it is possible. Lesson I'll tell you very unpleasant because of the health hazard. Head hurts and then appears a very unpleasant smell. Already a tradition of such narisovalas′. Regular report on regular success evokes a sense of disgust and analytical dissatisfaction.

And I'll tell you, there is something. Another report, and away we go ... Mountains of intelligence, multiple versions, details, forecasts. Reads as many correct words! Made interesting findings! And if you stop! And if you just take and think! So, if you think about it, it becomes clear that the tragic outcome of everything is just around the corner. Rather, it is almost near for immediate turn.

Very interesting picture emerges. Don't even have a picture, and behavior. After the us flood. Today some rules, tomorrow others. Gave the word, took his word back. Promised one, made another. Psychology, or if anything philosophy hucksters. Rapid cut cabbage, sorry denezhek and then quickly switch to something new. Long cycle in the development not in the trend, promising was the plan for a period of not more than one year, and that is when the good scenario ...

Even the most fatal optimists are not illusions. The right choice, it is a model of economic behaviour, designed for instant profit. But with this approach, we have what we have. Perhaps I'm wrong, but ... Strength, power and potential to develop any mechanism node system is measured by the weakest link. And from this perspective, I think it is understandable why I don't have illusions about the onset of a brighter future in the foreseeable future.

If you look at the industry, and look with an open mind, look exactly like on the link, then the situation will look simply catastrophic. Take any major production. What is the most important? Correctly. Equipment, technology and qualified personnel. With regard to equipment, then click here and talk about anything. It continues to work with the Soviet era. So say survive, despite the large margin. No, the new equipment purchased abroad and installed. But you see what's going on.

It's like tuning the old car before selling it. And in enterprises. The old equipment, which affects the entire process chain, not repaired for many years. Savings is the alpha and omega of modern management. Often, the execution of a task depends on bolt, gadget or other small but necessary parts. And so everywhere. The main thing is the presentation! The main thing is not to fall behind on the civilized countries in logistics, packaging and similar certainly important things. But what's the most crucial time of the head equipment can fail, it is not the actual task.

Comes to the ridiculous. Ahts and brilliant managers who do not even know where and why installed equipment require to convince them that the hardware itself really needed repairs, and, accordingly, the order of components. Here's how you can convince a brilliant idiot that you is extremely important for repair, this node if it has no idea about the subject of conversation.

Police have got the concept work on Earth. This is when the police perform their duties directly, and all the others are afraid of this rough and dirty work. And in enterprises. Line managers of numerous services daily commit small feat. You may not believe it, but don't work, industrial enterprises, and, contrary to. Life practice shows that if somewhere is committed, then exploit someone just obgadilsâ again.

With regard to technology, the stone age here at all, of course, adjusted to current realities. Here's what is technology? This experience and knowledge accumulated by people over time. Technologists and work, here are the Smiths of new technologies. Exactly they experienced by picking up the temperature regimes, ways of processing and as a result it is possible to create new, innovative. So, unfortunately, it was in the past.

With the certain moment number of normal technologists and normal workers was reduced. Due to various reasons. And believe me it is not old age, and the nature of the warehouse. Talented and smart people very rarely have appeasable character. Unfortunately, the new management needed bezropotnye artist of their genius, but at the same time and idiotic ideas. It's time for new engineers and new work.

Evil tongues may argue. But it left a huge number of drawings and other technical documentation. Heritage is not lost. Alas, lost and most likely permanently. Yes, documentation remains. But when her study, if you want to be on a daily basis a large number of completely unnecessary papers and reports. Good, but still remain skilled workers who can help and advise. Agree, has remained, although they soon will have to enter in the Red Book. And when they engage in training new engineers? They must be on poorly configured hardware to work. And this I will tell you more the hemorrhoids.

Look, if you have the kitchen has a gas stove, which stably works. And you do not know, or know very approximately, how to cook beetroot soup, for example. Hunger is not aunt, and within a certain time, trial and error, you still will be able to create a culinary masterpiece. And if gas oven does not work consistently and you are happy is already the fact that it just works. Even with the daily instability, nepoddaûŝejsâ no regularity. Can you think of any normal create?! Doubt happen though. This is important. Paradoxically, it would seem now, with the arrival of new managers and creative managers, in most enterprises is impossible to repeat and create what was done and created in Soviet times.

The main thing after all that?! Create a simulation work, at all levels. The main thing is not the stability of the work equipment and technological environment. What then is the main thing?! Do not be surprised. The main thing is the clean workshops and correctly completed reports. Imagine you have Let's say in the kitchen faucet is leaking, and you instead of to do repairing, wash Windows, Paul ... No, and this is necessary, but ... Remember the expression today is better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today? So, in today's reality, the expression is transformed in some way. Today more than yesterday, and tomorrow is naturally more products than today.

And this is basically OK, but that's just a few faze one trifle. In this scenario, no move forward to a brighter future. Profit at any cost. Oh and beautiful tales to labour collective. Remember the days when only appeared very beautiful word that certainly is the word optimization. For this beauty lurks an ordinary staff reductions. It was mentioned that if we allow a team of five people performed some work ...

Taking into account new, modern ways to control all will be radically changed. Now this same job will perform a team of three people, while salaries two optimized team members will be divided among the remaining. And many believed! Just imagine, no one saw the obvious things. What is reduced?! Correctly in order to save on salary. And who saved it will give away?! A rhetorical question.

Agree that evil tongues may argue. All this is not so, or not at all. That if there is such, that in individual enterprises, where has not reached the hands of creative managers and brilliant managers. Argue that of course you can, but that's the only use of this objection will be small. A situation where all cheat, or if anyone misled anyone, unfortunately not to cure. Run everything very strongly. Is there a way out? I am afraid that no longer exists. What remains?! Just live.

The situation was not one year. Gradually became unprofitable and dangerous to talk about issues and how to resolve them. In the trend to smooth corners and hide these very problems. Adults continue to play in childhood. Lie and not blush. As described to us a day and night to survive. But tomorrow is a new day will come, and here tomorrow, will continue to deal with regular issues and problems. So here to wonder if everyone is so live and work. Well, if the Protocol, then everything is OK and we are amicable column go to the brighter future.

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg August 2015 year

(P) . S.

With regard to the new equipment, which really is purchased, there is one small caveat. Cause all that foreign producers, they might like to take the money. Each node or the unit has its own lifespan. But the tradition already, and in order to save money, at the end of this period was adopted by its brilliant nonsense decision. Why order new node or item. We have that land oskudela talents?! Arrange brainstorming and install instead of requiring replacement site, anything from our. And pose!

And equipment continues to seemingly work. But there comes a time when replacement is necessary already another node affects the installation of domestic substitute. And there's another site requires replacement. You won't believe, but soon enough, there comes a time when foreign equipment, which seemingly has developed its own resource continues to work obvešannoe domestic details. What's wrong with that?! No, if you do not see the difference, then I'll try to explain.

Imagine that you have a foreign car manufacturer. It's time to replace the oil, and you feel sorry for the money. You go to the garage and find oil remaining from that time, when you had a domestic car. Have filled and continue to ride on car. Then you need to replace the CARB. You go to the garage and find the old carburetor. At the service station you say that it is not suitable for your new iron horse, but ... You insist, and with the help of the welding machine to install the old carburetor.

Once again you continue to ride and enjoy. Then the time comes to replace another site and you going again in the garage. Here is tell those who would call clever that owner machine?! No one! And so a good host. And you know why?! Because the car is personal, and he cherishes. While industry such an approach in the order of things. Were not even kulibiny and cherepanovs! As so everything happens ...

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