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С 29.11.09

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The International Tribunal and the downed Boeing-777. Or where private property here ...

Dear Friends! Today we'll talk about the establishment of the International Tribunal for involving two MIAs and one to Boeing, and be sure to touch on the subject of private ownership in relation to Russian realities.

So, what is there with Boeing? I say at once. In my plans do not include detailed analysis of this tragedy. No, in principle, using some of the techniques, you can analyze the situation and likely to come to the right conclusion, but ... Why? There are people who are engaged in this, because of the nature of their profession. They do this on a professional level. Update of harmfulness, and still get paid. Them and flag in hand. But such little left. It so happened. This is important. There are of course those who customize facts under the desired result. And this is important.

We will go the other way. We look at the situation that has evolved and continues to evolve in the aftermath of the tragedy. And the situation is paradoxical. On the one hand, all for something that would find the perpetrators and punish them around. Even Uncle Serezha Lavrov fully supports this sensible idea. What is there to talk, even Uncle Volodya Putin also wants, what would the perpetrators have been found and some punished. And here comes the critical moment. Everyone wants to find the perpetrators and punish them. Seemingly, the establishment of the International Tribunal, it is a good idea and it should be supported, but ...

Russia vs. The paradox? No, of course not. Just among Russian leaders is, and that is if mildly expressed, suspicion that guilty appoint them, and no one else. Why is another question. Look, if briefly. Remember the school where we all went. Bell rang, all ready for a change, to frolic and rest from the meddlesome teacher. The boy throws the girl paper airplane, the dodges it, hurt classmate shoulder, and that there are forces flies into the Cabinet with glass doors. Crashing, cuts fluke no, but glass is broken. And ...

All in nesoznanke. No one admits. All white and fluffy, but nevertheless, the glass is broken. It is clear that broken glass is an indisputable fact. As for the culprit, then here's the full Achtung. No one admits. Children that they take. The same thing happens in adult life. Moreover, this approach fell short in all States. Commit the crime and hide in bushes. Believe me, if you dig, in today's world, every State has its skeletons in the closet.

There's an airplane disaster. And here's the guilty be nobody wants. Whew, take and say. Yes, it was a case of negligence, it just happened. Ready to punish the guilty, to pay compensation. All matter is exhausted. No, as students begin to ûlit′ and wits, forgetting about one immutable truth. A lie begets a lie only and nothing more. And this is the lie grows like a snowball.

Russian authorities, continues to follow the tradition of hiding your head in the sand. This is important. So happed. But then is it any wonder that the International Tribunal is created. And, no doubt, for whom he would make his decision. As there is little doubt what will this decision. For the sake of Justice, and if you call a spade a spade, it's not even Bude solution. That was the verdict, though there are still citizens who continue to hope for a very secret and devious plan which developed power.

Romance and fools in one bottle. What kind of tricky terms can be discussed, if there is no clear policy for the development of the State. Presume that people who continue to divert Russian coffers, and those people who are very afraid of the International Tribunal, they are one and the same people. It happens. Citizens see all this triumph of democracy and a free market on a daily basis. See and make appropriate conclusions. It is also important. The tradition of this.

It is impossible not to say a few words on sanctions against Russia. This is not sanctions, it's just a song. And the sanctions list, continues to grow with new personalities. There is an impression that the talented writer wrote his brilliant work. If at first, in the sanctions list included those who are guilty and to be involved, then the story line changed a bit.

In the second volume of this masterpiece, the characters began to appear, which are less involved and less to blame than the already-recognized by the world community of villains and assassins. In the third volume, the storyline has undergone regular changes and began to appear person who were just involved in atrocities. The writer, while continuing to write his masterpiece, has included in the storyline of those who just stood there or worse just heard about atrocities. The process goes, but prior to the completion of the book remains very little. Most smallness.

People are beginning to realize that Russia decided to act with the permissions say multistage starve out. Tactics are loyal, and the result will be. Tradition is concerned. Some prominent theorists continue to argue that the main purpose of the capitalists and the imperialists to them there is a rift between the Government and the people.

Fools, receiving for his work the budget money. In order to split, need to start what would have happened to be unity. The condition, though not the only, but a very significant. This is important. Although admittedly, that period of unity you can of course skip and go straight to the period split. It happens. And at the Russian open spaces, it happens quite often. It is already a tradition.

The littleness, confuses some closed the investigation and its nastoraživaûŝaâ extension in time. Moreover, I would like to stress that when I talk about secrecy of the investigation, not taking into account the information noise and continuous feeding of altered versions of the catastrophe, which only confused Everyman. Evil tongues say that evidence will be rigged. Don't believe them, they and the evil tongues. Although, as shown by the history of the world, here is the place to be, a very simple situation. Often, the tribunals are created so that the usual gentlemanly disassembly when you already know the winner and loser, to give a legal character. This is important, this is already a tradition.

Here in fact that the important thing is to create the precedent already. Moreover, the legal precedent that very will further pressure on Russia. This is often said, so it would not be repeated. Who's to blame? Elementary! The Russian leadership, not imperialists and capitalists, it made everything in order to become the losers. And does so with the manic commitment and diligence.

The truth, as usual, all actions of the Russian authorities, for very many seemed part of a very cunning and ingenious plan. So cunning and genius that suggested not to panic and not to worry. The average man explained that in the beginning everything is for rent, sold or given, and then we will refund back, and the final victory will be ours. So it must be so conceived. You cannot disclose details, the time has not come. You just have to hope and believe. And most importantly don't ask stupid questions and harmful. And who will ask these very questions, the enemy and traitor, that has no place among patriotic citizens.

When it comes to establishing the Tribunal, it is sometimes make a small remark. In short, mel′čaem. It's as if Director, walks on the territory and checks to see whether the SOAP in the toilets. It is not a question. A point event, with all the tragic disaster, very alarmed UN. Well, let it be so, once all the global issues have been resolved, which created this international body. Then, I bring this situation to the point of absurdity than loved to indulge in unforgettable Švejk, it will be necessary to establish international tribunals for all events of the same scale. And ... Correctly, the UN only this and will deal. Although the policy, they are very smart, they know better of course ... They will come up with something. Holding companies, what you say here.

The Russian Foreign Ministry, as the power itself, that's a topic for a separate, larger studies. The central question of this study as having everything, or almost everything, this is everything to lose and profukat′. Although what here wonder when former Director of furniture stores led by the Ministry of defence. Here in fact, here's what's interesting. Here in fact, that's the kind of flourish. Statesmen and managers is not left. From the word altogether. And without them, say what you want to do anything is possible only with very great optimism.

No, you can certainly try to withdraw the country from a deep ass ... well you understood, but the result is very interesting I will tell you. That we all have. It's like a hemorrhoid cure cucumber. I'm not kidding myself saw a video where exactly this method of treatment has promoted another unrecognized genius and a great expert. These specialists and managed by the State. Importantly, this creativity and freshness of thought ...

The power of this ... You see, when elite became involved in samovosproizvedeniem, that fact, for some unknown reason to me personally, not attracted the attention of brilliant analysts and brilliant strategists. Well, actually, why not. Why there are, or rather were in the distant past of the dynasty of sailors, pilots, Steelworkers, builders, doctors, and here the Russian elite are denied this right. Imagine the hereditary Deputy, hereditary oligarch, hereditary banker ... Miracles, and only. But the tale can be, and it was necessary to make true. It did.

Cutting social elevators, vzrastiv corruption and elite communications, power itself from a place in the ground to a depth of two meters. This is important, this is a standard. Around we see not power and mozolistuû the ass, which is the usual way to punch is impossible. But is that fag, in the best sense of the word, know the way, but do not want to share with the public. No fresh ideas and new people. Did not become the basis, so to speak, does not become and add-ins.

And people are looking at this, and quietly opupevaet from this celebration of life, where it's not even a guest, as well, by going a passerby. A passerby, who thinks about children, family, housing, and normal life. With a great deal of envy and rage looks like flying past him all sorts of goodies and usefulness, making insatiable black hole in the face of the Russian elite. Pro-governmental propaganda is certainly capable of great things, but it is not all-powerful, again by virtue of the aforementioned factors.

The idiocy of the situation with the Tribunal for Boeing, it's generally the apotheosis of inadequacy, meanness and venality. Look, wipe your eyes and turn on your brains. The average man in the street all ears prožužali that the perpetrators of this tragedy. Periodically as the perpetrators have added Americans and forever gadâŝih everyone and all Britons. People are comfortable with the idea. And when it came to the UN to establish an International Tribunal to punish the criminals and bring them to light.

You may not believe it, but Russia, alone opposed. Beyond the words, you must be careful not only in everyday life, but also in big politics. Claimed had evidence and facts that the Russian side knows exactly who, when and how the destroyed aircraft. Logically, it was necessary to take the initiative themselves to the establishment of the Tribunal, and to become a prep in the process. In fact, it turns out, we don't want to, that would have condemned the perpetrators of the Ukrainians and affiliated to them of capitalists and imperialists. A stroke of genius.

What do I do?! Know but will not say. It's not me, it's to Mr. Chernyshevski. And even then, not the fact that he knows the answer to the question. Here in fact, interestingly. The main thing after all, who will embody the bright and brilliant ideas to life. No less a light than our harsh reality. Reality, in which there is no place for a powerful industry, the cornerstone for any strong State. As there is no unity of power and people. Sold, what can and cannot be, and if you call a spade a spade. Yes, to put it mildly and roughly speaking, we have already climbed into the Pocket to future generations.

No, I agree that the perpetrators of the status quo look, but ... They're on your mind. We see them every day in ... In the mirror. Enemies within themselves. This is important. Otherwise, the situation is not given. Do not lie and do not ûlit′. Yes, difficult. Yes, difficult. Who argues with that, but there is such a Word as necessary. It is clear that the chance is always there. The main thing not to miss it.

Finally, a few words about private property. Here's a look. Let's say the average citizen has gained in his use of the car. Well, saving up money, largely imagined refused and purchased. It happens. Well, in the sense of not stealing, accumulating money, taking out a bank loan, bought iron horse whose heart instead of an internal combustion engine. And ... The joy of acquisition, the envy of others and of course the traditional feast at the purchase. This is important. All that was needed, taxes, fees and other charges were paid. Live and be happy.

A year passes, and the State reminds of itself. And this reminder does not differ from the Dani, which in his time were stoned žireûŝih racketeers businessmen. Annual real estate tax. Yes, the same receipt that all private owners. Guys, Yes, it's kind of your property, but every year you'll pay anyway. This is important. It's not even being discussed. Imagine the idiocy of the situation. All imaginable and unimaginable fees paid. Moreover, paid and road tax. Buying gasoline, the driver pays much more.

As a citizen, he still pays income tax to the State, for the right to work and receive wages. But becoming the owner of the car, he is now doomed to always pay for owning the iron horses. Well, we say. May not pay for it. Can state a greedy and just poputalo the shore. And nobody cares legal conflict. If the right of private ownership shall be protected by law if I suppose the owner of the private property, what fear I must state otstëgivat′ each year a certain amount. Robbery. Although economists from politics, have their own opinion on this.

Here here, evil tongues suggest. Well don't pay tax on this property. AHA, now. Native state only waiting for this moment. Not paying?! Warn for starters, and then if you do not understand the severity of the warning, just take this same property. Ironic, but true. This is what we have. Sly abolished private property and not told anyone about it?!

This is what we have, we are not owners, but simple tenants? This is what we have. Buy a car. He's ours, we're behind him all that needs to be paid. And then it turns out that we only, his rent from the State. Agree, so be it. But then it is necessary to ban the sale of cars, and to give their people out. Such an approach at times to increase the ranks of car owners.

Many miracles in our lives. But most of them hidden from the inquisitive and harmful. Many advocate quitting smoking. Well, the type of habit and dangerous to others. And for kids, dangerous. This is important. But most of all with smoking struggling state. Well, the type of caring. We believe him. It is because the law on this subject released. And if you think about it. And if you bring the situation to a logical absurdity. Here's a look. Rather watch out for thought.

Let's say. I say, let's say we, smokers believe State, spoke and agreed that smoking is harmful. And one day, amicably, here it is the strength of the team, quit smoking. The victory of common sense?! AHA, now. Now imagine. The population in the State does not smoke. Well, it has become a non-smoker population, thanks to advocacy by the home State. And what to do with the tobacco industry? And what to do with many enterprises? And what to do with people working there?! On the street? And they have children, family loans, loans ... Evil you. This I'm still not talking about income in the budget.

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg August 2015 year

(P) . S.

Watch this video clip. Masterpiece. People are walking on the beach in Sochi lagers during a performance of the national anthem. Some even echoed.

No, I have nothing against the national anthem. I even have nothing against his execution on Sochi beach. I even agree, if I pay for State travel back and forth to come to this beach. Come and stand with a plank during the anthem. I understand that it is necessary. I understand that it unites people around power. Just want to know. And why not in the bath? Why not in the restaurant?! Why not?! Why not in the store?!

Where a flight of fancy?! Submit a picture! Sounds like the national anthem, and ... People are picking up. In the bath, in the restaurant, the market has in store. Men on the cheek rolls buying tear. Women's breath quickens. Patriots deploy streamers. Brilliant idea, which certainly requires creative development and universal application.

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