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С 29.11.09

Not fact...


Sanctions against Russia, or than the heart rest. Part two

Dear Friends! Today we continue our conversation on the stated topic. Start here- sanctions against Russia, or than the heart rest. Part one

So, the top leadership of the Russian State, and often demonstrate Lavrov Serezha Uncle eye-popping circus room. Skillfully mastering the techniques of verbal balancing act, he tries to pass off as desired. What would people were confident that no tear of a child does not remain without punishment, another uncle, too Serezha already but shoigu, hustles across the country demonstrating soldiers, gentlemen, that our Russian armoured train standing on the siding.

These seemingly adult uncle, love to bemoan the fact that the Russian State are without proper respect. And almost plain text talking about injustice, lack of equality in inter-State relations. Inflated cheeks, and demonstrating once again the deep concern, calling for peace. One gets the impression that they have a place to be symptoms of the disease which infected bear the Russian leadership ...

Speaking of diplomacy, mutual benefit and respect. If anyone does not know what will make one harmful idea. All this is possible only when there are two sides that are equal in strength. Everything else is from the evil one, and no more. And are there any diplomatic solutions to the main issues that have arisen between the United States and Russia? Well, what you are saying. If there is no balance of power, to powerful States view Russia nothing significant fact, whether we like it or not. Russia has no leverage in principle. Well, no, not one of them.

For the most part and the USSR had no friends, but only temporary allies, who as political roof chose the first workers ' State peasants. Was not a USSR became allies, so much so that now the Russian Federation, has done everything possible to let out and bad allies create enemies. Donate to their national interests, this I tell you not to eat beans.

The Elimination of military bases and withdrawal from all world regions, it is of course very wise public policy, who argue there will be. So wise, that completely deprives the State affect the critical regions in military, political and economic terms. And why, if there are no more enemies and all around friends that cute smile. Oh, and equal dialogue partners. So equal, the situation resembles equality between the Wolf and the Hare ...

In big politics everything pretty rationally and pragmatically, all act according to their own national interests. Wolf always eats the Hare, strong and because he wants to eat. Top levity can be considered as a vector of policy that involves bending before strength with faint hope that the strong will of the weak. This is what fear?

It all starts with small things, which of course you don't pay attention, but ... French, these lovers of frogs, which at one time a kind of Kutuzov, shall we say, a little beat, they even allow you to behave with the Russian State, inappropriately. To put it mildly, and roughly speaking, it's called throw Loja on money. Take money for Mistrali, build them, and then publicly declare that have given built ships and money.

Rather give money when sold ships to another State, and that's not all, and that if nothing hurts, and there is very little ... This how?! And nothing, the Russian Government calls the French partners, and is there any ... I wonder how Americans would react to such a French joke.

Paradoxically, ... The more Uncle Serezha Lavrov once again expresses serious concern about the victims in the Donbas, the more calls for peace, friendship and gum, the more victims among the population, which promised to protect the guarantor of the Russian Constitution. What happened?! As yesterday's fascists and Banderas, could become a negotiating partner and legitimately elected authority.

Where the maniacal desire of the Russian authorities to demonstrate numerous gestures of goodwill towards the Nazis of yesterday and today partners?! See what happens. Full readiness to hand over the project, Novorossiya,. Saying that a coup took place in Kiev, and then of the fascist regime's recognition at the State level. Why then should have been inflating cheeks and face finger ... Add to that the postponement of numerous payments, large discounts on gas ...

I wonder why at one time was not used Pan Professor, at that time a legitimate President of Ukraine. And why it was then saved by the words of Uncle Volodya Putin, the entire military operation. No, I understand that it's important to save the Russian elite acquired by back-breaking labor. But how much you have to be an idiot to not understand basic things. If you stopped the alleyway Gopnik, agree with them is impossible in principle. Either you otbivaetes′ from them with a health risk, or you will sink below the skirting. And over time, when you give everything, still will beat and perhaps kicking.

For those who follow the developments in Ukraine, I would like to open a carefully concealed secret. Well, not in the nature of a peaceful solution to this issue. Only the power option. And not because I want it. Why?! Yes, because none of the parties to the conflict. Primacy belongs to Uncle Barack and his partners, who traditionally are adjacent to the strong side. The purpose of the uncle Barack, this is a war between Ukraine and Russia, but ... The whole tragic idiocy situation for Russia is that it is impossible not to fight, and fight too late.

Late because of lost time. You imagine than dealt with the Russian leadership. Under the Windows of the House, near the fence is brawl with shooting victims. It is clear that only a matter of time before this whole circus is moved to you, but ... To you call and tell the walkers tales that should solve all of the world and in any case not to interfere. As you walk through the apartment in trenikah, show nothing uncomprehending wife their biceps, triceps and demonstrate techniques of martial arts. In doing so, proudly telling how you are one crafty trick can lay 10 bandits. And most interestingly, you believe. While a believer ...

Great uncle spent a lot of money, that would be meeting in the alleyway. And when they say that right now the main thing is not to give in to provocations, this is nothing but a smokescreen. What? Well, it's elementary. Is currently preparing, or rather it has already entered into the final stage, to the full-scale invasion of gentlemen in Russia.

Patriotic orgasm after returning Crimea to the native Harbor comes to naught. But the main thing is to convince the population that the State arises from the knees, than certainly succeeded his uncle Serezha Lavrov and uncle Volodya Putin. Universal meditation on the greatness, continues at the State level. And people are waiting for, hope and believe ...

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg June 2015 year

(P) . S.

On the route Lugansk-Alchevsk, near the village of Mikhailovka, Alexei, was killed May 23, 2015 Brain. Blown up and shot at the car, which was a. Brain and his entourage.

Brain Alexey Borisovich.

Hereditary Cossack. Born April 3, 1975 onwards, in the village Nyzhnya Duvanka Province, district, voroshilovgrad, Ukrainian SSR.

Political views. Excerpt from an interview with a. Cerebral newspaper, Izvestia.

That, many believe that we are terrorists, that fight is not local militias, and the representatives of other States. For our part, we are trying to explain that this is not the case, go to the contact with those people who opposed us and prove that we are actually residents of the region and do not want to fight just with them. We revolt did for the sake of the common people. On the contrary, we want to combine what separated these separatists in 1991 year in Belovezhskaya Pushcha.

Very many surely care about the issue. Who killed? The question is certainly a rhetorical, if not to say more. Cause everything that both does not seem strange, there are artists and customers. If we talk about artists, it is definitely experienced professionals who can handle any problem. Including ambush, which is difficult, and involves many professionals. You must follow the object, fix and leave ...

But the interesting thing is that after performing these tasks, almost none if he of course sane, does not leave the live performers. Take charge of your life becomes for these professionals, it is very often impossible. And they know about it. Who has not hid, the customer is not at fault.

You can of course spend a little analysis and method exceptions closer to understanding who ordered a. Cerebral. But, in my opinion, much more interesting to look at the processes in which the assassination occurred. And I'll tell you very interesting, to say the least.

When the guarantor of the Russian Constitution clear text speaks about indivisibility of Ukraine and want to do everything, what would the Donbass returned to native Harbor, ... Even among clinical optimist there can be no doubt that the draft, Novorossiya, is coming to its logical conclusion. The project closes, forget. All the sign will be signed, everything you have to say will be said, but ...

Smooth it on paper, but forgot about the ravines. In this particular case all would be working in the position of Novorossiya leaders, applicable commanders and fighters. And what do we see? Correctly. These same leaders are becoming less and less. Moreover, they cease to fight for independence of Donbass for various reasons. But, in most cases, normal political scene stripping occurs from playing its role actors, no matter how cynical as it may sound.

No, I understand that the victim, one of the few people who had their own position and political views. That's where the danger lurked. And the rest of the evil one and the information fog. Idealists and romantics, have no place in the political configuration, which eventually folded in the Eastern Donbass.

Here one often hears ordinary phrase that revolutions devour their creators, that revolutions make romance, and the fruits of the revolution enjoy villains. All this is partly true, but we should not forget the lessons of history. Always, regardless of the political system, clearly followed the same behavior.

Draws in people the idea. Stipulates that the State will never, under any circumstances will not retreat from it. Naturally there are idealists and romantics who believe State. Tell yourself that if not they, who then ... Start to implement the idea. Meanwhile, the State is conducting political trading, and then, having agreed on the price issue, completely oblivious to the romantikah and idealistah.

Rather not quite forgets. Sending regular romantics in another world, a State could erect a statue of the hero in his homeland, to name a street in his honor. Yes, a ship called the name of the romance, in order to use them in the future for patriotic education of the new romantics.

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