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С 29.11.09

Our life


The Economy Of Russia. Where to get the money, or the inhabitants-homeworkers against liberal economists.

Dear Friends! Often catch myself thinking that anything goes in the sand. Sit, write the Duma think and no impact. As the saying goes, no real cases. And this is serious, and you can get charged with boltologii. Let me correct myself.

Suggest a few to do basic math. Federal structure, thing, like the East, very thin, but assume that Russia is the place to be 90 regions. Why assume? But suddenly at the time of publication, the subjects become more or less. Now follow the thought, or rather catch the idea. In each region there is a Governor (head) and head of the legislature. There are two very important person. Take with them a million rubles, and get up with one entity of the Federation, two million rubles.

Multiply those two million roubles to 90 regions, and as a result, we obtain the sum of 180 million roubles. Good money, I'll tell you. Now look, in every region there are the Chief Police, Attorney-General and the heads of the districts make up the region. Let them take another two million rubles. Multiply again by the number of regions and get again 180 million roubles. Put millions, and have ended up with a sum of 360 million rubles.

Study to the federal authorities. There is a head of State, head of Government, Chief Executive and head of the legislature. Well, if they account for a round of four million, the sum will be equal to 20 million rubles. But there is another faction leaders, the Ministers ... Even with them will be a modest sum in 100 million, these gentlemen-mates trust me very much. So we see that the capital brings us 120 million rubles.

Further, without using a calculator, we see that the province and its capital in total gives 480 million rubles. Well, we assume that there is a small error in calculations and the total take in 500 million roubles. Well done!!! For each of these gentlemen-mates, this donation is not money, but the amount of pocket money. And for us, the amount of very even nothing. Half a billion rubles, this is very serious ...

The main question. What will spend this money? Oh, good Lord, read classics. Of course, the children. The order of the guarantor of the Constitution prohibit begging on television, where so obvorovannyh citizens are asked to send an sms-message, for which they get paid 75 rubles. Half a billion is enough to help cure and not one child but ...

In view of the possible risks naberus′ the courage to assume that volatility will skyrocket. This is important. But it is with regard to normal volatility, but the historical volatility gives hope that, taking into account the traditions of non-earmarked funds hope still there. But you must admit, half a billion, this is certainly not the amount with which you can and should start a great cause. Need to find hidden reserves. Moreover, under the hidden reserves means not those reserves that are hidden from tax authorities. No, only open and declared funds.

Brainstorm, gave the striking result. Yours truly forgot about Russian kupečestve. These glorious heirs Morozov and Ryabushinsky. Unforgivable error, bordering on crime. So merchants. A brief introduction to rated Russia's wealthiest entrepreneurs on the version Forbes gave hope. These, honest people, raising the Russian economy, turned up as much as two hundred people.

Sad of course that sanctions gentlemen hit on these people, but ... It is not so bad. Remained the most successful and brilliant. When you consider that the condition, but rather earned funds have the best representatives of Russian merchants a huge ... The sum of two million roubles, with each, would be a reasonable contribution to saving the lives of children. Total two hundred people, Yes on two million rubles each, it will give us in the amount of four hundred millions rubles.

Already better. No, I understand that it is possible to start information noise. Say, the next cannibalization and return to a dark totalitarian past. What you say here. Evil you. No need to shout, the Lord with the journalists. Russian merchants, it all kupečestvam the merchant. Do you really think that if it can redeem for a country famous Faberge eggs, you can refuse the feasible help children. No, of course not. Merchant will not remain on the sidelines, I assure you.

It turns out that at the moment, we can easily плюсовать to which we have five hundred million rubles, four hundred million rubles from the Russian merchant class. Cool, even breathtaking. As much as hundred million rubles found where many to look for. Who said that yours truly forgot about the Russian clergy? Evil you. I will say more, you cynics could once epic such a think. Not forgotten. I remember about them. Of these, forget. And if you forget, then they certainly will remind ourselves about ourselves in spiritual ecstasy.

You see ... Money they have of course there are, but how would not. Well, that is, they are, but they have not. Rather they have, but they can dispose of. Shorter suggest from the Russian clergy fall behind, otherwise we run the risk of being entangled. Let the better they will be our volunteers in this very important endeavour. Let him promote and carry our idea of the flock. Who said the clergy to keep money? Here's why you so! The same insult. Although I agree, convince. Will not enter into temptation. And they are good, and we are quieter.

And hear a hint that it is necessary to invite consultants, a team of prominent liberal economists. Type, the money is great, and they have to properly dispose. Honest and straight talking about his fundamental disagreement with this proposal. As you might have in your head. These specialists failed in the past, all that you can and should not be, and I hope that in the future they will continue this glorious tradition. No, such our team does not take. Do not format.

Hope you haven't forgotten about the amount we found literally on level ground. Nine hundred million roubles, it you don't trifle pockets stealing, but ... The appetite comes during a meal. Whom we have missed? Correctly. Cultural figures. This is a private conversation. Iš′ you are on the sidelines, thinking that we walk past them. Will not come out, good Lord. This is not a different kind of charity events. It's there, you're calling in a voice trembling people donate money, and its contribution to designate only the participation in such events. Procrastination is bad. And therefore ...

I think that 100 million rubles from the bright representatives of Russian culture will be very handy. A nightmare, believe. A billion rubles! Not myself ... mailing me unsolicited advertisement, no one will know what you're good. Yours truly, a big well done! So yourself praised, now left with technical details. Who says such great money to be retained in the Bank? You already are fed up with your tips!

You do not accidentally Bank aunt Elvira Sahipzadovny Nabiullina advise? No, and again no. A categorical no! It is this billion rubles, basing its step, instantly transfer economic expediency in foreign bank, and ... There are naturally happy, who would have doubted. When you need cash ... Correct, cash will not give, but only cashless payments with all the ensuing consequences. And as I look people in the eye?! No, only in the Bank exclusively in three liter and pantry under lock and key. This is the only way.

Please do not worry our foreign partners. 'Ll do without your advice, so much so that they are rarely free. Gentlemen, Patriots can and not worry. Uncle George Soros nor Uncle John Trump to our project will not be involved. From patriotic harmfulness. Here from their advisors, you don't know how to get rid ...

Sandro, Ty is calculated, it is of course true, but ... And if the money will not be?! Good question! And I waited, if not palter. Don't worry. Everything is thought out. If you remember, do you remember the Russian population there is one very good tradition. Take out a loan or a loan at the Bank, and then their return. But the banks, they're such banks! In such cases, they have a reservoir or debt Agency.

This ... As if to say, what would offend no one. Well, different type of suspicious men, tempt objectors still to repay their debts. Well, the door of which, child, were kidnapped on the night of threats will call ... Here is what we and we. But, with one concept. The law must be honoured. No criminality. Only calls and sending sms messages.

Can you imagine Uncle Dima Medvedev decided to get lost in the mass of contributors and does not give money. And here it in the morning, over breakfast at his favorite iPhone the message arrives. Dear Dmitry Anatolevich, and you have not forgotten to transfer money to help sick children? And where to go, and enumerates a imagine if organize mass mailing of messages to the Russian merchant class with a similar reminder. Yes, even if at the end of the text will say that it is a message they sent Uncle Volodya from Peter., as Bear bear ... And if PR agency connect, then I assure you, the process will go. And if still Tëmu Lebedeva to bring the success case will be provided. Let them at least once in their life, work for free ...

Evil tongues might say that yours truly has been engaged in kampanejŝinoj of clean water, and you'd be wrong again. No, my dear, this is seriously and permanently. After the first phase, the second phase will occur. What?! Elementary. After all the needy children are made so they needed surgery, the time comes for the second phase. Modern Liberals love their bread doesn't feed, refer to foreign experience. Type, it must adopt and promote in every possible way.

Agree. Moreover, I agree completely. This is important. And do you know, my fellow Liberals, that foreign merchants gradually enters a new phase in its development. No, money they hoarded naturally back-breaking labor. Who said that robbed the population? This is our merchants grabilo and loots. And their foreign partners, did everything nicely and very elegantly, even calling this whole process a normal transition.

So, here. Now, accumulating a huge amount of money, they were horrified. No, really. For the first time in many years, came up with a very good idea. 21, even the sound of a gentleman, in fact, very short. Where so much money put?! No, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren ... And the rest? Well don't throw the same, in fact. And they decided to do charity work, and on a voluntary basis. Say, well, what is not an example to follow!

So, our, Russian oligarch, realising his destiny in life, in the second phase of my plan will be ... Yes, it will build hospitals and medical centers. Imagine, all over the country. Hospital named Roman Abramovich! Vladimir Potanin hospital! Mikhail Prokhorov's Hospital! Or even better and stronger. Medical Center named Viktor Vekselberg! Medical Academy of Oleg Deripaska's name! What?! Fantasy?! Are wrong. Everything is feasible, what is more important to make an offer that you cannot refuse and all we will succeed.

Oh, and third stage. No sooner until about the third stage, otherwise ... Otherwise from an excess of patriotism, they all try to flee abroad, and then will remain unfulfilled for the first two stages. And this is not good, because ... For all children, and all in the name of the child.

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg June 2015 year

Метки: economy, Russia, kids, help, rich, poor

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