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С 29.11.09

Not fact...


Banderas and the unexpected, or double standards.

Dear Friends! After I wrote a little thing called the victory parade on May 9 what happens or color blindness on the March ... did not leave a sense of understatement. Seemingly simple things, but many people either not understood or bashfully neglects.

No, I certainly understand that there are uncomfortable topics that do not fit into the modern official ideology, but nevertheless ... The fact remains that, whether we like to admit it or not. I will try not to give the author's estimates, but simply describe the situation. See what interesting oil painting.

Let's start, as the saying goes small. Remember, if memory serves, in the 2008 year in the glorious city of Tallinn tore down the bronze soldier. Blasphemy and fascism, were perhaps the most popular words, when it came about this migration. Angry comments, a waterfall of emotions. Political and media space to experience orgasm schizophrenic about it. Only lazy, not featured on such a topical subject, but ...

Meanwhile, more destruction of the monument passed unnoticed by the Soviet wars in khimki. At a time when moving to a brighter future expanded leningradskoe shosse, a memorial to war that severely hindered. Especially not anonymously, has exactly the same option as in Tallinn. Excavated, moved ... And silence.

Think it was an isolated incident that was the exception to the rule? What you! When preparations were under way for the construction, Ohta-Center, in St. Petersburg, was destroyed by the blokadnikam Memorial ... Another example? Please do me if anyone not in the know, the Stavropol in 2007 year tore down a monument to Cossacks who fought under the command of General l. Interfax was informed about it. It turns out that the reason was around, everything is the same road infrastructure. Stela prevented the reconstruction of a road junction. And silence.

A little thing, you can tell by looking at examples. The country is developing by leaps and bounds, goes to a brighter future and minor costs are quite valid. Well, let's take the events a little harder. High-profile reports that former Soviet republics commemorate Legionnaires MOP and put them monuments. A shame! The terms of some enemies and want to unite, but ...

Did you know that in Russia there are a couple of monuments of belogvardejskomu General and Cossack Ataman Pyotr Krasnov, who actively collaborated with the Nazis? And what's wrong? You should be aware of. In 1992, the year in the Russian capital, in the courtyard of the Church of all Saints at Sokol installed small stove. But that apparently was not enough and already in the year 2007, in the village Elanskoj Šolohovskogo district of Rostov oblast was a monument to Gen. p. Krasnov.

No, I understand that it can be said that this is a private Memorial. Of course, freedom of speech, this is not the sweltering days of communism. Of course you can say that, if not for one fact. At the unveiling ceremony was attended by local authorities, the clergy and guests from the Russian capital. If so will the process for the restoration of historical justice, do not be surprised if soon establish monument to Andrey Vlasov. Well, why not. In fact expressed their praise of General Synod of rocor, which merged the ROC.

There's this very ingenious Director Nikita Mikhalkov. Well, can he shoot on their budget money masterpiece paintings that do not collect the cashier at the box office. Well not is people look at bowel movements Court genius. So, the leader and God's bestowal, for quite a long time promotes Ivan Ilyin. Who is this? Well, you got me razočarovyvaete the right thing! This lawyer and emigrant became a major public Russian philosopher, and you don't notice it.

Mr. Ilyin had a relationship with the Nazis and justified Mr Adolf Hitler. Here's what he wrote in his article, national socialism. New spirit.

, What made Hitler? He stopped the process in Germany and helped the Bolsheviks took over the greatest service all over Europe.

Another saying is Ivan Ilyin.

, Patriotism, faith in the identity of the German people and the strength of the German genius, sense of honor, sacrificial service, discipline, social justice and vneklassovoe, fraternally-national unity. Word is that spirit, rodnâŝij German national socialism and Italian fascism. However, not only with him but also with the spirit of the Russian white movement. The case, first and foremost, to correctly understand ourselves have thought and felt the spirit of the National Socialist Movement. The unfair demonizing and oklevetanie it interferes with the correct understanding, sins against the truth and does harm to humanity as a whole.

After the war, Mr. Ilyin defended Hitler.

, Fascism arose as a reaction to Bolshevism, as the concentration of public security forces to right. During the offensive left chaos and left totalitarianism is a phenomenon was healthy, necessary and inevitable.

The writings of this philosopher publish ogromnymi tirazhami. And it quoted many officials of different rank. Yes, if officials on Russian territory very diligently nurtured cult Mr Ivan Ilyin. If anyone not in the know, the ashes of Mister Ilyina and Denikin was reburied ceremoniously in the necropolis of the Donskoy monastery in Moscow. Accompanied by Rector of the sretensky monastery Archimandrite Tikhon, flowers on the grave and. Rollin brought Putin.

Pictures from the opening of the Memorial to generals A.i. Denikin and philosopher Kappelyu, v.o. I.a. Illyina in Donskoy monastery

Preparations for the opening of the Memorial was conducted at a very high level and does not imply any performances.

Company UAB "Ritual-1" produced complex structures of tombstones that were planted on the graves of General denikin, Ivan Ilyin philosophers and Ivan Shmelev. The monuments were constructed on the initiative of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, and paid for their production of personal funds.

Now let's let harmful matter. Stepan Bandera official Ukrainian authorities consider a hero. Establish monuments for him. The fact that he collaborated with the Nazis. But Mr. Ilyin, just collaborated with the Nazis. And it is the same monument. At first the hero rises a whole storm of indignation, but about the second hero of the striking silence in the Russian media. It seems that the fascists can be monuments, but when it is done in another country, this causes rejection.

Go ahead. The mausoleum. This is the place where the historic November 7, 1941 parade during the year stood Supreme Commander. This is the place where stood and Stalin and Soviet military commanders during the victory parade in 1945 year. This is the place to the foot which threw the German flags. This is the place that with great enthusiasm every year more and more cover from human eyes plywood curtains.

I understand the hatred of the entire Soviet, but why is rewriting history. It is what it is. Moreover, I would like to note for the most forgetful. Before this day was called is not so, as it is called today. It was-a victory day of the Soviet people in the great patriotic war. But many now say what color ... You'll be surprised, but it's red.

Generation of the EGE does not know that the symbol of victory, according to federal law, is a banner of victory, this is a red flag with a star, hammer and sickle. But this does not depend on our political leanings and attitudes to what is happening.

Federal law of the Russian Federation from May 7, 2007 N 68-FZ. "The Banner Of Victory"

Adopted by the State Duma April 25, 2007 year

Approved by the Federation Council May 4, 2007 year

In order to perpetuate the people's heroism during the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945, in commemoration of the merit of the soldiers of the Soviet armed forces to the fatherland and in gratitude of descendants to the winners of the invaders, this federal law establishes the status of the banner of Victory, the legal basis for its storage and use.

Article 1

1. The banner of Victory was flag 150 assault-th order of Kutuzov of II degree room of Idrica's rifle Division, May 1, 1945 year waving at the Reichstag building in Berlin.

2. The victory banner is the official symbol of the victory of the Soviet people and its armed forces over Nazi Germany in the great patriotic war of 1941-1945, State heirloom Russia.

3. The victory banner is on perpetual storage in an environment which fosters the preservation and accessibility.

4. storage location and order of the banner of Victory, its transportation shall be determined by the President of the Russian Federation.

5. storage of the victory Banner is financed from the federal budget.

Article 2

1. During the festive events dedicated to the victory day, conducted by the federal bodies of State power, bodies of State power of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, bodies of local self-government, organizations, public associations, laying wreaths at the tomb of the unknown soldier in Moscow and other monuments of the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 years, victory day and other days related to the events of the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945, as well as to be placed on display instead of the banner of victory in case If it is removed from display for restoration work, the copy may be used for the banner of victory.

2. copies of the victory day the victory Banner may be displayed on buildings (or climb on masts, the flagpole), along with the national flag of the Russian Federation.

3. view copies of the banner of victory must conform to the mind of the banner of victory.

4. Simultaneous ascent (accommodation) the State flag of the Russian Federation and the Victory Banner copy is performed in the same order as the simultaneous ascent (accommodation) the State flag of the Russian Federation and constituent entities of the Russian Federation flag, municipal entity, organization, public association.

The President Of The Russian Federation

V. Putin

And absolutely incredible idiocy, is the appointment of a dove a symbol of victory. No, symbol of peace, the Dove has with a share of a stretch to call you, but ... Re losers? Perhaps, in the age of tolerance and ashamed to celebrate, I will not argue. But then we must honestly and directly about it say, not ûlit′, depicting loyalty to the memory of forefathers.

Finally, on the role of personality in history. And whatever our attitude to this personality. In Russian history, if historians don't we've been lied to all those years, there was a certain order of things. Teutons, defeated the unforgettable Alexander Nevsky. Peter defeats the Swedes. Brilliant, again, if not lie by historians, Kutuzov gave good pendelâ unconquerable Napoleon. And only Uncle Adolf Hitler won the entire Soviet people. Ask harmful matter. And where was Joseph Stalin?

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg June 2015 year

(P) . S.

May I say, maybe I don't understand a lot of things, but ... Many believe that past military parade on red square, the Russian capital was the crowning work of the powerful propaganda machine. And as for me, so it was not a large Crown, confusion. Moreover, the confusion is so massive that it was impossible not to notice. But it's not noticed!

Supreme Commander took the parade, sitting on a Chair. Go army, and takes the parade sitting ...

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