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С 29.11.09

Not fact...


Edward Snowden. That he did, or trap for Putin.

Dear Friends!!! Each time telling myself that I will not write, so to speak, and the malice of the day every time my astonishing reality is making adjustments. Well, as projdyosh here by a theme, which drew the attention of all progressive, and not very progressive, global public opinion. It's certainly more important than the many problems facing humanity. Kidding of course, but as this is not a joke. Snowden course Star, who is the sane and sober mind would argue ...

For a start, let us recall another person involved, now zdravstvuûŝego yet another sensation in the recent past. I am talking about WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange, Internet journalist, which was not heard only deaf and lazy. Look at these honest eyes!!! Well, isnt a man with such eyes might lie?!

Edward Snowden. That he did, or trap for Putin.

That's where the noise of it!!!! Still, such, secret, disclosed data, so in such a way that after his revelations all the defenders were employed for many centuries, to say the least. Even their grandchildren, thanks to d. Assange, provided work to defend the rights of citizens to the end of the world.

If I recall, and it serves me, much to the displeasure of the enemies of the world, and, backstage, then remember how important naduvali cheeks official and not official American representatives. Threatened, the d. Assange, all sorts of Karami and the impression that his days are numbered. Still, launched his famous, Alpha, or what is even worse for Assange, not less famous, Delta, and everything, no client. Well you can, and for belaying, scale, enable.

And not just any customer, and no mention of it, you will not find anywhere else on the World Wide Web. And that, whenever possible, to silence any such pravdolûbca the state machine, certainly is. All this is true, but as it was not in our case. Alive and kicking. Sat down at the Embassy of Ecuador, which in the glorious city of London, and, scoff, over, the, dumb, Americans.

Edward Snowden. That he did, or trap for Putin.

Of Ecuador, I shall say a few words later, but for now let me recall an old joke. All of it I will not here to retell the main meaning. It's a joke about that, the elusive, Joe. And it is true, this is Joe, alias Julian Assange, such, elusive, because of nafeek's nobody. But it should be called, the creator,,. So who created WikiLeaks? Who is behind this most d. Assange?

Elementary Watson, if strain their grey matter. All of this is the big bang with WikiLeaks and Julian Asanžem, has of course many goals but at one, let me stop. Imagine that appears pravdolûb, which tells the facts about which many of us suspected, but they had no evidence. And here, a feast, here's to you and here's to you, facts are facts ...A Little? We have lots and lots more, all Pro. Progressive world public worries in Ecstasy, begins to experience orgasm from the abundance of food for ourselves favourite PR. ..

The state machine of America resents the spuriously ... But there comes a time when this gained popularity and trust the source of the information, suggested or rather misinformation. Here, the most important thing is not to scare. Let everyone believe that WikiLeaks and Assange, it's truth in last instance. Then, you can brew a cereal back literally one that does not seem little to anyone ...

Long-lasting project, so there is a reasonable question. And where, at this time, the store operation, an honest, incorruptible, and that, our contemporary, a hero of our time. Hero who braved the danger, the risk can be said to live, informs the public about all podlostâh and gadostâh which creates this very American imperialism.

Correctly, it is necessary to find the country that can be trusted, but at the same time that it were hostile towards this most proklâtomu imperialism. And I want to tell you that it was a country. It's not a big secret. Who does not know the State, under the name of Ecuador.

Anti-American rhetoric has place to be? Of course, sometimes even has a bust. The impression is that the Ecuadorian State machine, unofficially entered into a contest with yourself like Cuba and North Korea. Who's to say more nastiness about evilness and wily Americans, and not just say a loud crows.

Edward Snowden. That he did, or trap for Putin.

Many of you have faced in your staff with an employee that verbally, loudly and with revolutionary fervour labels of their leader, but in fact is not his enemy. And with Ecuador. Completely dependent on Americans, but the country has the world's reputation as anti-American. This is not Che Guevara, or Hugo Chavez ...

You can of course say, Sandro, well why do you think that people are stupid and believe vbrošennoj misinformation at the right time. No, I'm not saying that stupid. Just the anticipated user citizen who sees everything through the prism of emotional. And second, to add here is the fact that Assange's reputation and human pravdolûba, revealing, scary, mystery, the imperialists.

But now is the time to get to know a new person involved in struggles for justice throughout the world. So Snowden ... .... He, Joseph Edward Snowden. He is the same, just Edward Snowden. He, Joseph Snowden, which definitively, confused, and the Hong Kong Police.

Edward Snowden. That he did, or trap for Putin.

American technical assistant and former CIA and national security agency of the United States. In early June, 2013, Snowden sent his papers The Guardian and The Washington Post NSA classified information relating to the mass surveillance of American special services for their citizens, including project PRISM. The United States indicted him in absentia of violating the law.

Lived a man ne tuzhil. Received per year around 200 thousand dollars, anything not refused and was known as a good citizen. People are not stupid, I would say from himself, which is very competent and properly understands the General line of the party. Work is not dust ... ....

And at one point, he realized that it could not continue to live. Overpowered his moral anguish about a terrible secret, which preserved as the Apple of his eye, these imperialists. A mystery, I tell you, it is very specific. And it's not that people don't have any idea.

No, smart people know deep down that those same imperialists, capitalists podglâdyvaût in Keyhole behind every good citizen. But this proved them a little, they still manage to eavesdrop on telephone conversations. But that's not all, these bastards, read e-mails and messages sent by mobile phones.

Well, as here you will sleep well, even if you get about 200 thousand dollars a year. Money is money, of course, but as they say the truth is more expensive. And decided that the Snowden, talk about, and secret, the great, the rest of humanity. Whew, got up like that early in the morning. Looked at the peacefully sleeping households, brushed the miserly man's tear, checked my bank account ...

As it turned out later, and it is with his words, he even in these most secret firm took specially. That would be mystery buržujskuû know and tell the good people. But, not so easy. It's easy to say to tell humankind. You are not podojdëš′ to the first comer, with such mystery,.

And suddenly it turns out that this worker, these very buržujskih security services. What then? Far North America with its lesopovalami? And mind you, this is at best, and at worst ... Yes, in the worst case, you can play in a wooden box, and the entire democratic press will be delighted to tell on their front pages.

Where to look and whom? Snowden, the guy is not stupid, he is sized up. Who on this planet does not like imperialists-buržuinov? Correctly, the Chinese. No, don't love them a lot, but for a Chinese power and solidity of multiple avenues. Here's to them, and he decided to uncover the terrible secret, very much hope that the Chinese will not be silenced, and talk about this secret and the hero alone, the rest of the world. Let them be ashamed, bourgeois should be allowed to let them blush in the face of the progressive community. Let them have skunks, Earth is burning under your feet ...

The Chinese, they're really smart guys. I will say more, they also very wise. They may have believed would be Snoudenu, if not to take into consideration one fact. Too late, he appeared on the scene. Meeting of the heads of China and America. Barak Huseinovic, asks his Chinese colleague to stop cyber attacks against America. He's kind and agree, but ...And here, as the devil of snuff-boxes appears Snowden and claims that the Chinese are attacking the Americans themselves are using modern technology ...

Would you believe? That's the Chinese do not believe. But not deny ourselves the pleasure, once again click on the nose of the Americans. Clicked on, and said goodbye to the pravdolûbcem. Chances are, thankfully, has permission to silently, without noise and dust off a hospitable Hong Kong S.A.R..

Here, I would like to stay here for a moment. The State, they're as small children, or women. In big politics, like everything in life. America, China, Russia. Stands with Chinese Americans retire, somewhere in a corner, as Russia was jealousy. Should the Russians with Chinese leave aside to talk, as Americans begin to worry, not whether you are making the conspiracy against them ...

So, the Chinese have refused such a gift, in the person of Snoudena. Where to go to the poor hero? Correctly, to Russia, only to Russia. There is true democracy, not something that he has at home. Sits down in the plane, several hours away, and here it is, the bulwark of democracy. Americans traditionally resent, they pull on the shirt, chest inflated cheeks ...And give the US-Ka, traitor, national interests ...

And although our blessed land after a Hong Kong person involved has not been seen, but all are pretending to know where is located the Snowden. Turns out he is in the Sheremetyevo Airport, in the transit zone, and has not yet stepped on Russian land. Well, why not remember the famous Hero of the film, the unbelievable adventures of Italians in Russia. He also stuck for a long time, but it's fair to say there was a whole other story ...

Edward Snowden. That he did, or trap for Putin.

What to do now? Give it to the Americans and to disrupt its operation? But then everyone will scream that bloody regime issued to certain human Beryl Crystal honesty and great generosity. I will say more, then all potential,, pravdolûby, will no longer cooperate with the Russian secret services. Do not give away, leave yourself, the Trojan horse, ...And what to do with it? The Chinese, they won both cleverly did, popol′zovalis′ at a distance, and was released back home, type go mil. ..

You choose the easiest option, but not productive. Nothing to do. And not to give, and not to leave the country. Why not productive? So in this situation forever limbo is not likely. Will have to make a decision.

And here all around the show. Turns out our Zille wants to leave for a third country. Can you guess what this country? Right, this is of course Ecuador. And where else to go, and fluency, agent. Yes and the unforgettable Julian Assange, serves in the cover-up.

Conspiracy buffs versions voiced the thought that this whole operation is the product of the Russian security services. That is, they stole a poor Snoudena, and dragged in Sheremetyevo. Even if this is true, then there must be a completely different scenario. None of this Snoudena, in the airplane. We show only the empty chair.

If he flew to Russia, then certainly not in Sheremetyevo, and more in another place, which will certainly suffice. Unloaded, and taken to a secluded place away from the ubiquitous journalists. Chat, study ...Meanwhile, representatives of one of the oldest professions all are waiting for the same person involved would fly to Havana that would already be out, landing, on the hospitable land of Ecuador.

So, wherever you, everywhere a wedge. Bourgeois is thought over to trifles. When Snowden left in Russia, you can yell at every corner that Putin prigrel a traitor and a terrorist. If you give it to the Americans, then all human rights activist will be screaming that bloody regime gave the indulgence to say bourgeois should be allowed to pravdolûba ...

There is another, in my opinion, the best option in this case. Insist that this most Snowden, as soon as possible and left the host country chose to continue in a more comfortable environment to conduct their struggle, with razočarovavšem, so it imperialism. But I have a vague suspicion that Nash, the hero, is possible as much as possible to delay his departure.

(P).SJust Causes. "that u.s. intelligence agencies, as well, cannot find Snoudena. man who goes against the system, and not really go pretending like Snowden, not home long Gone without trace., and no hype in the press would not. and one more point. it is doubtful that a newspaper with articles in which Snowden went in, the people, too, are independent.

Try to come to them with these secrets, and will understand that the owners of newspapers will not risk their head and well .... Oh. You most likely have the authorities. And you say the press. ...


That's all what I say.

AuthorGorgJune 2013 year

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