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С 29.11.09

Not fact...


Russia. Unknown Georgia

Dear Friends. Recently in Georgia of the beginnings ñâî ¸ an announcement the First Information Channel. Good news. And why good, I shall try to explain in our today's conversation. Pleases that fact, that one of conducting on this channel will be Dear Ãåëà Âàñàäçå. Also pleases not because it is the really cleverest and very kind man, and absolutely in other occasion.

Áëîãåð, conducting the page in an Alive Magazine, and here invitation to become conducting of two programs. At once becomes clear, that îôèöèîçà on this channel will not be. And I like âñ ¸ new and interesting. As it is usual, after Ãåëà has informed with ôðåíäàìè news, the congratulations and wishes of successes have begun. And it is correct. To the large ship, large navigation.

Yours obedient the servant has not remained in the party. Has congratulated, has wished … Has said those words which speak in such cases. Kind words. Has heard from a new conducting word that if I shall be in Tbilisi, I shall be necessarily invited in studio. I shall consider for honour, especially if nothing will prevent, I plan to arrive in the summer. But as usually it happens, the man assumes, and Ãîñïîäü has.

I even have said Ãåëå, that I know about what we shall speak. But to be pricked, as he has asked, I did not become, having said that âñ ¸ I shall say on arrival. And then has reflected. What for I so. You see a theme, which I comprehend very much for a long time, she àðõèâàæíàÿ. Å ¸ it is necessary to discuss not in the summer, and it was necessary to discuss very much for a long time.

What I for years(summer) conversation a theme shall not pick up? Is said is made. With a theme for years(summer) conversation I shall not be pricked, and today we shall talk about, why the people in Russia, we shall say so, not absolutely adequately concern to Georgia. Can not understand more correctly at all, that occurs in Georgia.

                                                         The unknown neighbour

Was always amazed, well whence usual simple people in Russia scoop knowledge for construction of the conclusions, which concern Georgia. Always there was a same question. Really people can not understand such blind, that,apparently, of obvious things. Sometimes such will hear, that is simple the divine äà¸øüñÿ.

Those interlocutors, which like ïîôèëîñîôñòâîâàòü, build the whole theories. I look, I listen and I smile. But why so occurs? A question, which excited me last time. Thought, analyzed … And answer, as always it happens lays on a surface. The answer very simple.

Ïîñóäèòå. If we begin to speak about what, to us for this purpose what to give a correct estimation, it is necessary even once to see a subject of our conversation. And if this subject you saw ten, twenty, thirty years back. Then that. You see the most part of the people in Russia build ñâî ¸ representation about Georgia, proceeding from the knowledge, which they have got in the past.

But the knowledge has property to become outdated. Recently talked to one man. When he has incurred(carried), excuse for roughness, complete bosh, I simply have set one question. Simply has asked him(it), from what he has taken it. You were in Georgia? Was. Twenty years back. And knowledge for such conclusions he scoops from mass media. The paradox turns out. Georgia bad, because to him so have said.

To mass media I åù ¸ âåðíóñü. I shall say, well is very categorical. The people in Russia know about Georgia in past time, very few people know about Georgia in the present time. It is conversation of a deaf person with blind. It is difficult to understand, that there is other Georgia. There is no that country, that was in the past. Simply no. And is, I emphasize these words, other Georgia. Where a mistake in an estimation occurring.

How to live further. It is impossible you see, as on ìàíîâåíèþ of a magic stick to transfer one state to other place. No, certainly. The neighbours do not choose. It äàííîñòü. And in any case, if in Russia it will be bad, we want it or we do not want, âñ ¸ it will be reflected in Georgia. But first of all it is necessary, that there are a lot of people in Russia would have about Georgia objective representation.

My idea very simple. It is a pity, that å ¸ has sounded Dear Ãåîðãèé, but it not that case, when it is possible to argue on the one who has said about her by first. Let's consider(count), that we came to her independently from each other. It is necessary, no it is simply necessary, that there are a lot of Russian citizens would visit Georgia, as the visitors.

Let âñ ¸ will see. Will see successes, learn(find out) about problems and difficulties, with which the young state collides. On my sight, they will understand main. At all difficulties, and they are at all and always, there is an aspiration to develop. There is no stagnation, when one áîëòîâíÿ and any actions. A road will master going. And that Georgia goes, instead of costs(stands), it is obvious.

I admit, that there will be those who having returned by virtue of a number(line) of the reasons can not or do not want to speak the truth. But I assure you, them there will be a minority. And other people, which will arrive home, they will be already very difficult for deceiving by fairy tales and íåáûëèöàìè. Also present, that they have families, friends, colleague on job simply familiar. They you see will be divided by impressions about trip. It you see as snow whom.

Now some words about visiting îêêóïèðîâàííûõ of territories. Yes, agree, that if the public people, politics, officials, the public figures will disturb the law, the way to Georgia should be reserved by him(it). These people fine understand, about what there is a speech. Here of indulgences be does not owe

But take, for example, simple woman from Russian ãëóáèíêè. These political questions are not so clear to her and are interesting. Well to not force å ¸ be ïîëèòè÷åñêè competent and to have an active vital position. She simply wants to go on rest to Abkhazia. But she nor should lose an opportunity to arrive and to Georgia.

Georgia the strong state also I think, it can afford such attitude(relation) to the visitors. It is necessary precisely to declare, that the usual, simple inhabitants of Russia, can not be afraid and come to Georgia, even if they visited(attended) Abkhazia. Let there come the people and look.

And in summary some words about love. No, not to the woman, and to a native Land. Sometimes obliging fool is worse itself çàêëÿòîãî of an enemy. Present on the area ten men cost(stand) and shout about the hatred to Russia. Yes, at me it is no doubt, that they like Georgia. Yes, I agree, what is it at an emotional level. But harm to Russia they will not put by this shout, as will not bring advantage(benefit) and state. But âñ ¸ it is very beautiful and effectively.

Also there is one man away from others. Also does not shout, and simply speaks. Russian, Russians come in the visitors. We wait for you. What advantage(benefit) of this invitation? And you think. Simply having rejected emotions, sit and think. I like already about âñ ¸ would tell.

I do not say goodbye. Take care.

The author Gorg. January, 2011

Ñêðèíøîò for prompt is taken at Óâ. Shimerli

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