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Our life


    I want back in childhood, to the grandmother …

    When in memory the pictures from far childhood emerge, always I recollect the grandmother. Probably, so at everyone
           From us. This word, costs(stands) in one number(line) with such words, as the mum, daddy, grandfather. And sometimes, even and is higher than these words. How much
           Myself I remember in childhood, me one moment always interested. I never saw, when the grandmother lay down to sleep. And never
           Did not see, when she просыпалась. Me stack to sleep, the grandmother ещ ё strives on a facilities(economy). Просыпаюсь in the morning, she
           Already on legs, prepares, that be вкусненькое on kitchen. The woman with five classes of education, was for me a window
           In the world. For not ё main was, what е ё of the grand daughters, was healthy, is fed and is dressed. I do not remember, that she simply would sit and
           Had a rest. On not ё, магически my words - Grandmother worked, I want to eat. Вс ё. The whole ritual began. That of the grand daughters will be
              To eat, under what sauce, how much. And it was to her not in burden. On the contrary, process delivered to her great pleasure.
          Only повзрослев, began to understand. Certainly, she got tired. Certainly, she would like to have a rest. But the care of the grandson, was on first
          Place. As well as all people in е ё age, the grandmother was sick. But when I with a children's spontaneity asked, what's happened,
          Always received one answer. Is tired a little. And I ещ ё could not understand, how it is the adults can get tired. Was always amazed, how
          It is the adults, many tasty(delicious) things do not like. I remember ждёшь the mum from job, and she always came into shops what to buy,
             That be вкусненького. I look out in окошко, ещ ё not getting up to a window sill, переживаю. The grandmother calms, and
          I on детски grumble. Well, where the mum? At last,. They of sweetness and fruit. I divide into all. Fifty-fifty. But, no. It appears,
          The grandmother does not like мандарины, oranges, apples, cakes. Does not like and вс ё. As such can be, I was surprised. And in soul,
          On детски was pleased. I have more достанется. But if liked of the grand daughters was ill … .Это вс ё. Main task, to put on
            Legs, patient of the child. The mode, микстуры, amplified(strengthened) feed(meal), but … .Самым by a liked medicine for me was that.
         When the grandmother ironed me on a head. To not pass by words, this sensation. These hands. Covered labour callouses, for
            Me were the most perfect hands on light. And what smell from them proceeded … .Запах of pancakes and оладушек. A smell of cutlets and
        борща. I laid, and from all it it became better. Even without medicines different. What for to me of a medicine. I have grandmother.
        And she only mine. Sometimes, for the sake of such moments, I even feigned, that was ill. You excuse me for it. By children's mind(wit),
        Thought, that you do not guess. I was mistaken then. Вс ё you understood. But you had an occasion, once again to show
        Care. Whether severe there was a grandmother? Yes, planing. Not забалуешь. Can, therefore I consider(count), that became the man. And as she is tender, me
        Named. Сашик. Е ё shouts in a window - Сашик, go home. It is time to eat. Then, I hated these moments. But now, much can be given back,
           What to go through them again. And I took offence, надувал of a lip. Also spoke, that she me would not dishonour before the guys in a court yard.
        I you see large already. Certainly large, the grandmother agreed. And вс ё repeated again and again. When she вс ё had time? A riddle.
        Such impression, that in е ё day, was more, than twenty four hours.
            Has grown up. Has gone to school. Necessarily will turn in газетку, that be tasty(delicious). I капризничаю. Несолидно you see, I you see large
        Already boy. And itself, hardly is higher than a portofolio school. I go on a road, and portofolio by the ground волочится. And as I did(made) lessons. It
        In general separate theme. The education, did not allow her me to check up. But unless will deceive heart the grandmother. Never to me it
        It was not possible. Tried. Is useless. With what that special чутьём, she felt, when врал. The grandmother, well that I shall read, you you see
        вс ё equally do not understand any subject. - No, read, and I shall listen. With what that unknown to me чутьём she defined(determined), that of lessons
        I did not learn(teach). And вс ё equally achieved. But, main was, that of the grand daughters would be full and healthy. I remember, how she accustomed me
           To independence. Sent behind bread in shop. Gave twenty copecks, and necessarily spoke, that I would take, only
       Fresh bread. Yes, there was a time, when bread cost twenty copecks. She could not give of money on what be ерунду, but if business
       Concerned rolls, sweets …. Here е ё the generosity did not know borders.
            I remember, when has received the passport, how much was pleasures. She long considered(examined) it(him), then has turned, I do not remember in what, and
       Has hidden, that the document would not be lost. Not having acted(arrived) at once after school in institute, worked at a factory. As she me waited
       After job what to feed, Сашика. And as me saw off the next year in Moscow. As on North Pole.
       Has not acted(arrived). A TECHNICAL TRAINING COLLEGE. Construction. Again receipt in institute. At last that was possible to be proud of me. Calling on some times in
      Week home, always heard the most important words. Ate? Be not sick? Do not offend? Such was impression, that if though
      One of these items would be broken, ….. The next day, the grandmother would be in Moscow.
         Coming on a vacation, saw, how she shines with pride. The grand daughters studies in Moscow. The man becomes. Though with what that, but
      By the chief. Бабо, I by him(it) became. Specially became, that you would not redden for me. In your concept the chief, was very large
      By the man. Then army. The letters, letter, … the Truth, rare. You to write is not skilful, but the mum always passed from you hi. And again
     Familiar words. Eat? Be not sick? Though in that time, itself already was sick. And and is strong. Only now I understand, that you
     Waited for my returning from army. What to embrace, Сашика.
         And that I. Capital манила by fires. Has decided(solved), at once in Moscow, to continue study in institute. And home to visit on winter
    Vacation. You had not time(was in time) … excuse me, please. I not specially. I understand, that waited so much, how much could. I want, what you
    Knew. Has received in the evening the telegram. Standard words. The grandmother is bad itself feels, come. I have understood вс ё at once. Money was,
    The friends have helped a little. Вс ё at a frantic  pace. Спускаюсь in a hall of a hostel, what in the airport. Виталик, kind soul from
      Нагорного Карабаха on ways. The friend, brother. He only has asked, what's happened. And I have taken it(him) and has cut down. Well though then he has departed.
    And you excuse me the brother. The airport. The tickets no. The telegram is not certified by a seal. Station. A train. On перекладных. Well though
    проводницы have helped. Costing(standing), sitting in tambour. Has reached in the evening. The underground. The bus. I do not know why, but way from a stop up to houses,
    I ran. As a march a throw. Last. Speak, that the men do not cry. Cry. The doors are open. I come. I do not know why, has passed
    On kitchen, has risen for a refrigerator, and has begun to cry. As in childhood. Only you could not stroke me on a head any more.

     And вс ё.
      Is devoted to mine liked Бабо.

       The author Gorg. Сентябрь.2009.

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