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С 29.11.09

Our life


Amiran Georgadze. Robin Hood or killer.

Dear Friends! When passions have cooled on the carnage in Krasnogorsk near Moscow, when everyone who can and cannot be supported, it is time to talk about this landmark event for contemporary Russia.

So, the chronology of events. As we all told the investigative Committee of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION, Amiran Georgadze, October 19, 2015 year appeared in Krasnogorsk district administration building that in the Moscow region. No one appeared, and accompanied by his guard and part-time driver Elizbarashvili. A reputable businessman was held in the Cabinet of the Deputy chapter area Mr Karaulova and ...

Little spoke, and then opened fire on the Karaulov from belonging to him, Saiga,. There was and head of the JSC, Krasnogorskie, electrical networks, Mr. Kotliarenko. As is often the case, but, Poached, wedged. Georgadze, then carefully pulled out the driver's sacrifice-guard bags automatic pistol and shot at close range aforementioned masters officials.

What's next? What next, a. Georgadze and his security guard sat in the car Range Rover and left the scene of the crime. As usual, the police raided the House that Georgadze Amiran is located in the village of Pozdnâkovo, and found one more corpse. As they say, the first victim was old business companion t. Zakaidze. The hands of Georgadze killed another bystander, and ... You may not believe it, but another victim, was to become the head of the Krasnogorsk district Mr Stories, but apparently was born in shirt. They say that the police worked quickly, and the head of the district was taken under protection.

I suggest to get acquainted with Mr. Amiran Georgadze, whom the media instantly dubbed Krasnogorskim shooter. Although, if you include the gray matter, then he is not the shooter and murderer. But some, particularly gifted, steel compared with Robin Hood, who lived in Sherwood Forest, that was located near the city of Nottingham. Naive, they apparently did not know that this forest robber robbed the rich and gave to the poor produced.

Certainly, Amiran not Georgadze simple man. Essentially, it was the main investor and the biggest businessman Krasnogorsk district. The owner of more than 20 firms, it is easiest to call what he did not belong in the Krasnogorsky district. The owner of the tenement houses elite residential, shopping and entertainment centres, the customs terminal, ... And yet he had appeared for sale and breeding of elite stallions. This is important.

Think everything?! That you, as you can. Any self-respecting authoritative man he still goes into politics and public life likes to. Was no exception and a. Georgadze. You'll be surprised, but our hero headed Krasnogorsky commercial and Industrial Union and district political party, United Russia, ... So, here. This is important. So say the symbiosis of power and respected people of the region, and not only of the area.

I hope you will not be surprised if I say that all the participants in this tragedy was associated very long-standing friendships and business relationships. Friends together did his life's bright and happy. No, I understand that bureaucrats like as you cannot live there, but ... And if for business use and if technology for improving the lives of people in the territories entrusted to them. And anyway, if one cannot but feel like, that means you can. And officials hope this oil painting. Although, no, not oil, was painted in blood, and this fact have nothing to do.

Mr Georgadze, forces and capabilities helped officials in elected companies. Well, those within its means and capabilities of bureaucratic, helped a businessman in his authoritative uneasy activities. That's the way they lived, but ... It is now the official position is that killed the best sons of the fatherland who tirelessly worked to benefit his district. That they were honest officials whose lives ended an assassin's bullet. I think that is not so easy though about the dead and talk or just good, or say nothing.

Here is one of the episodes of the glorious activity, Deputy Head of administration of Krasnogorsk district, Mr Yuri Karaulov. Turns out, even in the distant year of 2011, criminal proceedings were instituted, the excess of a gentleman-official of its official powers. What is this meant? Good question. It turns out that in the year 2008, he during the fraction of a penny handed over about 2 hectares of land for construction of elite cottages. Although, as they say evil tongues, the market price at that time was over 6 million dollars.

And what?! Yes nothing. The case was razvaleno, and remained in his official Office Chair. As the saying goes, Whitesnake. You can still recall the story of illegal casinos that kryševali as they say evil tongues Moscow prosecutors. No, it's clear that they want to eat everything, but ... Think you will not be surprised if I say that permission to land on which stood the Casino gave our innocent victims. Sure, you can write an entire book on the topic of huge personal contribution, officials in the development of a market economy on suburban land.

Well and then took place to be all gentlemanly set of special activities that have been implemented with a view to catching the killer. The driver, also a guard turned himself in to authorities and claimed that in no way involved in the incident and not guilty of anything. It is already a tradition. Dead bodies are there, but nobody's fault. Plans have been put in place, a volcano, and siren. Involves numerous force, giving the impression that the fly did not pass unnoticed. Evil tongues say that village Timoškino if figuratively expressed, law enforcers and levelled across. Examined everything that can and cannot be, but ...

On the fourth day of this titanic work was found on the body of Amiran Georgadze. Found in one of the houses in ... You won't believe the body found at a house in the village of Timoškino. The village, which had just levelled the siloviki lengthwise and crosswise. It turns out that he entered the House by smashing a window. Then sat on the couch and shot himself in the Chin with a handgun. Well, not immediately fired of course. It is said that he spent the whole night thoughts about repented, and only then, the next day, decided to severed ties with life. Apparently tortured conscience, and perhaps other factors influenced ...

Of course, it's the basics, police inspected the body. And that's when this inspection were found in the pockets of jackets money, Ammo, Russian and foreign passports. This is important. There is a full set of exhibits. Yes, forgot to mention that at the time of suicide with a. Georgadze was in the hands of the two pistols.

Robin? Oh you, it is common for suicide bombers staying on the safe side. As well as one pistol fires not?! This is what it should be, get up, go for the second gun, and if during this time a very live want to ... No, only two pistols in their hands. Thus, and only thus, comes the real professional suicide. Failed with one barrel die, second call, once and you're in heaven. Business as usual, what wonder here. Although the evil tongues and questioned the version of suicide. But they and the evil tongues that they take.

You see them embarrassed, that shot made in the region of the larynx, and the bullet passed through the root of tongue, brain stem and then exited through the parieto-occipital region. It is said that it was necessary to shoot in the heart. Well, I don't know, it knows better, they're specialists. You see them embarrassed, that next to the body was an icon. You see them confused, next was the heater. Idiots, well cool became a man, what a weird here. A lot of them confusing. The presence of the Passport. Type, why he was shoot, if he was going to flee abroad.

Idiots, česssslovo. Him that we had to throw out a foreign passport?! Or quickly, just a moment, drop by the OVIR, apologize and return the Passport? Well, sorry, type features to use it will not be anymore and throw a pity. And suddenly, what bad citizens to avail themselves of them.

Certainly require my explanation with a car theme Range Rover where was the killer. "see, what oil painting is obtained. That is not oil?! I said so myself?! Well, look what the bloody pattern is obtained with the participation of the car itself. Rumor has it that the car itself, unlike a. Georgadze was found relatively quickly, at the ninth kilometre highway of the leased premises and here the main ambush.

Take the map and see that House in which it was committed suicide, and the place where they found the car, are far enough from each other. AHA, and how to deal with it? Well, normal, let's say the average policeman immediately nominate a working version. Well, kind of, surprise, the car overtook the driver-guard. Well, give the murderer to the House, said goodbye to him, and he took and drove the car at the ninth kilometre of the leased premises.

Police and more experienced, professional odërnet with a smile of his less experienced colleague and say that it can't be. Everyone understands that by the time the driver-guard had already surrendered. Dead end? Well, our investigation and not from such impasses gratification. And the thing was, so. In order to confuse consequence and put him on a false trail, Georgadze itself keeps off your car at the ninth kilometre of this highway. Well, the leased premises Highway course.

Throws the car, of course, not without regret a thing dear, big money is worth. And then indulges in ... No, not running. Remember, we are always told that the offender always pulls at the crime scene?! Our case, this is a brilliant confirmation of this truth. Timoškino village cordoned off. At every step, reinforced police outfits, but it doesn't bother him, our hero-killer. He is confident, in spite of everything goes to the scene of the crime. And I'll tell you, it almost came. The littleness, walk to the left of the administration building, where he committed his crime.

Stop! Oh for a habit to ask the harmful matters. Who told you that police missed returning assassin in house, which is located in the heart of the ongoing operation. This may say only amateurs or even worse the incorrigible idiots. Not missed. It led to all the rules of an operative art.

Noticed, reported to management. Leadership, reported their leadership and those took the only right decision in such cases. Not to take, to trace where is, and then make a decision. And if he navorovannymi with cache money goes. And if its there, red-handed. And money in the State budget will refund and killer to be found. Although, what money there. Evil tongues say that recently the business empire of Mr Georgadze, when became not the best of times.

Revenues plummeted. This is important. With the arrival of the new Governor, was redeployed economic Glade, where money, was sorely missed at all. Discounts, benefits and access to public order are only for the elite, which unfortunately, Mr Georgadze is not entered. Moreover, all that was acquired by back-breaking labour and help innocent victims they officials, became legally of course!, who would have doubted. We have all done according to the law.

Was there a way out of this situation, the killer?! Of course, there is always output as input. And don't believe the evil languages when they say that there is no escape. Sometimes, you won't believe the exit and entrance are all in one place. This is important. Hero-killer, it was possible to calmly and quietly leave. Well, there's sick leave, unpaid leave, for example. Quietly and without fanfare to leave in one of the foreign countries. Hide, and then, after some time, to hire killers and punish ungrateful officials. All this is true, but ... Another option was chosen and we have what we have.

And may still, killer Dali go away?! Maybe the general public showed a body quite another person?! Nowadays, everything is possible. I think that nobody was going to take the killer alive. Why do you need this hemorrhoids. The Court, ... It is unknown yet what is there to the foreground of the sensational. No man, no problem. Axiom. This is important. So apparently did.

What will be next?! Of course, a very good question. And nothing will be Officials as stolen and will continue to pursue their favourite pastime. It is possible to limit the appetite of these officials will conduct demonstrative cleansing in krasnogorskii district. Perhaps someone in jail, but ... Beginning of evil and misfortune. It is not excluded that this is only the first swallow. When reducing the resource base, even in conditions of economic crisis, similar events are inevitable. This is important. And how many more regions of the left, and how much more georgadze waiting in the wings.

As you can for about twenty years not to notice what was happening. The answer is rhetorical. A no nothing objectionable. It was in the order of things. So to speak, made common cause. There is such a profession Homeland divert, here they are this and engaged. And tirelessly, sparing his belly and health. For what they condemn. Everywhere. All have become accustomed. This became the norm.

Significant reaction of citizens, or as they like to say Lord Liberals, civil society. You'll be surprised, but very many want what would they have in such a corruption fighter appeared and caught up with the fear for thieving officials. Naïve nu Gde zhe as many such fighters found on all corrupt officials. Their so much that all fighters will not suffice. You can of course call civil society evil but ... You must understand the fact that the people he sees everything he notices everything. As well, all is well in the Danish Kingdom. No, there are still certain shortcomings, which, of course, are struggling.

Don't believe me?! In vain do not believe. Here is the info that was recently held in wide circles of notorious Uncle Tolia Serdyukov, has got a new appointment. So to speak, for the old merit he appointed industrial Director of aviation in the State Corporation Rustech. The key word here, the State Corporation. And you say that corruption is not struggling.

That's all that I wanted to say.

The author would appreciate comments.

Author Gorg November 2015 year

(P) . S.

Oh, and two video clips. So to speak, for a common understanding of the situation.

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