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Our life


The doctor Charles  Hyder, Angela  Davis or cynicism in the man we shall not exterminate …

Dear Friends! Today it would be desirable to recollect those age-old times, when the grass was much more зеленее than now. When the sky was голубее, and water in ручьях and rivers was possible to drink such, that её not were afraid for своё health. When ещё absolutely vigorous and made, hotly liked by all unforgettable Л.И.Брежнев, addressing to the people, called both adults and children in a way to the light future. And as some malicious people joked, to call that he called, but easy ways to this future to nobody promised …

Children in that time, were not such indifferent as now, and each minute of the childhood devoted to struggle for freedom wretched and oppressed in so hated, but so is sweet манящей by fires to America. And, октябрята, … It, if who does not know внучатаВ.И.Ленина, which carried on a breast a small badge with a structure ВолодиУльянова. And the pioneers … Well, it too, as though внучатавсё same В.И.Ленина, but are more senior by age. They carried on a neck a special tie of red colour, which some irresponsible citizens named by a figurative word,, удавка.

So, these children incorporated naturally in children's organizations, and with themselves the adults arranged in walls of school and not only every possible actions(shares) of the protest. So modern революционээры in this business is far from being первооткрыватели … But the participation of children in destiny of two characters from capitalist America was especially remembered.

If who does not remember, I consider(count) as the debt to remind. There was a time, when all progressive public of mankind and all people of good will, is close to heart have apprehended the message that, world famous, great, ingenious scientific, doctor Charles Latif Hyder, these damned капиталисты have compelled to announce hunger-strike in a mark of the protest against everything, that these most буржуи do(make) at themselves and in all world.

Yes, the doctor Charles Latif Hyder, under this name he was known in that far time, has made an act. Has taken and instead of that what to be engaged in the liked astrophysics, has decided(solved) to arrange hunger-strike. No, it is possible to him of a star have prompted, he is possible such certainly wise decision has reached, but the fact took place to be. And, октябрята, and the pioneers angrily became клеймитьбуржуев and капиталистов, and certainly to require(demand) of the Americans what they have executed conditions of the courageous doctor, and not обрекали it(him) on correct death …

The truth malicious languages asserted(approved), that all this history was thought up very much, courageous and talented, by(with) the journalist - foreign affairs specialist ВладимирДунаев. And as and then in life the falsifications took place, this most В.Дунаев has not remained away from them. Владимир removed plots about the doctor Hyder, but for this purpose what to not go to this doctor each day, he simply changed clothes some times per day and gave out, daily, plots each day.

But children certainly did not suspect about such insidiousness of the adult man and member of a party(set) naturally, differently he could not go to such trip, in most логовоимпериализма. Think, it was the unique(sole) deceit доверчивых of Soviet children? As though not so! As has appeared subsequently, and doctor Hyder has appeared not such both light and progressive.

Malicious languages spoke, what is it doctors would advise him for this purpose what to rescue своё health gets rid of the superfluous weight which has probably arisen ещё then, when he was engaged in astrophysics. Hyder also has decided(solved) to combine pleasant with useful, well and there is some попиарить itself liked.

But also it ещё not всё. As spoke всё the same malicious languages, has appeared children зря worried, that their liked American friend will die as a result of hunger-strike. Probably, what to not afflict Soviet children and всё progressive mankind, this doctor did not eat only in day time time, when was светло and warmly. But as soon as there came night … Yes, you probably already have guessed, that at the night he, hunger-strike,, temporarily stopped.

And that here surprising, the man lives in the free country. Has wanted has announced hunger-strike, has wanted temporarily has suspended … yours obedient the servant had vague suspicions concerning hunger-strike of this doctor from astrophysics, but held them at itself. The time was such, but it is pleasant to ascertain that fact, that despite of complex(difficult) time, I did not become, first schoolboy,.

The Americans, ещё then caused suspicion in the sincerity in all Soviet children. Instead of that what to be engaged in construction of the light future, as all Soviet people, they periodically palmed off on us occasions to distract us from the basic employment(occupation). Think business was limited to one, ingenious, doctor? Be mistaken, sirs - comrades.

Having understood, that the invention with Hyder with a crash has failed, they it is natural to him about it have said, and he as the honour and decent(considerable) man, began with persistence of worthy best application to abuse USSR, is exact just as before abused America. I shall say more, he even has tried to stand in the presidents of this America. But the American people has got to the core it проходимца and has given up to him in trust. Represent, any American has not given back him the vote on choices.

Probably, ещё then there was an opportunity for communication(connection) with American children, but taking into account that very much I like конспирологические of the version I shall allow myself to make the small assumption. Risking life, children could inform American сверстникам, that the doctor Hyder large лгун and пройдоха, and what to believe him it is impossible. Those in turn have told about this fact to the parents, well and those have taken and прокатили it astrophysics on the nearest choices …

Well, say as quietly to live, when know that on the one sixth part of a land the free people live and with persistence build своё the light future. It is impossible quietly to live, and the Americans have thought up ещё one нфо-occasion. Негры. Yes, usual негры began to pour water on a mill American империалистов. Probably them used and in blind, but it does not remove from them of the responsibility for содеянное.

Have called main American негров, have talked to them. Have explained a task and have given a command(team) to distract the people, and in particular of children in the Soviet society(community). Remember this beautiful кучерявую the woman, which looked at us by a reproachful sight and as though asked, and that you have made that империалисты have released(let off) me on freedom from застенков.

Yes, it is by all known in narrow circles Angela Davis. Known so, that on eyes наворачивались of tear, when sitting in a school restaurant and уплетаяплюшки, realized what exactly in this instant, in far American prison томится in застенках this fragile, but very courageous woman.

All её fault consist that she did not begin to be silent as some irresponsible citizens, and honourly and is open has informed progressive mankind that takes place to be an oppression негров, well or if want in light of modern realities, афроамериканцев.

But also in this case has not done without a deceit and falsifications. There was виною to all a love. Yes, love. Ours Анджела has fallen in love in негра on a name Джордж. But not всё so it is simple, as it seems on the first sight. Джордж, as though it softly to say, has appeared not simply Джорджем. No, do not believe malicious languages, which spoke that he was usual уголовником. He can by him(it) and was, but only see you with Angela Davis. After meeting with her he became political made, which malicious буржуи have planted(put) in prison.

For what have planted(put)? Yes for сущуюбезделицу. He together with Angela Davis have decided(solved) to release(exempt) directly in a hall of court чернокожих of the brothers on struggle. Пикантность of a situation consist ещё that these brothers of these brothers of these brothers of these brothers have appeared the girl not of shy ten, she together with Джорджем has grasped in the hostages of a state prosecutor, the judges and jurymen … Would be desirable was to made by(with) small specification, triviality certainly in comparison with world(global) revolution, but the weapon belonged, if you ещё have not guessed to our heroine, Angela Davis.

The police certainly has released(exempted) of the hostages, but as a result of such clearing were killed and раненые. Заговор, capture of the hostages and the murder, is a small part of accusations буржуев and капиталистов against негритянскойправозащитницы. Angela certainly heroic woman, but even at all еёгероизме, she had a little months to disappear from the American justice. Её have arrested in New York, and certainly have placed in investigation isolator …

But she and there was not appeased. The struggle proceeded. Our girl began the company on fund raising that these ardent fighters could be released(exempted) under a pledge. Комизм of a situation ещё and that was not possible to prove to accusation participation Angela Davis to capture of the hostages and murder. Democracy, that here will say …

And us at school spoke, that only ours неравнодушие has helped вызволить this ardent революционерку from застенков. As we её waited after clearing! We not without justification hoped, that she necessarily will visit our school … But as well as in a case with the doctor Хайдером, we were waited by(with) bitter disappointment. No, she has arrived to the Soviet Union, but probably only what to thank Л.И.Брежнева for support.

It is more, I did not render the support to the American revolutionaries. Probably has had an effect already then by progressing mad rates вредность and mistrust … And when now sometimes me ask, whether I shall support next, fighters,, with what or and with whom or, always I recollect those times. Supported both Angela Davis and doctor Charles Hyder, and in the answer words of gratitude. Though certainly I admit, that they that tried to say to me thanks, but … understand, the times were heavy and gloomy …


And всё, that would be desirable to say.

The author Gorg January, 2013

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